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  1. One thing I've wondered about, is what about outside scholarships? Those could be used to pay the EFC part, right? Like say a scholarship from one of the parent's employers, or from a local service organization.
  2. FYI. They still have a wide variety of books, but not WTM. I didn't quite buy one of everything, but I bought enough to get a tote bag. I think.
  3. ahhhh, man, how did I miss this the first time around? Oh, yeah, we were moving. I'll be calling today wanting one of everything left.
  4. I'd lay serious money on psychology. Not that the field is a bad thing, but I think our knowledge is equivalent to pre-germ medicine at best.
  5. Personally I think knowing that history books are NOT authoritative is far more important than misc. facts. In the middle of 3rd grade we moved from Minnesota to Texas. In Minnesota the Civil War was taught at the beginning of 3rd grade and in Texas it was at the end. So, I should have had all the answers, right? That is what I thought. It was NOT the same war. Unless it was a date or a person's name the answers were opposite. Neither had a balanced viewpoint. Individual people were portrayed as either Good or Evil, and there was zero agreement on who was in which category. I think both teachers Thought they were teaching balanced, accurate information. But, even third grade me realized that opposites couldn't both be true.
  6. I don't believe that the newer books are always more accurate than the newer (or vice versa). We have just as much slant now in them as we did before, it was just a different slant. Like a swinging pendulum, history books don't seem to spend much time with out a slant. Although I do think that with more time than your examples, history could become more accurate as the remotes takes the politics out of it. I remember in a Thomas F. Madden lecture he said that no one asks if the historian is a (the example was an extremely old opposing political parties. I think one party was called a Gibble). But they do want to know Republican or Democrat. On the other hand, remoteness can bring on its own loss of accuracy as we don't understand how life was.
  7. I see the OP has posted recently. I hope she tells us how it went.
  8. I am in Texas. But, I'm of the "we need to be ever vigilant" camp. Part of that might be because I was in school in Arlington while they were prosecuting homeschoolers. My first exposure to the concept of homeschooling was my government attacking the people doing it. There was a major local politician proclaiming that not only did the government make better educators they made better parents. *mumble mumble* excuse me while I spit these tacks out of my mouth. I think my basic problem is that this case is saying that the school district is in charge of deciding that a homeschool is sufficient. That is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Some of these foxes will be honorable people who take the job seriously of doing their part to education the next generation. It is the others I worry about. And, honestly, I don't think public schools would be so crappy if they were led by honorable foxes like your relatives. Although, how to weed out those who don't school at all is a thorny problem. I used to have a co-worker who taught at one of the alternative schools. He said it was great because there was no classroom management problems. The cop in the classroom took care of that. He said parents would frequently try to take their kids out of school saying they were going to homeschooled. The judge would question the parents on curriculum and yell at them and tell them they weren't allowed to homeschool their kid. Everyone knew that the parents weren't really going to homeschool the kids. The parents would cave and leave their kids in the school. But, when he was telling me about that, I remember thinking "I don't think the judge can do that".
  9. There you go being all logical and accurate. But, I've heard the reverse is one of complaints by educrats on homeschooling. That homeschooling takes the high scoring kids out of school and therefore hurting the school by making it look bad by lowering the test scores. Of course the idea that the homeschooled kids wouldn't have scored so high if they were in the local school is heresy. But if they have the perception that forcing homeschoolers back into the schools will improve the numbers of the school, many places will do it if they can. I'm not personally worried. Where we will be moving in a few weeks, the schools were so bad that the state took over a few years ago. Because of that there is a large number of homeschoolers who were originally reluctant but now love it. So, I figure we will be safe in numbers.
  10. But, if your kids are likely to bring up the test scores for the school, then they might make you a priority. Hassling you into returning your kids to school would be less effort than actually bringing up the scores of the kids already in school.
  11. Thanks everyone, I fell loved.

  12. Why does my profile only have one star? I don't think I've said anything mean or hurtful or...

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  13. Oh, yes, I agree. That is outrageous. There are ones out there, though, that are nicer than Sears has, but cheaper than that. The nicer ones will do more cleaning of the water than the cheaper ones (generally). Although, if you also have an R.O, it can handle the cleaning. So a Sears water softener with an R.O. would get the job done. Filters are easy to replace on an R.O.
  14. Since the thread has already been bumped. I used to work for a company like this, but not them. If you do want one, you can call them up and just say you want one. On that $6500 one, the salesman is probably getting $2000 commissions. So, the price should drop by AT LEAST that amount. They will tell you that the price is for a floor model or one where the people changed their mind during installation. But, it will be a new one.
  15. I am still processing the idea of imagining myself as a kid 8-11, and hearing the police say that they were thinking of handcuffing my mother, arresting her and putting my brother and I in foster care. And, have it be for a completely totally innocent thing I did. Can you imagine ever having any faith at all in the police or government authority figures? I could totally see myself NOT calling out to the police even if I got into a pickle because I would assume that they would make it worse.
  16. I didn't do that, but almost. Right before a playdate at my house I went to pick up a to-go order at Jason's Deli. They had mess-up on top of mess-up and then they threw in attitude. When I got home I was spitting tacks. I parked in the garage, grabbed the food and went inside. DH, my friend and her son were there. I told them the food story and why I was so mad. She said, "Ummm, where is (DD's name)?". I was stricken. DD was sleeping in the car. I would have realized she was gone shortly after I was done with my rant. But, that 5 minutes I had totally forgotten.
  17. I think it is the lack of usefulness. I remember trying to decide which language I would pick in college. I wanted Ancient Greek because I figured that would be the most useful to me. I love love love the old plays, and reading even snippets in the original would make my toes tingle. My parents had picked French back in their day so that they could read the menu in a French restaurant. If I'd had a crystal ball I would have picked German because I worked for a German company for years. I ended up going for Russian because it had opening and Russian had recently become less popular. One thing I did notice is that it much more critical for non-English speakers to know a second language. When a German does training in Taiwan, it is in English. A Chinese person in Rome uses English. etc.
  18. The highlight of my childhood was at our summer place which was a trailer on a resort. So, I definitely do not have negative associations. I have a friend with some land that came with a trailer. They sometimes spend weekends there. A mutual friend told me that I should use the term "mobile home" because the term trailer is derogatory. I thought that was silly. My view is that I wouldn't want to be friends with someone that would look down on me because I lived in a trailer. I haven't ever lived full-time in a trailer, but it has always been my Plan B.
  19. If you do decide to go with Empires and include the U.S., I would recommend "Empire of Trust". He makes a comparisons between the American and Roman empires. I know that has been done before, but I know enough Roman history that my B.S. goes off for the others. Not with this one. He made a lot of connections that I've never thought of before. The author is known mostly as a favorite History channel expert on the Crusades.
  20. I've never bought anything from the classifieds here. Does the price include shipping?
  21. I used to take liquid iron. Orange Juice was the only thing that worked. Then I changed brands that was vaguely, but badly grape flavored. I would mix that with grape kool-aid. The problem with Orange Juice is that you can't chug it, whereas you can with kool-aid.
  22. Allen, TX 7th grade P.S.On-Level English - They read two books IN close and none outside.

  23. DD3 nightmare, " (garbled) ... and then Mommy said No!"

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