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  1. Thanks all. I emailed my aunt, I am also far away and that sucks, to thank her for being there for my mom through all this.I should be there, I should be there...but I'm on an opposite coast. I hate it. I hate the stroke. I hate what my dad has become. I hate my mom being afraid and sad and alone. I hate evey last bit of it. It is so unfair. He isn't this person he has become. But the person he was is so gone, for so long, what do you do? I don't know. My mom doesmt know. But she needs to be happy and whole somewhere, I know that. It sucks. I hate it.
  2. So, that sucks. But using the "put on your oxygen mask first" mantra, I think I did the right thing. Dad had a stroke about 4 years ago. His personality totally changed, which sucks, and is not his fault. but, it's been 4 years, and all the kids, and my mom, have tried to get him to a psychiatrist to deal with the personality changes, and...nothing. He won't entertain it. He has become paranoid, mean (really difficult for me, as my dad was the most perfect example of a loving Christian man for so many years), just awful. It's hard to talk to him on the phone. My mom has begged him to go to cou
  3. Yes, but only due to years, lol. I have a group of late elementary/jr high friends that after all these years (30 plus) it seems sacrilegious not to conti ue a friendship with. One was just here visiting with her family, our oldest kids are a week apart but can't stand each other other, go figure. A couple are really obnoxiously weird these days, a couple are just very different, a couple are people I'd pick as friends now. But, years count, you know? I make the effort to continue the friendship despite distance and lifestyle differences because of this very long shared history, and it's worth
  4. I'm not shocked Ds didn't do well, I was sort of surprised he was allowed/encouraged to take the test actually, but Ds and I are truly shocked at the other students scores. 1s for everyone? The score distribution (thank you! I didn't know that existed!) shows only 13% got 1s...so it seems really odd they all got 1s! That is what is surprising and the big bummer to Ds, that the entire group of test takers scored so low! Especially as most did well, according to the link. Ds is the outlier of this group- everyone else is a serious band/choir/music kid. Ds took it for fun (and it was fun, so
  5. Ds was sweating that part. He said if he got in there and it was heinous, he was just going to sing the "I have confidence" song from Sound of Music, lol. He learned all the words, apparently they have to listen to whatever you do on that part, even if it's clearly awful. But he said even that went well, so? I love that picture! I sent it to dh to forward to his buddies. As a hippy dippy homeschooler, I wholeheartedly believe that, let's hope the school does too and doesnt yank the class. Ds and his friends are all so dejected and feeling like they let the teacher down.
  6. So, Ds took ap music theory at the local ps. He adored the teacher- me, too. A really neat guy. A really neat class. Ds was probably the lowest level kid there, he took band in middle school but didn't really read music well or have any music background. He learned a ton, and loved the class. The teacher had them take several practice tests, and Ds scored consistently in the 3-4 range. The teacher doesn't have students he feels will score below 3 take the test- it ticks off the school to have low scores and music theory (and music/arts in general) is viewed as a waste in our very high performi
  7. Ds had to review fractions for the CC placement test recently- he used Khan academy. I don't know what specifically, but he said there is good fraction/mixed numbers/percents/decimal stuff there.
  8. Well. I kept taking my then 12 year old lab to the vet because she was acting "off", and I was afraid she had some terrible pain I couldn't see. She kept checking out fine, and at the third visit, the vet did a screening for dementia...and she hit all the points. Her weird panting, wandering, pacing, hiding, is apparently dementia. I will be honest, I still feel like something physical must be wrong, but it's been 2 years and she has blood work, etc done and checks out fine, even her teeth despite her awful dog breath. So, they are correct, this is dementia. Recently, she has been much wor
  9. Please don't buy into the myth that rescues and shelters are full of of terrible, behavior problem dogs. This is NOT the case. Those dogs get put down normally, upon intake, because there are just so, so, so many dogs. because people erroneously believe a puppy is somehow immune to the problems bad breeding and bad training can cause in dogs...so more are bred, with more problems. Do problem dogs exist? Absolutely- and given the huge amount of dogs needing homes, I'm ok with a gentle, humane death for them. Comparatively speaking, those dogs are lucky. But shelters are full of wonderful dogs,
  10. I vote Lab, or lab mix. Their temperaments are almost universally good, especially with children. Not a puppy though- they are hell on wheels. Shelters are full of 2ish labs that their people got tired off because lab puppies just suck, but 2 is calming down nicely and you can swoop in and get a really great dog. Low grooming maintenance, we have never had ours groomed, we just bath her when she needs it, but the shedding does suck. They don't smell like some dogs get a "dog" smell, but they will swim, roll in dead stuff, etc if the opportunity presents itself. I do not think they are smart, m
  11. I would like to say that I have learned a great deal from this conversation, so thank you all, from every viewpoint. The posters in border states and central America, those who are getting involved in this in their communities- it's important for me to hear from those points of view, rather than the polarized sound bites on the news. You WTMers are a good group. And please faith- run for something! Your ideas and your willingness to get involved are so refreshing, and I am glad you are you. I need to do less talking about problems and agonizing over things, and more doing!
  12. Yes, that! The "least of these" are here, and what will we do...stand outside their barbed wire enclosures with signs telling them to go home?
  13. I heard a blurb on NPR about our replacement rate, the birth rate for the millenials is dismal. From a practical standpoint, we actually need these kids! And from a humanitarian standpoint, we do too, IMO. It's probably melodramatic of me, but I feel like our country's soul is at stake here. Which way will we go?
  14. I am a bad, bad girl. Don't know nothin bout no needlepoint, or other forms of hooking actually, but yet I just HAD to open this. Duly chastised.
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