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  1. It would be nice to have a thread on that. Or maybe even four threads for each year. I'd like to do documentaries, but just the thought of finding them makes me tired. I understand why she shouldn't put that in the books. The ones available (easily) would change so much. I have an IRL homeschooling friend that hates Netflix but keeps it for the documentaries. So, they must be there.
  2. I don't know about anyone else. But, I would literally give money to a drunken sailor before I'd donate to my University. This is because they spend money the same way and I'd know what the sailor would spend it on.
  3. Well, past tense. You've probably already read that one. I think it was January, but we didn't notice until this summer. With some books being 30 hours long, DH and I are still re-reading, currently at#8 and #9.
  4. Awesome! My libraries Overdrive has that series. I just now put the next book on the 'recommend' list. They are extremely likely to get the book regardless. But this way I will be one of the first to get it. Bwahahahaha.
  5. The Chris Colfer series has been magical! DH has always said that audiobooks put him to sleep. Before daughter, while in the car, I would have to negotiate audiobook time. With daughter, driving is mostly audiobooks but still a lot of talk radio in there too. DH made a big concession and said that he was willing to listen to the Safehold series as a reminder of what happened in order to prepare for the long-awaited latest book. DD and I have been listening to the Chris Colfer series. After a car trip a couple of hours away DH asked me to put the Chris Colfer books on his phone! He wanted to start at the beginning and listen to it himself. I practically swooned with happiness.
  6. When I substitute taught, I had a buddy that was an uber-educator. I asked him about that. He said that when it was first studied, it wasn't like that. Although from how he described it, it sounded worse. There weren't the bookcase, etc. as dividers. There wasn't any. The idea was that all the teachers would be floating around all the classes and assisting where needed. Although who did the lectures, I don't understand. I went to a completely sucky elementary school for 3rd-6th. It had this. It was horrible. There was one tiny bright spot in that one year I was able to learn math by listening to the teacher in the next room. They had me in the lowest math when I should have been in the highest math.
  7. Although idea would be to follow the Social Security lead. They wouldn't be able to tell you anything (I assume). But, I envision the daughter continuing to get the SS checks.
  8. I used to know a young man who only knew how to print, and even then only upper case. I thought highly enough of him that I got him hired at my company. Of course, he went to school in Chicago. But, by some grade, P.S. seem to stop caring about handwriting as long as they can kind-a figure out what the kid was trying to say. And of course, that they can properly fill in the bubbles.
  9. Yup, this. There are those that think he was suicided, and those that think he did it to himself. For those that think he did it himself, would you stake your life on it, or that of a victim daughter? Because it wasn't just Epstein. The victims can and were saying who was doing things. In every suicide there is always the question of, maybe it was murder. A friend of the family supposedly committed suicide and died instantly using a gun in his driveway of his remote house, and a gun wasn't found. So, just because someone official says it was suicide doesn't carry much weight with me. eta: He was also in a fight with his sister at that moment. The sister wanted to put their mom in a cheap nursing home, and he wanted to allow his mom to stay in her home and have people come in to assist. So, there is no way he would have killed himself. In High School, while I was in the house, the father of my boyfriend shot himself. I didn't see it happen, but based on what I did see I believe he really did. But, the thing is, the police weren't in the house 5 minutes. They did 2 question interviews of everyone in the house, which was the mom, the son and me. Of course, we had the expected shell-shocked demeanors.
  10. Something occurred to me after he died. Imagine being one of his victims and that you were thinking of coming forward in a MeToo manner. Would you come forward now? I don't use the words needed to adequately describe how much of a No that is. If daughter was a victim and was thinking of coming forward, I'd want my husband to take her to visit her cousin currently in the peace corp. Whether she wanted to go or not. Just to get away from easy access to phones/internet.
  11. I, too, hate raccoons. We lost half our hens to them this summer. I've never seen one, but based on what happened, it had to be a coon. If I ever saw one (hasn't happened) and I was walking around with a gun or crossbow on my body (hasn't happened either), I would totally try to shoot the coon. It isn't just people that think they are cute, and deliberately feed them. There are lots of people that think they are feeding feral cats, and their own outdoor cat, and are really feeding vermin like coons.
  12. it is a lot less than that. My dad hunted with a slingshot as a kid. Whatever he killed was the only meat they ate outside of Sunday dinner, and they were farmers. My FIL hunted with a rifle as a kid for the only meat the family ate. He had to be very precise in his shooting because a wasted bullet was expensive.
  13. I can see the bones breaking if you have a rope and jump off a chair. That makes perfect sense. After all the idea of a hanging is really to break the neck. If that doesn't happen then they strangle. Epstein had a paper sheet and was found just leaning forward with the sheet around his neck. No way did he break his own neck.
  14. It is funny you said that. I have a B.S. in Physics and a Masters in Material Science. In my current industry, I have worked with actuaries and I think I missed my calling. To be one, you have to test well (which I do). One thing I noticed studying Physics, is that there seems to be a continuum from Mechanics, i.e. Auto Mechanic to Theoretical Math (meaning imaginary constructs). In Engineering, that is a more practical side that isn't far from straight Mechanics, and then there is the research side which isn't far from Applied Physics, then farther down the theoretical line is Theoretical Physics, which is mostly Math. Math has its real side and its theoretical side. So, maybe have him think where on that line he is more comfortable.
  15. Well, but then that someone could stare at 6 screens or 12. In a related topic, I have been hoping for an evidence bomb that Epstein might have setup in case of his death. Doesn't seem to have happened. Dang nab it.
  16. Not only that, but at my University with a huge engineering focus including C.S. , one of the required intro C.S. classes was a weed-out class.
  17. On his keeping documentation of things that happened. Even before his first conviction, people wondered where he got all his money from. They knew how he made some of his money. But, he seemed to have orders of magnitude more than people could account for. Now it seems obvious.
  18. There is a disorder (I forget the name) that people used to die of quickly. Eventually they figured out that the gut flora was just gone. The fix was to take the poop of a close family member, desiccate it and put some in capsules. There was one woman that gained 60 pounds after being treated that way with the poop of her very overweight daughter.
  19. I don't comment on weight-loss because I had the exact same experience as you. There had been some pointed comments from 'friends'. e.g. "You look soooooo much better now". I had also noticed the moral aspect in a different setting. Several years ago, I'd exchanged a few emails with the Crusades expert, I forget his name. Professor at Trinity. Back when History channel had history shows, he was their go-to expert on the crusades. In one of his books/lectures there was a passing reference to skinny = moral. I think it was in regards to nuns and monks. I asked him about that because it didn't make any sense to me. He used the analogy of now days someone having a 'small carbon footprint' as being morally superior. I don't buy it, because I think that is a matter of different viewpoints.
  20. DD did day camp this year and she didn't like it. Next year she wants to sleep-over. I had offered her the option to sleep-over and she didn't want to. The day campers were almost entirely kids getting daytime babysitting all summer, and not kids like DD who weren't quite ready for sleep-over. There was social stratification with the sleep-over kids on top. The all-summer day campers had already formed set friendships by the third week when DD went. Also, while they allowed dropoff from 7:30am to 9am, and pickup from 4pm to 5:30pm, the kids did absolutely nothing except sit on the bench waiting. So, while the sleep-over kids were having a pre-dinner swim, DD was nearby sitting alone on the bench. Next year she will do sleep-over camp at the first week, and a friend of hers will go also.
  21. I remember one year at Girl Scout Camp there was a girl that was there for the whole summer. Her parents 'went to Europe' for the summer. Normally every other weekend was a no-kid weekend for the workers to relax, but her parents had made special arrangements. I think all of us felt simultaneously jealous of her and sorry for her. Jealous because it was an awesome camp. Sorry because we all understood that her parents didn't want to be with her. But, a camp that is a week or two. That is different.
  22. I think overnight camp was critical to my personal development. But, then my mother tends to be controlling, and vacations made it much more so. I remember our last family vacation was when I was 15. It was a nice trip up the California coast. Except that if I wasn't within arms reach at all times, mom freaked out. Even things like browsing in stores, I had to be browsing really near mom. I started going to the bathroom just to sit there and get some alone time. Trouble is mom's bladder is the size of a pee, so she frequently needed to use the bathroom. Twice I was allowed to walk up the beach by myself, but within sight of the hotel room. Going to camp was heaven. I loved doing the activities, and I went to horse camp so it was mostly horses and swimming.
  23. Don't forget if you get FSA to ask for a discount if you pay X amount up front. There is a cost and bother to them to take a payment from you whenever you have an appointment. DD's ortho. gave a discount for that reason. You can get your charge your entire FSA annual amount on your FSA card as soon in January as you get it.
  24. We had real flowers everywhere except my bouquet. I wanted a giant cascade bouquet in white flowers. I was quite particular on how I wanted it to look, and I was able to make it a long time in advance. It now looks quite elegant on top of a bookcase. I gave the mothers the option of real or silk corsages. They both chose silk wrist corsages that are displayed now in their china cabinets.
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