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  1. But tickets for having a kid unbuckled remind you to buckle the kid. Prosecution for forgetting the baby who DIED isn't going to help, because no one meant to leave the baby- hence the word "accident". It doesn't make people less likely to do this, because they never meant to do it and tried NOT to do it already, but had an ACCIDENTAL memory slip and the worst happened. It doesn't mean one doesnt value life, or children, or anything like that. it doesn't mean anything, really, IMO, but that accidents happen and it sucks. I can see the community service of getting the word out, that makes sense, but jail time? Fines? What possible purpose would it serve?!
  2. Yes, I don't get why the parents are prosecuted when this happens. I don't mean the people leaving the baby to buy drugs or on purpose, but the "dad drove to the office" type cases- why?? The worst has happened! What possible purpose does it serve to charge a person for a crime, when it was a horrible accident? I don't get that.
  3. For me? 35. I am no where near the energetic young thing I was in my 20s, and now in my 40s I'm tired, darn it. I would feel guilty if I'd had a child any older than 35, because I am just not the fun mom I was then.
  4. I would totally do breast augmentation, if it didn't have to be redone every so many years and the weird health risks from foreign objects in your body weren't so many. And if it would not look ridiculous...which it would. I used to have small, but cute books. Nursing gave me non existent, wrinkly old toddler socks. (isn't that a lovely visual? Sorry!) But every one I ever met who has my size frame (very slight, boney) who got augmentation looks ridiculous, they look like bolted on flesh color balloons. Even celebrities (who can ostensibly afford the best of surgeons) end up looking like that- think Tori Spelling. So alas, it's padded bras and tricks for me. I suppose it's safer anyway, and certainly cheaper!
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