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  1. Oh, girl. Of course you are done after working for 13 hours! Goodness. Give yourself a break. You are not a sloth in any way, shape, or form.

    I agree with fraidycat that your expectations for yourself are too high. 

    Find something relaxing you enjoy and do it after your long day's work with zero guilt. 


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  2. 2 minutes ago, TravelingChris said:


    Yes but aren't all things labeled for under 3 supposed to be choke free anyway?  I thought that was the difference between blocks, for example, that are okay for 2 or 18 month olds and blocks thst specifically say 3+

    Yes! I just meant that I would be okay with a 3+ toy for a child under 3 IF I knew his or her parents were careful about choking hazards. 

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  3. I can't see the video, but my canary LOVES bird videos made for cats! She will ask for them by staring intently at the laptop. When we say, "Do you want birds?" she gets all excited and then starts trilling when the video starts. She tries to match the songs of different birds. So cool.

    Our favorite YouTube channel is Paul Dinning. She also adores a specific video of birds in a German forest. 🙂 

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  4. No personal experience--yet--but my mom had a fibroid the size of a grapefruit and refused to get surgery, preferring to tough it out until menopause. After seeing what she went through, I'm very ready to get a hysterectomy if needed. Her bleeding was so heavy that she couldn't leave the house at times and she was very physically uncomfortable, too, for years. 😞 It did shrink after menopause, but I wouldn't have the patience she did. 

    Congrats on your progesterone levels! 🙂 Hoping and praying for direction for you on the best way forward. 

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  5. I have some plaid ones from Kohl's that are 67% cotton 37% poly. They are very soft and feel like cotton. (I hate 100% poly ones.) Bought them new at a garage sale and unfortunately they are no longer on the Kohl's site. It does look like Kohl's has a large selection of cloth napkins.

    My other favorites I found used at garage sales.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, MEmama said:

    I’m probably imperfect in remembering in my posts to include valid medical concerns as a reason for not vaccinating, but I hope most people on this board realize it’s never intended to be equivalent to antivaxxers or people who refuse “because Big Govt”. 

    Thank you for posting this, MEmama, because I *know* I rarely remember to say it, even though it is always on my mind in threads like these.

    image.png.5ea1cf3f6b82688b06029efb333c57b8.png, @itsheresomewhere.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Evelyn2108 said:

    Children have a higher chance of dying from influenza then COVID.  Not dancing about giving the mRNA (which had not been properly studied) to my kids.  

    When taking commorbidities into account my risk is also so low, it’s not zero, but close to it.  

    It’s baffling and sad that you can’t distinguish risk profiles for different ages and health conditions.   Girl. 

    No need to be nasty. I wasn't trying to make fun of you, just lighten things up and make a point. Sorry it came across wrong. I will edit.

    I used to be an anti-vaxxer (or more accurately, a selective vaxxer). I know all about risk profiles.

    You know what this pandemic made me realize, though? In all the vaccination decisions I made for my daughter, I only and ever weighed HER risks and HER benefits. Same with my own vaccinations. I was entirely selfish. We can't afford that in a pandemic.

    We should also care about the risks to others, who are dying by the hundreds of thousands largely because we live in a selfish, self-centered society whose people can't be bothered to wear a mask, to distance, to vaccinate.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Evelyn2108 said:

    Show me the studies that prove this new mRNA technology and these vaccines have no LONG TERM side effects please.  Prove it. 

    This is a new virus. 

    We live in the real world. Things aren't perfect. Two things I do know for sure: there are millions of people dying and there is a safe, effective vaccine available.

    We should be dancing in the streets with joy and gratitude for the amazing work scientists have done and yet some people (general some people, not necessarily you) act like it's all some nefarious plot to kill us. 

    It's baffling and sad.

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  9. 7 hours ago, MercyA said:

    The abortion numbers are likely even worse than that, unfortunately, since California, New Hampshire, and Maryland do not report abortions to the CDC. Adding information from the Guttmacher Institute's surveys (the GI is a pro-choice organization), the total number of abortions in 2019 was about 888,000. I haven't seen 2020 numbers yet. 

    I agree with your sentiments completely!

    The above was my first post. A stat, and a statement of agreement. This was the immediate response:

    7 hours ago, FuzzyCatz said:

    And this is irrelevant to this discussion and a straw man so please stop. 

    45 minutes ago, Sneezyone said:

    I do not think you said nothing at all, Mercy. What I quoted wasn’t your first post. I think what you’ve observed is that the people who usually claim the ‘pro-life’ label define life as egg meeting sperm so the hypocrisy is more evident. You might assume a similarly black/white view on the other side. I

    I've spent years studying both pro-life and pro-choice views and the reasons for them, so, no, I don't assume it's always black and white for those claiming either label. Sorry if it came across that way.

    Lots more that I could say, but I'm gonna let it drop. 🙂 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Sneezyone said:

    When you said this:

    It's fair to believe that you were painting hypocrisy with a broad brush. The assumption was/is that we all share the same definition of life. We don't.

    Yeah, I didn't communicate well. What I meant was:

    1. No one seemed to mind me linking the abortion issue and the COVID issue when the purpose was to point out pro-lifers' hypocrisy.

    2. I would never in a million years assume everyone here shares my views on human life. We've had too many conversations for that.

    3. *I* believe that we do not value life consistently or well in this country, based on the examples I gave earlier, but I most emphatically was not thinking "pro-vax people here are hypocrites" when I made that statement. The thought never crossed my mind.

    I do think it's worth noting that people were basically telling me to shut up before I said much of anything at all. But, whatever, I can take it. I do.not.like talking about abortion. At all. But I still think someone should. I'm more than happy to drop it in this thread.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Sneezyone said:

    The point being made was that there’s a contradiction or equivalence between abortion and COVID which makes those complaining about the one and not the other hypocritical.

    Huh. Speaking for myself, I never said or even thought that. If you truly don't believe embryos are living human beings, then there is no hypocrisy for you personally. 

    I *do* think it's hypocritical for people who claim to care about life from the womb to the grave to seemingly not care about the hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily and preventably dying from COVID in this country. That is one of the points I was trying to make. That, and that we as a society de-value life in many ways. 

    Either I don't communicate well, or people are reading way too much into what I actually say. Probably a little of both. 😉 

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