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  1. I have an update to add, too. When my dd was having all the evaluations done, she was also tested for ADHD.( I’ll have to locate the report because I can’t remember which tool was used for this.) She was negative for ADHD, and I remember the psych saying she does not have attention issues. Well, to make a very long story short, dd just took her first dose of Vyvanse this morning. An hour later she was curled up on the sofa—I’m thinking she’s sick. Nope, she was fine but super drowsy. Just checked on her and she’s asleep. She never sleeps during the day. I’d say that confirms the diagnosis lol. The original screening missed it. This is why seeing a dr for the first time for evals of any kind is so stressful. At least for me.
  2. I have 3 indoor cats. Only one of them is like this, and he can be such a menace! He is by far the most mischievous of the three--not just food. I have given up on trying to keep them off the counters. Our dog was gaining weight stealing the cat food, so now we have to feed them on the kitchen island. I'm working on a solution, but for now I just wipe down the counters regularly with disinfectant. Boo (the mischievous one) will grab an entire chicken breast and try to run with it. The he growls when we take it away! He eats weird things, too, like butter and mayonnaise. We've just had to adjust--keeping lids on pots and pans, etc. We also have to feed him separately from the other cats because he will devour his food while the others eat SOOO slowly. He will run them off and devour their food, too. So we put him in the pantry and won't let him out until the others are finished. This is just for wet food. He's not like that with the dry food. We think it's food insecurity, too. We think he may have been from a feral litter. One of our neighbors found him in a parking lot at her workplace when he was tiny. Turns out she is allergic, so she asked us to keep him until they could find an adopter. I fell in love with him, so he stayed. He was so tiny when we first got him, we had to bottle feed him formula. So I'm not really sure why the food insecurity--except that it may be hereditary in feral colonies. He is such a sweetheart. I'll put up with it. 🙂
  3. Excellent thread. I needed the levity. A few weeks ago I threw my back out opening a dresser drawer. I'm still not right. A little over a year ago--Aug 2018--I was in a hurry trying to get out the door to take my dd to a dentist appointment. I tripped over a broom that was wedged between 2 bar stools/chairs. I broke my tibia and fibula in 3 places. My daughters called 911. Backstory: my twins had just celebrated their 21st b'day, and my husband bought several different bottles of wine for them to try since they were now legal. So it was all sitting out on the counter in the kitchen when I fell. The paramedics had to put me in some contraption to take me down the stairs. I joked with one of them, "I guess you'll catch me if I fall!" (he was a big, strong guy). He replied, "Only drunks on a Thursday." I totally didn't get it. Until they put me in my mother's car. Then it hit me...They thought I was a drunk! I'm still pissed about that. So, yeah, I have 3 screws and a plate--months of physical therapy--never gonna be the same--because I tripped on a broom.
  4. I know it's an old thread, but I wanted to update in case this ever comes up in a search. Lily Bea has recovered quite well. I will say--she's not quite the same as she was before she got so sick, but she seems pretty happy. Her personality is just a little off. She is a healthy girl who can leap and climb up to the top of our screened in porch in a millisecond to catch a moth--her favorite past time. FYI: the appetite stimulant mirtazapine is available in a topical ointment that is applied to the ears. It worked like magic! No foaming at the mouth or forcing pills. All cat mamas and dads need to know about this. Thanks for all your support!
  5. Wow. I stated awhile back in the thread--his grandparents are in Lithuania. His father is in France and has no contact. Did you even read anything I wrote? You. Do not know me. Or my story. Or my girl. Or my relationship/esteem with/for the military. If you have a problem with me, message me privately. I have had enough of being maligned.
  6. Yes. this crossed my mind. And I can relate to that all too well sadly. Anyway, yet another attempt at humor that backfired. I won't quit my day job.
  7. The coffee is good. I forgot to mention that in the meantime don't drink anything cold. Room temp or warmer. Sometimes I was able to break a coughing cycle with hot tea and honey along with shallow, slow controlled breathing.
  8. "take caregivers' concerns seriously" I knew something wasn't right with my youngest, but I could never bring myself to talk to the pediatrician about it. She was my 4th child, and I'd been blown off for every other concern I ever had with my other 3--"she's just a high need baby, etc". Also, when I did finally get an evaluation. I called and talked to the psychologist. I asked about the difficulty in diagnosing girls--trying to get a feel for how this would play out. She gave me all the right answers, told me what I wanted to here. Then we get there and we got the same ADOS that everyone gets. The same checklists. One size fits all. The "girl factor" never once came up. She still got the diagnosis, but I felt...I don't know what to call it... like trust had been broken.
  9. You might consider Math on the Level. Especially with your time constraints.
  10. Appliance nerd here! I just found out about this earlier today! I had been scouring Craigslist for older models to stash away for when my old Whirlpool finally dies! I decided to check that YouTuber "Lorraine Furniture" guy. He has great videos testing out all different kinds of machines. He recently posted a bunch on the 2019 SQs. So happy they went back to the original design. I wonder if SQ took him off their blacklist.
  11. What you are describing sounds very much like what I was like before my asthma diagnosis. Doctors blew me off for years--especially because my spirometry results were always normal. People would occasionally witness one of my fits and ask if I had pertussis. Sometimes I would cough for months. The worst were times were at night where I would cough and cough until there was no more air in my lungs. Then I would retch. This would give me temporary relief. Then a few minutes later it would start all over. This would go on for hours. Daytime would be better, but I would still have bouts of uncontrolled coughing/retching. It's absolutely miserable, and I'm sorry you are going through this. Once I had to get up and leave my Bible study to go outside so I wouldn't gross everyone out. A friend came out later and said, "You know, I think an inhaler would stop that." I always only associated inhalers with traditional asthma attacks, so this had never occurred to me. Fortunately, my GP at the time took me seriously and referred me to a pulmonologist who proceeded to totally blow me off (its just sinus drainage). But he went ahead and ordered the test my GP had asked for. It's called a methacholine challenge. That is how my asthma was finally diagnosed. The next time I had an exacerbation I took a Medrol Dose Pack. Changed. My. World. I could not believe the dramatic results. I now keep a steroid inhaler on hand. At the first sign of trouble, I'll start using it. It's well controlled now. If this sounds like you, ask for that test. Spirometry is not enough.
  12. I love this! You are right. You made me laugh! What's so funny is I can just imagine what his fam is saying about my fam since we live in the south. Oh, no! a Southerner? I just recently befriended a Canadian at my church. I love him. He's my parents' age. He's always making sure I'm seeing the doctor and keeping my asthma under control. 🙂
  13. I hate that I have to over think/analyze every word I type on here and ask myself "how will this be interpreted? What are they going to infer? what will they read in to this?" It's exhausting. I chose to ask here rather than Reddit. This place is about as brutal though, so maybe I'll take my chances there in the future.😪😥
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