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  1. 18 hours ago, gardenmom5 said:

    dd suggested going to an "expensive" optical shop, finding frames I like - getting the info, and ordering them online.  Then taking the frames to Costco and having them do the lenses.


    This is true of Zenni several years ago, they didn't allow me to order just frames.  I was buying a second frame because they always break long before my expensive lenses.   I ended up getting the cheapest lenses they offered.   I think they automatically upgraded the second pair because they didn't have my strong script in the cheap version.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Catwoman said:


    Does anyone actually do the “send the kid to school in their PJs” thing?

    I have heard people mention that in the past, and it sounds so mean and punitive. I can’t imagine ever doing anything like that to a child. What kind of parent would ever intentionally embarrass and humiliate their child like that? I can imagine a kid having lifelong resentment toward a parent who would subject them to ridicule at school just to teach them some sort of awful “natural consequences” for not getting ready on time. Certainly there are other, kinder ways to teach a kid that it’s important to get to school on time. And the idea that this would be something a parent would do to an elementary school child absolutely sickens me. It would be wrong at any age, but elementary school children are still little kids!


    I would in a New York minute.  It wouldn't have been me that caused the embarrassment, so I don't see why she'd resent me.   I would have taken her to homeschool co-op that way.   But, I only had to say once, "I think it would be embarrassing to go to co-op in your nightie" and she put her butt in gear.    She knew I would.   It was never a problem again.  If she had gathered up her clothing but not had enough time to dress, I'd have let her change in the car.  It is important to us that she grow up to be a capable adult.   It is better to learn to not dawdle when there is a deadline while she is young, than later when she loses a job or a friend for being repeatedly late. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, caedmyn said:

    She could actually sleep til 8 if she’d get up and get moving.  She’s capable of getting ready, taking care of the cat, and doing her chore in 30 minutes, and she occasionally does.  But she prefers to lay in bed for 20 mins after waking up, daydream while getting dressed, putter around in her room, etc and so she has to get up a lot earlier if she wants to have time for a very slow start to the morning.


    What are the consequences when she does this?   I suspect that you are making this your problem. 

    Note, I don't think it really matters when she wakes, as long as she is ready for the stuff involving other people.  

    I like the Love and Logic theory on parenting, which is mainly to let natural consequences happen.   One example was when an elementary school kid going to public school acts like your teen.    You take/send the child to public school in their PJ's and/or without breakfast.   If an elementary school kid can be expected to not dawdle, I would think a teen could be expected to do the same thing. 

    That said, could some of that be changed to pre-bedtime?   I don't do anything in the morning that I can't do on auto-pilot.   For example, couldn't she feed the cat and clean the toilet the evening before?  


  4. On 10/6/2019 at 9:16 AM, Lanny said:


    Thank you for the link. That reinforces my belief that I should never drive in a country where they drive on the Left.  ...


    I agree with you on not driving on the left.   I would be a danger on the road.  I'd be fine in traffic.   But, the first time I had a make a right turn on a lightly traveled road, I'd either do it wrong, or have a panic attack.   I am willing to drive anywhere where you drive on the right and people follow road rules.   So, far that has meant that I didn't drive in England and Taiwan.  

    I have relatives that were amazed that I drove in Eastern Europe without a problem.   But, they thought nothing of driving in England.   I don't understand. 

    Since you are driving, look into Rothenburg ob der Tauber.   A true gem, and the museum is awesome. 

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  5. I worked for a German company with headquarters in a non-tourist area.   I've rented many cars in Germany.   There were only two things to get used to

    1)   Highway directions aren't labeled by a direction, they are labeled by the end point of that highway.   That end point town might have 3 people there and not on your map.   My German co-workers were amazed that I was used to just driving someplace without getting directions from someone first.  I didn't have navigation so I had to have a compass.   I'd just pick a direction, and then u-turn if I was going the wrong way.   So, use GPS.  

    2)  Driving on the highway, you need to pay almost as much attention behind you as in front of you.  


    If you get an automatic the car will almost always be a large one.  This is because they think that all Americans want large cars.   But, the parking spaces are almost always smaller.  I used to request the Mercedes series A.    It was smallish and easy to park.  

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Lanny said:


    This has NOTHING to do with a private school known as K-12. That is, as I recall, a big corporation with a lot of different schools that have different names?

    The article indicates (I believe) that the Texas Legislature is going to permit students who are Legal Residents of the State of Texas to enroll in TTU K-12 (formerly known as TTUISD) which is run by Texas Tech University, which is a Public University in the State of Texas, to enroll and the State of Texas will pay their Tuition and Fees.  Previously, TTUISD operated under the same regulations as a regular ISD in the State of Texas, however, the parents had to pay the school. They had no funding from the State of Texas.  I am not an Attorney, but, that is my impression after reading the article. I do not know when that will become possible. I assume that at this time parents must still pay the school, but that in the (near?) future, the State of Texas will pay?



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    I gave myself a black eye.   I was sitting on the floor sorting through the stuff on the floor of the coat closet.  I used the door to help myself get up.   Doorknob in the eye.  

    The worst part was all the people that thought I was being beaten by my boyfriend.  

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    Could you translate that from legalese into English?  

    I know that the regular K-12 (not University-affiliated) is free to kids who had been in public school, starting in 3rd grade.  

    Is this adding TexasTech's D.L. to the regular K-12, but keeping the requirement that they are leaving public school?    

    Or is it also getting rid of the public school requirement?  


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  9. On 9/26/2019 at 9:40 AM, Acadie said:


    I'm also hearing this happens all the time from contractors, and my daughter has heard the same from friends. She shared the experience with her peer leadership group, and 5 out of 18 kids had hit their houses with a car! Granted, most were minor things like knocking a side mirror off while backing out of the garage. My favorite story is that a friend scraped her house while pulling out of the driveway and didn't realize it sheared the bumper right off the car. She just kept driving, and later her parents went outside and saw the bumper sitting all by itself in the driveway....



    My husband wanted to install two one-car garage doors.   I vetoed that.   I see that middle column as just another place to damage the car.  I haven't done it, but...

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  10. 1 hour ago, maize said:


    We use our toes with every step we take--we would hobble very, very awkwardly without them....


    Actually, no.  Maybe true of the big toe.   To quote my podiatrist everything but my big toe was "on vacation".    They didn't touch the ground at all when I walk.   And I have a walk that is nice enough that other females have asked how they could adopt it.  

    Note, that they aren't on vacation anymore.  I don't normally wear shoes in the house and after about a year and half of being a SAHM my foot health radically improved.  It was a really weird feeling the first time my toes touched the ground. 

  11. 8 hours ago, heartlikealion said:

    ...Unless you're saying you despise clipping them so you would rather not have them than deal with that? I don't really understand. 


    I really do hate to clip them and they serve no purpose at all. 

    People have surgery for all sorts of reasons.  As it is, I'm not exactly in factory-original condition.   Not all of those changes were for medical reasons. 

  12. I asked my vet about the life expectancy of indoor vs indoor-outdoor cats.   She said that there was no comparison.  Indoor/Outdoor was about a year.   Indoor was about 10 years.  And these were cats cared for enough to see the vet. 

    With my last two cats, not only did I declaw her front claws I had the back declawed too.   They don't wear them down being inside and it bugs them.  I had a cat while in college that would demand his back claws be clipped.  He would sit nearby but out of reach and chew on his back claws to make this really annoying noise.  Then he'd stop and look significantly at me.  If I got up to get the clippers he'd stop.   If I continued to study he'd make the noise again only worse.   I was well trained. 

    My theory is that if my toes were covered in fur, and the surgery to remove my toenails was outpatient and the same price as for cats, I would TOTALLY have my toenails removed. 

  13. On 9/22/2019 at 7:39 PM, Terabith said:

    I don't know how it all played out insurance wise, but I did this when I was 16 and had just gotten my license.   A week before we closed on the house to move across the country.  My mother was in the passenger seat; our driveway was a hill, and my mom told me I needed to pull closer to the garage door.  I told her I felt like I couldn't and that I would hit the garage.  She insisted, so I did, and I hit the garage door and the garage, which unbenown to us had sustained termite damage and pretty much collapsed spectacularly.  It was horrific and traumatizing.  Honestly, I'm still kinda traumatized about the whole thing (and annoyed that my mom had insisted on me driving at such a stressful time when I didn't feel confident in my skills).


    My parent's neighbors did something similar.  Their daughter had her learner's permit.  Her dad picked her up from a dance and had her drive home.  There was a chest freezer in the front.  He insisted that she pulled forward more.  Knowing her I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't deliberately pull forward extra to be pissy.  She hit the freezer which popped open and was ruined.  .  This was shortly before Thanksgiving so it was loaded with stuff.  This happened late at night and they added a bunch of their food to my parent's chest freezer and inside freezer.   Mom and I woke up, and mom flipped out that there was strange things in the inside freezer.  My parents kept glass beer mugs in the freezer which were on the counter, so it was obvious immediately that something had happened.  Mom had this idea that someone had broken into the house.  I had to tell her several times that people don't break into houses in order to leave a large turkey. 


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  14. 15 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    I think he knew and in his mind thought he was hurting me. Then he wanted them replaced as the headaches started. But yeah, he'll definitely be paying if he breaks them so many times they charge me.


    As it is, you might charge him for your bother of replacing the glasses.  Like maybe how long you have to wait for the replacement.   Add driving time if it is a special trip.   Then make him do some of your work for an equal amount of time. 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, DesertBlossom said:

    Walmart will replace them anytime within a year... no matter how many times. At least ours did. I had to replace the same pair of glasses at least twice (maybe 3 times) for DS and as long as it's within a year from the purchase date, they will replace them.

    Don't tell your son that.   Otherwise that will be his go-to way to vent. 

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  16. Just now, PeterPan said:


    Well I did it. 

    Yeah, they were $117 this time. I don't know what happened. I think maybe his scrip is getting higher with his stigmatism. Or else walmart is getting really expensive


    Next time around, look into Zenni Optical. 

    My frames break because one of my ears is higher than the other.  When I take off my glasses, 'people' think they are bent out of shape and 'straighten' them for me.   Then I have to bend them back.  So, since it is the lens that are so expensive, I had the bright idea to buy an extra frame to match my glasses.   My thought was that I could have my eye doctor just pop the lens into the extra frames.  But, Zenni wouldn't sell just frames.  But, I was able to buy one set with expensive lenses and another set with the cheapest lens.  My script is -8.5 so they recommended the super-high index for me.  The thing is, when the glasses arrived I couldn't tell the difference between them.  I suspect that I got high index lens for the price of super-cheap. 

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  17. On 9/20/2019 at 1:21 PM, Kassia said:


    Our school district has a huge levy on the ballot to build a new school for grade 6-12 that would have these spaces.  They complain that they can't teach like this in the smaller classrooms that are available now.  



    Translation, they would like to easily increase the student/teacher ratio.   

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  18. 10 hours ago, kiwik said:

    It was popular in the 1970's in NZ.  By the early 2000's they had all been divided (I saw a news item just before ds12 was thought of.  About 5 years they brought it back.  All new buildings are required to be "modern learning environments" which is basically 70's open plan with computers and more self directed and project work.  There are what they call break out spaces but not many and most kids are trying to learn with a chrome book on a bean bag while being told to "look it up on YouTube/Google/Khan Academy" when they ask questions.  


    So what do the teachers do?   Seems like kids might as well as stay home and use the home desktop. 

  19. It would be nice to have a thread on that.   Or maybe even four threads for each year.  I'd like to do documentaries, but just the thought of finding them makes me tired. 

    I understand why she shouldn't put that in the books.   The ones available (easily) would change so much.  I have an IRL homeschooling friend that hates Netflix but keeps it for the documentaries.   So, they must be there. 

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  20. 13 hours ago, daijobu said:


    I was unaware of this fact.  Is it common knowledge or a more recent study?  

    New to me was the notion that schools are penalized for reducing their spending because that impacts their USNWR ranking.  I also was surprised to learn how impactful a slightly lower rank is on admissions.  

    It seems like a lose-lose situation for Trinity if they can't boost their revenues somehow.  If they've been admitting such wealthy students, why aren't they turning into generous alumni donors?  I wonder if we're going to see more colleges like Trinity disappear in the next decade?  


    I don't know about anyone else.   But, I would literally give money to a drunken sailor before I'd donate to my University.   This is because they spend money the same way and I'd know what the sailor would spend it on.  

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