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  1. I am so glad your DD had fun. Sometimes us parents just have to suck it up and do things.
  2. Mine is still young, and I've found these stories inspiring. One thing that jumped out at me, I wonder how much less popular homeschooling would be if they tracked kids in Kindergarten and First Grade? Lots of people had kids that were reading when they first went to school and were bored. Imagine if they made a class of kids that were already reading? These kids could still do the fun stuff that worked on the executive function skills. Then for academic time, instead of learning the ABC's, they could go into groups and take turns reading a book to each other.
  3. Based on the experience of several friends, they would have then made a rule that they could never be moved and everyone would refer to the rule as the "CityMouseLastName" Rule. Yes, they would name it after you.
  4. Boxes are actually a handy way to store books. The trick is to have them well-sorted as you put them in the boxes, and they scale up easily. So, for example, you might have a box of "biographies". When that gets full you look at what you have and figure out how to subdivide that. So, it might divide into "U.S. Presidents - Biography" and "General Biography" or maybe "pre-1000AD Biography" and "post-1000AD Biography". Then if the "post-1000AD" box gets too full, you might divide that into women and men. Fiction can be similar. For example, we have a boxes labeled 'Early Dune' and 'Later Dune'. Books that are of current age-range and interest are on the bookshelves. We have a LOT of books.
  5. I do know one guy that has what I consider extensive tats and is a nice guy. He has sleeves. Or partial sleeves. He was getting them done when his tattoo guy retired. He said that having someone else finish it would be wrong. He is upstanding enough that I worked hard to get him hired at my company. Although, in his case, his childhood was messed up. I even said to him once, "How did you not end up in Supermax or dead in the gutter?" So, maybe that and the sleeves are related, I don't know. I used to work in a place with a high-tech clean-room manufacturing floor. So, everything but the area around your eyes was covered. There was a new worker that was heavily pierced and tattooed. The other workers were curious and would ask him about them. The nature of this work left lots of time for conversation. He had a tongue piercing and his girlfriend had a tongue piercing. Someone asked him, "Doesn't that hurt when they touch?" He answered, "That is the point."
  6. Those sound like prison tats. As in another inmate did them using ink and a needle.
  7. DH and I used to have the opposite discussion. He thinks that he can look dressy in shorts and a nice shirt. As in dressy enough that I should be wearing pantyhose. No no no. I made the rule that I will only wear pantyhose if he is wearing pants. Since those days are few and far between, I am pretty safe. I eventually got through to him back when we were just dating when I said Me in pantyhose and Him in shorts would make me look like I was trying too hard, and pathetically so. It is the complete waste that I hate about them. It is not unusual for me to ruin at least one new pair every time I wear them. I never got into tights, but I wouldn't mind wearing those. I'd like fish-net if they didn't have the trashy connotation.
  8. That reminds me. When I bought blackout curtain fabric, there were three grades. So it would make sense that the low grade would be more gray-out.
  9. I have done (and liked) a variation on the no_moving_truck plan. It is good for local moves. I rent a storage unit close to work. Every night before work I load at least 3 boxes into my trunk. Then on the way home from work, I drop them at the storage unit. One of the advantages is that I'm cheap and it means less for the movers to move. Those boxes of books are heavy and add up to $$$. Then, the day of, I hire movers. The other advantage is that there is that is that point in a move-prep in which you are overwhelmed with boxes, boxes, everywhere and you aren't half done yet. This way, you visibly see your space clearing out as you pack. Some days I'd be too tired to pack, and I'd cheat a little and throw already boxed into the trunk.
  10. There are more than 150 particle physicists. I attended an international particle physics conference and there was maybe ... 1000 people there. And that was with the conference being on a different continent than originally planned. On Employ-ability, I don't know. Physics in general isn't great. Have you looked at the Open MIT classes? I have a Physics and Engineering degree, and I could self-study most Physics or Math based topics. But, Quantum/Particle Physics requires someone explaining things. It weirdly crosses into almost theology. You need someone to hammer the ideas in your head.
  11. I love them. I've done both blackout blinds, blackout curtains and both. I've even made some. Note, when you sew on blackout fabric every needle hole becomes a spot of light. They work well. Me, I like to be able to look at the window and get an idea of what time it is, so I deliberately don't close blackout curtains completely. But, that tells you that completely closed mine are truly blackout.
  12. The thing to remember is that the chance of your kid being shot while at school has NOT gone up. Here is an article from NPR, so it isn't from a pro-gun source. There was at least one school shooting at the different high schools DH and I attended while we were there. It wasn't news beyond the local area and they didn't even shut down the school. They offered counseling to anyone that needed it and the reaction was eye-rolls from the general population. Whereas a few years ago an acquaintance of ours was shot in his driveway in the middle of the day. They locked down the high school even though it wasn't particularly close. The news reports boiled down to "He was shot because he was a gold dealer (with the same tone as if it were a drug dealer) and the High School was inconvenienced. "
  13. You can also get duck tape in different colors. We use that for taping boxes that go in the attic. So, Christmas decorations gets Red Tape. DD's too small stuff gets Pink Tape. My few things get Blue Tape. Maybe something similar for packed boxes. The tape on the box is very easy to see no matter how the box is situated.
  14. I would rethink the No Moving truck plan. They are pretty cheap and you'll have enough to do without making many trips back and forth. Do you own a dollie? If not, you need a nice one.
  15. And then if you DO spend lots of time with them, your life can be harmed. My aunt, for example, spent a great deal of time with her parents. When Dad and Aunt were in their 40's, Dad said to his parents that it couldn't be good that Aunt spent all her time with them, and that it would be better if she had some time and motivation to make other friends. Because what will she do when they are gone? They said, "But we love being with her". Granted Aunt is a bit odd, so she wouldn't have had a lot of friends. But, she has had friends in the past. Now they are dead, and Aunt is alone. What I don't get is that it was HER that explained to me why her Aunt, an angel, had married Scumbag. The reason was that she was forced to spend all her non-school time taking care of her Grandmother who needed Nursing Home level of care. So, she wasn't able to socialize. Since she was from a time when women Must marry, she said Yes to the first guy that ask. I don't use Scumbag lightly. We know he beat her. I am fairly certain that he didn't molest any kids because kids would have run screaming from him. He probably didn't kill anyone because he is too dumb to not be caught.
  16. They said that he was fired from that school district. How often have we heard about a teacher molesting kids and the article mentions that the same person had done the same thing in a nearby school district?
  17. So, she is only willing for you to care for her, when she is so far gone that you won't be able to care for her.
  18. You can tell by WHERE they are registered. If they are registered in my town or some other place without a prison, then they aren't incarcerated. If they are registered in Huntsville, TX, for example, then they are probably incarcerated. Last time I looked there was a sentencing date, and the sentence. ------------------------------------------------------------ On the general topic of this guy being low-risk. Yes, this is the first time he has been convicted of something like this. But, does anyone actually believe that he went from only consenting adults, to raping a 14-year-old? This wasn't a case where he met some heavily made up teen at a bar and assumed that she was 21+. That person I could see as low-risk. This guy " met the girl through his job as a bus driver". Then he got her drunk. This was not the first time, and won't be the last. ------------------------------------------------------------ Did you guys click on the link at the end? I discount estimates of unreported crimes, because that is just pulling numbers out of the air. But, if you just look at the rapes where there is an arrest, only 10% serve any jail time.
  19. The offense dates hadn't been THAT much before the sentencing dates. Generally a few months. The 1 month/victim's age wasn't anything written down anywhere. But, look at enough of the perverts near you and I think you will find it pretty accurate. Particularly with younger victim meaning lesser sentence. Maybe where you are, they are really strict and it is 2 months/victim's age. But, Texas has the rep. as hang-em-high, so if this is what we are doing, I weep for the rest of the country. That guy that made it a business should NEVER have been walking around in the public.
  20. I find this totally not surprising. Have a look at your local pervert registry. Make a list of the 20 people nearest you, and study their information. I live in Texas and they used to say how long the person was actually locked up, but they don't do that anymore. Obviously because the data really pissed people off. But, you can still get a general idea based on where they registered. There is the sentence and then there is the time actually served and they only seem to have a vague relationship to each other. For example, near me was a guy that had a child p. business. He filmed a gazillion kids being molested. He was sentenced to 18-years. I don't know how long he actually served but he lived near me 3-years after sentencing. I keep an eye on the registry and they move all the time, so there is a different set every time I look. The ONLY times that someone served their complete sentence was twice. It was two black guys and they served more than their time. Because it was more time, I assume that the system cared more about whatever they did to get their sentence extended. I figured out a formula for sentencing. One month of jail time for every year of the victim's age. Yes, that is right, raping a three-year-old will get someone a 3-month sentence. And then they won't serve even that. I talked to some lawyer friends of mine. The reason is that the defense will threaten to traumatize the victim if an acceptable plea deal isn't offered. When the victim is an old lady then they get a long sentence. Then there are those that the jail doesn't want to take care of, i.e. those with medical expenses. Near me is an old guy that had multiple convictions. He molested an 8-year-old girl DURING his 3-month probation for MOLESTING AN 8-YEAR-OLD GIRL. You want to know what his sentence was for that later offense? Give it some thought and get something in your head before reading on. 6-months probation. Does that not totally make your brain explode?
  21. I am in a no-bread mode right now, but I did use it often when I ate bread. I bought one at Goodwill. Make sure the one you buy one that has the mixer thing in it. That is removable and many people accidentally toss it. My bread always came out just fine. I used regular yeast and no mixes. The trick was something I learned from a Bread Cookbook. You ... I forget the name ... the thing you do to Yeast to get it started. Prime? You go ahead and do that Yeast Priming yourself as if you were making the bread by hand. I found that the priming the yeast myself didn't really add any/much time, since I would start it first then put the rest of ingredients in the pan. I even stopped timing the yeast, and would just add it whenever I had finished adding everything else. When you do it this way, you change the order that you add stuff. You add the liquids then the salt (which needs to be kept from the yeast as long as possible. Then you add the flour. Then the primed yeast. With this way, you can't use the delay mode. But, bread is still fresh 3 hours old. It is also essential to weigh your flour when making bread. People that have bread experience and are making it by hand know when they need more flour. So, they can use cups. Noobs and bread-machine users need to weigh. I would put the pan on the scale, and just zero it out before every new ingredient.
  22. Possible embarrassment if someone else has already used the one they have on the plane. My parents don't travel as a general rule. But, years ago mom went along on a business trip of mine to Monterrey, CA and we did the Napa thing. I'd thought about getting one of those. But, since that would likely be her last flight I used miles to get upgraded to first class. Last flight not because she was sickly but because they never go anywhere. Since we were in First I knew she'd have first dibs on the extender.
  23. I discovered Terry Pratchett through this. His Dodger book beat the pants off the Dickens book it was sort of based on.
  24. The payment plan mention reminds me of why I drive around 45 minutes from one big city to a bigger city for dental work. I'd never had a problem with a dentist. My limited experience involved just going to the nearby dentist and everything was fine. For a bit I drove more for one that used laughing gas. Then I went to this one that whipped out the payment plan right away and said that I had 10K+ in work needed. I was floored. They said that I had all these gum problems, etc. I ran away. DH told me to go to his dentist, who had been in his boy scout troop, who his sister had babysat, etc. I needed about 1K worth of work, which is about what I was expecting.
  25. That is insane. Some friends of ours has a son with messed up teeth. Even the completely under the gums adult teeth are getting cavities. They have a trip to Costa Rica planned. They can pay for the dental work and a week's vacation for much less than their post-insurance payment.
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