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  1. Just recently I read about a kid that died soon after walking into his grandparent's house because they were cooking fish. They knew he had a fish allergy but they didn't think that it that bad or that airborne would be a problem. I would not want to be the cause of something like that. I loooovve peanut butter, but I won't be taking it to the airport.
  2. DH had a sports scholarship at the big state U of a large state. One thing that I learned recently, they controlled what the athletes ate. They had their own cafeteria and their cards were programmed with their individualized food plan. If they tried to get something not on their meal plan, it wouldn't let them. It wasn't a problem for DH because he was on a 'gain weight' diet. So, he got as many carbs and calories as he wanted. But, other athletes grumbled. DH even had one coach of not-his-sport walk by and challenge what he was eating. DH did say that they could get steaks for breakfast. But, I found that level of control creepy.
  3. Thinking back, I read it on the Spirit Airlines site. For a little while it looked like Spirit would be our cheapest option. In my mind, I thought that if they allowed a bag of food, then all would allow a bag of food. Back when I was a frequent traveler, I had noticed the same thing. Also, coats that are worn don't count. Cylinder travel pillows hanging off the outside of the carry-on didn't count. etc.
  4. Another reason to do that is that food you intend to consume on the plan doesn't count as a personal item. So, you could have your carry-bag, your personal item, and a bag of food.
  5. Totally looks haute couture.
  6. I am so glad that you asked this. We are taking our first family vacation with a flight soon. My previous travel was for business, so an expense account and I'd just pick up something at the airport. Plus, somehow in my mind because you can't bring filled drinks through security, I had translated that to can't bring any food through security. We will have a little fabric cooler for DD's medicine so we could throw brie in there. 🙂
  7. Cook books are an exception for me too. I think because the marks will be relevant later. I am particularly amused by the marks that are themselves crossed out. Like when my parents Discovered the joys of garlic. There is one recipe with an ever increasing amount of garlic used in it. I have a sugar cookie recipe like that. DH likes lots of nutmeg in his. By increasing the nutmeg in each recipe, I learned that 10X the nutmeg was good, but 14X was too much. 🙂
  8. I've put the paydays in my regular calendar in outlook and they pop-up just like a meeting. I sort of like getting the 'Oooh, I've just been paid' notice.
  9. One thing you might want to look into is auto-paying the big standard bills and then staggering when they hit. Then use one of those money management softwares like Quicken. You download your check payments from your bank into the software. Make sure all your regular bills are in there. Make sure your paychecks are in there. Then look at the low-point on the graph for your balance. That is how much money isn't already claimed.
  10. Calibre software really impressed me last December. My parents are hard to buy for, so they might get nothing or they might get something really great. Last Christmas she got the new Kindle. Knowing how horrible it is to wait for the battery to charge on electronics and wanting to have some books there for her to look at right away I had it charged and loaded the Patterson books that I have. She likes Patterson. The new Kindle didn't work with the Calibre software but within 12 hours he had an update out that did.
  11. It is unlikely that they will all go away, like for the Microsoft store. But, pretty likely that individual books will go away. When Amazon no longer has the License, it goes away for you.
  12. Usually, importing into Calibre works. I might have a plug-in attached to it. Other benefit is that purchased books are all available in one location regardless of the store. I have some Amazon, some B&N and some misc. Calibre is a donation-paid software. I started to do that when Amazon 'stole' some books from me. I wanted to do all my e-books. Calibre doesn't do a good job DRM-cracking more than one book at a time. So, I bought some software that has e-pub and DRM in its name. Since then I just import books as I buy them and Calibre seems to work fine. My kindle is an older one that has less memory than I have books. So, Calibre is nice as a one-location. The library is stored where it is automatically backed-up. I also like to leave a bunch of memory for library e-books. Those come and go with the expiration dates. But, since I usually have to put the good ones on Hold, it seems to be feast-or-famine. So, I need to leave room for the feast times.
  13. Well, it doesn't seem that his 'kids' are in the 800 count. There was that donor that had the code name that included "QAH". The nurses gave it to him because he was Quite A Hunk. I remember hearing that he had a great many 'kids' out there. Here is a story on that guy.
  14. Was that the guy that did it to save money and didn't tell his patients?
  15. Yes, that digital thing was totally awesome. It was even cool to watch.
  16. Yeah, this is why when I buy an e-book from anywhere I download and crack the drm. Then they can't take it away. Most of the time they are as expensive and sometimes more than a physical book.
  17. I haven't been yet but I have some friends that told me about their trip where they stayed off-site. They rented a house with a pool for a week. It was shockingly cheap. it was cheap enough that we plan on leaving some down-time days in between Disney days and just using the pool and recovering. So, I don't have specific advice, but maybe check into house rentals. Also, 🍿
  18. In our case, it makes sense. DD is heading toward being a snaggle-tooth. The idea is that the teeth will wear where they shouldn't and be damaged if they are way out of whack. So, she will spend ~10 months getting ortho. treatment at age 8-9. Then at the normal age for braces, her teeth will be pretty close and she won't need as much work then.
  19. Yes, I do believe that this is THE homeschooling advice place for people like me (and it seems you).
  20. HSA can be used for both medical and dental. Before we signed up for the FSA, we used our HSA account for dental and vision expenses. If you have both. then the FSA can't be used for medical expenses. If you aren't signed up with an FSA and you have the option of doing so at the yearly enrollment, you might want to look into it. There is a certain amount that is carried over (I think $500). You could sign up for the carry-over amount in FSA without risk of losing it. Nice thing about it, is that your entire yearly amount is available Jan 1st. DD is on expensive medicine which meets her part of the high deductible early in the year. There have been a few times that we came close to having to use our taxed bank account dollars. So, we really like having as much as we can in HSA and as much as we can use in FSA.
  21. I have an 8-year-old that had had an extra baby tooth between her front teeth. it was about the same size and shape as her canine. It was removed, but her front-teeth gap is HUGE. So, she is doing the child version of the braces and expanders. Work pays for all of Employee Dental but none of dependents. So, it costs around $500 to cover DD for a year. We only have the one child. The lifetime braces amount from our Dental is $1000. I added DD to my dental. I sort of regret that because they would have given us a $500 discount for people without insurance. So, it was a wash. But, it might have been nice to save that Braces allowance for later. Another thing we did was to get the pre-pay discount. It was hefty, I think 5%. Our initial consultation was late last year. So, we signed up for Max Amount on FSA and used it to pay upfront for the braces. But, with the FSA, I am basically paying for it a little bit each paycheck.
  22. I am doing a deep clean on an empty house we are selling. I'd say $500 to do a good job. It is involving things like scrubbing down the baseboards on my hands and knees and cleaning the ceiling lighting fixtures. And you have to warn them that just washing the walls probably won't do much for the smoke smell.
  23. To be fair, I think a lot of that is what is traditional in a certain area. I live in Texas which has had access to cheap bricks from Mexico. I remember years ago a visiting work friend talking about building a home in Connecticut. The area had a rule of at least 3 acres for each house, so not small. starter homes. He was talking about the cladding they were installing and how shocked he was by all the brick houses in my area. I told him that 'people' would think 'Why didn't you save your money until you could buy a real house?' if someone built a wood house. We live in a very old wood house now. DH vastly prefers wood and he cares more about the outside of the house.
  24. Speaking of not having ... , did y'll see that study about the young adults not having any? If was low 20+% of men in their 20's and in the high teens for women in the 20's. That was the percentage who had not had ... in the last year. People in their 20's. For a year. Pretty interesting.
  25. Snobbery. The idea is that if you can't afford a brick house then they don't want you to live there. Literally. When I bought that house, I knew I'd move before raising a child there because of the snobbery.
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