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  1. 7 hours ago, Melissa in Australia said:

    o landlords should NOT have to allow pets.

     I am a landlord of  1 house/ We have a no pet policy. we have made an exception ONCE for a tennent that promised that their dog was an outside only dog - only for them to then bring the dog in to have pups and keep the pups inside. We don't charge enough rent to replace floors and walls because of people who cannot keep their animals outside.



    My niece though her giant dog was a half human and of course it should be inside her rental house. all the plaster had to be replaced in the living room when she moved out of her rental house because the dog not only urinated against some walls but chewed the plaster off one wall when everyone was at work 


    Why should landlords be forced to have animals in THEIR houses? Why? 

    Totally.   I have a big dog that is sometimes discriminated against.   She has never caused wear and tear on our home, so I was open to dogs, even big dogs.  

    Because of that:

    • a 15 year old live oak died because the dog chewed the bark
    • Two curtains were tossed because the dogs had peed on them so much they fell apart in the wash.   
    • We had to replace the padding int he living room because it was soaked with urine.   They had at least removed the padding.  
    • they scratched up the inside of the front door.

    Kids don't do that sort of damage. 


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  2. 19 hours ago, Indigo Blue said:

    Home'scool, I still like your idea of saving for a huge TV and watching movies at home.  🙂

    (Side note: My dh is a channel-surfer which drives me batty, so sometimes I lie in bed and watch TV with my TINY iPhone screen. Since I'm so nearsighted, I can hold it right up to my face and see just fine). 

    Your post gave me a nasty flashback to an ex-boyfriend now known as Mistake.   That is my IRL name for him, not just an online thing.   He loved to channel-surf.   I used to do cross-stitch with teeny-tiny squares, so I had something to focus on.  One time he fell asleep AND CONTINUED TO CHANNEL SURF.   I had DirectTV and he surfed through every last channel before I noticed that anything was wrong.  His finger twitched at his normal speed.   I had almost dumped him over this next thing.   I would record Law and Order and instead I would get a recording of him channel surfing through the intro death scene. 

    I like the recliner chairs.  Although I bring in a travel pillow which helps a lot.  One thing I like about the recliner chairs is that since people are spaced more apart, that it doesn't matter so much who is next to you.  Although, we only go 2-3 times a year. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, chiguirre said:

    States can be so different! In Texas, every public university and CC has a 42 credit Core that every student has to complete. It does vary a bit from school to school (some require Communications, some Lit, some 3 sciences, some 2 science, one math, etc) BUT the 42 credit block transfers together as one big unit. So if you're Core Complete at a CC, even if you don't finish an AA or AS, you can still be Core Complete at a university. Here, you apply as a freshman if you're still in high school and you don't transfer the credits until after you're admitted. I'm a bit worried about Peachy Doodle's scenario, though.

    I wonder if it might be helpful to apply for summer admission before the normal freshman year?   That way, maybe one random online class could be taken over the summer, and the credits would have time to be entered.  

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  4. On Saturday storms were coming through.   Superchicken, my favorite,  was on the front porch making a scared noise.   So I ran out to protect her.   She went into a deep squat.   Turns out, she had just wanted some loving.   I picked her up and cuddled her.  Sorry, I am not going to stop that.  My chickens are extremely healthy.   BTW, the chickens get their name from the charms on the ankle bracelets that they wear.  Superchicken has the Superman symbol.   She used to be good friends with BatHen (batman) and Robin, but a cat got those. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, DiannaKennedy said:


    I've often wondered this too, and I've also wondered why there's such a wide variation of regulations from state to state. One of our dear friends just moved from Louisville to Indianapolis. Here in Louisville, we have a HUGE homeschooling community, but she tells me that in Indianapolis (which outsizes Louisville by about 37%), homeschooling is not nearly as common. 

    When DD was a baby and I was reading about homeschooling, I noticed a trend in regulations.  States that were friendly to homeschooling, e,g, PA, are high regulation states.   Those states were allowing it and set up regulations for it.   Whereas states that were unfriendly to it, e.g. Texas, jailed homeschooling parents then later got smacked-down in the courts.  So, after the court smack-down, it was legal but there weren't any regulations about it.  

    I remind other new homeschoolers of this.   People seem to think that because Texas doesn't have regulations that means that it is friendly to homeschoolers.  Noooo, I remember people being jailed in my city when I was a teen.   

  6. 14 hours ago, Dotwithaperiod said:

    My parents bought their headstone decades ago fortheir family plot, but my mom remarried after my dad died, so the headstone had to be replaced to say Father &Son, when my brother died. Mother and her new husband then bought a plot and headstone in a tiny, historical cemetery about 20 years ago. They were so proud to be eventually buried near Davy Crocket’s family; I’ve got old pics of them clowning around on their graves. She thinks I’m going to hell for wanting to be cremated. Old people are weird, lol.

    I remember thinking when they were putting my grandmother in (the last to go).   That every person with our last name could be buried in Grandpa's plot.   There aren't many of us and they only used a post hole digger (it seemed) to dig a hole.  

    My favorite burying story is from my cousin.   He died of a heart attack at 30 or 31.   He wasn't married and he had an amazing German Shepard.  One of his brothers kept the dog.  When it died they went out in the night and buried the dog in cousin's grave.  The dog might have been cremated, I don't remember.   I'm not sentimental about burials, but that makes me smile.  

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  7. I don't understand what my paternal grandparents did.  They bought two cemetery lots next to each other.  Bought and designed their own headstone.  Then were cremated and buried in the lots.   It was their choice, but it seemed like the worst of both options

    But, I guess, to each their own.   Me, I want the money to go for quality alcohol at a wake.  

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  8. Next to my will, I have a letter that I called, "Wants".    It says at the top that I am not mandating anything but this is what I'd like.   I did threaten to haunt anyone that bought a nice wood container to bury me in.   That it would be a shame to bury something pretty.   I asked to be cremated or enclaved and then buried under the house.  I really don't like the outdoors. 

    I remember I read a book once that compared weddings and funerals.   Display of wealth is something that they have in common.   You can both cheaply or spend $$$$.    Neither the wedding venue nor the funeral home will steer you to a cheaper option.   Another book I read on funerals said that in China they had to forbid hiring strippers for a funeral.  People want a great many people at the funeral.   Hiring strippers was to encourage attendance.  I mentioned that my work-husband.   He is anti-funerals and he said that would make him go to one.  It had reached the point that almost everyone had a stripper.  

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  9. 5 hours ago, rebcoola said:

    Around here it seems like the ALE parent partnership program taking off also exploded the homeschool community.  It was started by like 13 families and now has 600.    It has acted as a gateway to homeschooling with people doing a yr or 2 and than moving into true homeschooling.  It seems to have spurred people to create their own groups it seems like the fist 3 years we were here there were a few park playdates and an occasional  field trip.  Now their are all kinds of activities every day and groups for every subject,hobby or interest.   I guess that is the critical mass thing but its been interesting watch. 

    That is why I'm not bothered when people do something like K-12 for free and call it home-school.   I've even mentioned it to people with the caveat that we don't do it because it has the busywork of public school. 

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    I like flying theoretically.   I was even on a flight that had enough problems to end up on the San Jose news.   The wheels just would not descend.  They'd given up and had the emergency stuff waiting for the plane to land on its belly.   Then the wheels dropped and all was fine.   The entire plane had been holding hands. 

    I HATE flying now days.  It is the seats.   I'd be content to sleep in a coffin sized berth like on train 'beds' only more closely spaced.  But the seats are torture devices. 

    My worst flight attendant experience was when my ears just didn't equalize.   I was in extreme pain.  I was in the very first row on the window seat.  I had my elbows on the tray.   The flight attendant got pissy because I didn't snap to when she told me to stow the tray.   I hadn't been able to hear her.  Someone behind me said, "She is in pain".   I put that down to the inherent problem with bureaucracy of concern of letter of the law over common sense.  

    DD desperately wants to fly someplace.   I even looked into one of those super-cheap flights at the last minute for a super short trip just to give her the experience.  But, I decided we'd fly for our summer vacation.  I was looking into Spirit Airlines.  a work friend said. "But, then she won't want to fly anymore."   I said, "Bonus" 

  11. 9 hours ago, EKS said:

    It tells me that people have a tendency to forget things that they don't use. 

    That said, I also think that schools should allow people to fail, as in, if you think you can succeed in a particular class without the prerequisites or with prerequisites taken a long time ago, then you should be allowed to try.  Just don't expect any special treatment from the instructor.

    I don't know if this is still true, but back when I took it, the GRE had math that was easier than the SAT's.   The idea was that the average college graduate forgot more math than they learned.  

  12. 1 hour ago, emba56 said:

    Sometimes you have to be blunt. I asked DH if he planned to take me out for Mother’s Day and he was all “but the restaurants are so crowded.” ...


    My favorite restaurant experience is Sunday Champagne Brunch.   We used to do that maybe three times a year when I was a older kid.   One year we went on Mother's Day and it was HORRIBLE.  There was literally no food left except for dessert when we got there.  After that we always did the Mother's Day meal the week before or the week after.  Totally wonderful.  

    That might be an idea for the OP.   She can call a family meeting and declare that since Sunday was Mother's Day for the Grandparent-generation, this upcoming Sunday will be Mother's Day for you. 

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  13. When I was 'backpacking' in Europe while in college, a girl at the hostel got pissy because wherever we were didn't do anything for July 4th.  To be fair, everyone else in the room shut her down and there was some eye-rolling.  It is just that these people are memorable.  Also to be fair, I was made at a July4th celebration picnic in Germany.   Fireworks provided by the military base. 

    I remember as a kid being corrected that Paris wasn't a country.   I then memorized the order that a city and its country appears in to save myself that embarrassment in the future.  I was public schooled.   I think that it is just one of the those things that adults never explain because they assume that the kid already knows.  Like relatives, no one explains to kids that Great-Aunt XYZ is the sister of your dad's dad. 


    The thing about breast milk is that we don't understand it.  It isn't because it changes, which it does.  Scientists don't understand everything that is in it.  According to what we know, formula should be MUCH sweeter than breast milk.  I think I read 7X sweeter.  But it isn't.  So, there are some big things about breast milk that we don't understand. 

    Without understanding what is in breast milk, we can't know that formula replaces every important aspect. 

    That isn't to say that anyone should feel guilty for using formula.  A friend of mine due at the same time, couldn't produce ANY milk.  She'd had a brain tumor that was removed. 


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  15. I don't know if this is true since I heard it third-hand.   But, I was told that in Southern Baptists the First Baptist Church is designated money for education.  So, a mega-church is likely to setup a private school and smaller churches are likely to have a homeschool co-op.  So, I can see how that would locally increase the number of homeschoolers.

  16. 1 hour ago, Seasider too said:

    ...Mother’s Day is for moms in the trenches. They’re the ones that NEED a pat on the back and a day off! Instead, it is co-opted by “mature” moms (aka grandmas!) who soak up all the worship on that day. ...

    That is my theory too.   I think my mother got spoiled by my being an older mom.  So, there were a great many years where she was THE mom.   We had some rocky years when DD was little.   Mom expected my family to drive an hour to see her and cater to her.   I had to explain that I was now the mom of the child, and I was staying home.  So, now that expectations are set, mom was happy with a long phone call.   DD is 8 and talked for a long time with her grandmother.  She sounded so grown-up.   

    DD for some reason thought that Mother's Day was today, and I was staying home from work.  So, we didn't really do anything mother's day-ish.  But, it was still a nice day.   DH went to our other house and worked his tuchas off getting it ready to sell, so I am content.  

  17. 12 hours ago, Innisfree said:

    I think I'd be tempted to walk him through the day, from your perspective, like you did in this post-- not right now, but once you can do it without being upset. I'd try to make the conversation about communicating, not complaining.

    It sounds crystal clear to me why you were upset, but evidently he didn't get how the whole day felt to you. Just as a basis for communication and understanding, I think he needs to know how much effort and stress went into the things you had to do all day, and how you'd envision an ideal day.

    You could also ask about Father's Day, since it's on the horizon now. How would be like that to go? What has been his hope vs. expectation vs. reality?

    There would be no way I could raise a finger for fathers day.   That would be the thing to do, but I couldn't.   My resentment would burn a hole in the floor, and no one wants that.  

  18. I can answer the question for my tiny town of 3K people.   A few years before we moved to town, the state took over the local schools because they were doing such a miserable job.   So, there a lot of people that started out as accidental homeschoolers.  That gave the town the critical mass of homeschoolers.  

    In the large city we were before this, I think it is because many had enough income that many preschoolers either have a nanny or a SAHM.   Those with nannies are likely to go to one of the private schools, those with SAHM's are likely to homeschool.  This is in a school district that is highly ranked. 

    I have noticed that while homeschoolers are not remotely the majority, those that are in non-school extracurriculars do seem to be mostly homeschoolers. 

  19. 57 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

    Actually I think the video posted in the OP is really the only thing I have ever seen that has looked at what other factors are involved.  And the video specifically discusses studies that account for factors like socio-economic status, and so on.  It's incredibly difficult to study actual BF effects specifically because you can't control for all the other factors in most cases in an ethical way.  But the video as presented has been described as silly and more so even if I felt like digging up links I am not confident they wouldn't be simply discounted as silly.  

    It is like the Mozart effect.   Where some study said that babies born to mothers that listened to Mozart while pregnant had a bunch of life benefits.   So, people starting putting little speakers pointing at their bellies and playing Mozart.   But, it wasn't Mozart, it was that having a mother that listens to Mozart for fun comes with a bunch of benefits.  


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  20. I am OK with any stance on formula/bf'ing except for the idea that "formula is best".   That is what both my mom and paternal grandmother were told and believed.  I was born in 1970, my mother had plenty of milk and stayed at home with me at least for the first year.  She weaned me cold-turkey at around a week.  My paternal grandmother was a farm wife.  She believed what she was told about breast milk being bad and that anything else was better because you could measure how much they were getting.  The 'formula' back then was cow's milk, caro syrup and something else.  

    DD's pediatrician was an old guy that was anti-bf'ing.   But, he kept fairly quiet about it.   DD grew nicely on the formula-fed growth chart, so that helped.      I'm pretty sure I converted him to the benefits of pre-fold cloth diapers.  He was selling his practice and there was a new young doc in there every time we went.  He showed off DD's healthy, non-rash, no-cream butt to every young doc.  

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  21. I loved an airline that went bankrupt.  Legend Airlines was litigated into bankruptcy by American Airlines, may they burn in ... 

    I was mid-trip when they went belly-up.  One of the other airlines let me fly standby and I got right on.  I still have the ticket for the flight I couldn't take.  I don't know why.  It is my fire-proof box with important papers.  

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  22. I get the costume part.  Even when people own the costumes, they don't always take good care of them.   Doing hair and makeup on an 8-year-old is difficult and keeping up with the costume pieces and keeping them in good order is hard.  I take care of the costume but I won't throw stones at those that aren't.  But, you want you child to look super-cute while on stage.  Costume envy is a thing at least among moms.   I remember one year DD's class got mediocre costumes and the class one younger got these adorable lilac costumes with feather skirts.  The moms talked about it. 

  23. You make me grateful for DD's studio.   It is one of the low-key ones, which the teacher is very upfront about.  For the recital they do one dance for every half hour of class.  A one hour class will have one costume that has different skirts and accessories to change the look.   There is dress rehearsal the night before.   The auditorium is one that Elvis performed in.   So big enough that there are empty seats. 

    Last fall, DD had this idea that she wanted to take dance class and then WATCH the recital instead of being in it.   I did not agree.   It wasn't that she doesn't want to perform.  She just loves watching.   So, this Saturday we are watching another studio's dance recital.   This is the insane part.  They are charging money for the tickets.  $15.   It must be a big studio because they have one for the little kids and another for the big kids.  Next Saturday is DD's recital. 

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  24. Do you dive?   Me, I love the water but I prefer to stay underwater.   I went to the Grand Caymans and rented a ground-floor condo on 7-mile beach.  It was totally awesome.  The end of the back 'yard' was where the beach started.   It was much cheaper than staying in the hotel at the other end of the beach and we basically had a private beach.    It was a bit of a waste for us, since we scuba dived for the entire trip.  

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