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  1. I vote "Brangelina needs," because, though you are combining two names, you are describing one person (your 14 year old).
  2. I catch the server's attention by eye contact,, a wave,, or communication as often as needed.. If I can't get the server's attention or I don't see the server, I ask another server to let our server know that we have a need. I've only once asked to speak to a manager as we were leaving a restaurant to let them know of an issue with a server.. I tip every server whether the service is bad or good, but I give more for better service.
  3. Yes, call an FAA-approved medical examiner to discuss the situation. I recommend postponing the evaluation until you've had the discussion with the medical examiner.
  4. I'd like to do this type of journal. 🙂
  5. Yes, I agree. It's hard on so many levels. How disappointing for your family.
  6. Our family typically heads to NC for a beach vacation, but we're thinking of visiting Pensacola or Destin or nearby area in northern FL this October. I'd love your recommendations for great accommodations on the beach or just general sightseeing/travel tips for that area. If you vacation in this area often, are there any places you highly recommend or recommend we avoid? Thanks!
  7. So much helpful information here. Thank you all for sharing!
  8. She had a 3.6 and didn't get into the program? Ouch! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi, everyone. How can my daughter and I truly find out which nursing programs are the best in a state or region? I'm wondering about hospitals and rotations as well as other factors. What questions should my daughter ask as she is visiting universities? My daughter is just beginning to look, and we didn't know abour direct admit programs, for example. Any help is much appreciated. If you want to give a recommendation for an excellent school to visit, we'd be thankful for that as well.
  10. My family is enrolled in a health sharing plan. About a year ago, I had two biopsies and an ultrasound done that were covered because they were done as part of the diagnosis and follow-up for a medical condition. My understanding of our coverage is that normal preventative care would not be covered, but a mammogram, needle biopsy, , breast MRI, or ultrasound as part of a diagnosis or treatment protocol would be covered. I don't know if the genetic testing would be covered.
  11. I just came back from an international trip and it took us 2 hours to get off the plane and through customs. I'm glad we had a little over 3 hours of layover time.
  12. I have a kit that wasn't used. I found that my daughter didn't do well in an asynchronous course, and I withdrew her before she used any of the laboratory supplies. In the spirit of generosity, I would like to offer it to another homeschool family who has a student taking the class this fall. All I ask is for you to pay the shipping costs. This will go to the first person who responds.
  13. OhioMomof3


    So sorry for your loss.
  14. I think it's a special dye that some companies are using. I purchased a dark denim pair of jeans that had a horrible smell that wouldn't go away even after many washings. I eventally threw the pair in the trash. I will admit that I do a sniff test on any new jeans that I buy.
  15. Quill, Can you tell me why you liked norwegian better than Royal Caribbean? On which ships have you sailed?
  16. Thank you, everyone! I think a cruise might be a better option for us, based on your insights. How does onboard credit work? Can it be used for anything during a cruise?
  17. My friend and I are planning a special trip for the summer of 2019. We were thinking of a cruise at first, but someone recently warned us about all the add-on fees for each excursion. We'd really love any wisdom, helpful hints, warnings, and recommendations that you can share with us. We are considering the eastern coast of the U.S. and the Caribbean islands. We are not considering Mexico as my friend has vacationed there previously, and she'd like this trip to be in a new location. Thanks for helping us plan! :)
  18. Making meatloaf today...and I'm NOT looking forward to mixing it. Yes, it makes my hands ache for a couple of minutes. You're not the only one!
  19. I had one recently. For me, it was a quick painful pinch with some bleeding afterward. I thought it was going to be much, much harder than it really was, based on what I had read online.
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