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  1. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to show this to my daughter who has to take care of him when I'm not around. She doesn't fully grasp how diligent we have to be. Just out of often do your chis poop each day? Trying to figure out when he really has to go. I can't expect him to poop every time I take him out if I'm taking him out 6 times a day.
  2. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    You give me hope. :)
  3. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    Wow. That was fast. I'll pass this info along to my 17 yr old dd who is helping. She doesn't get it yet--how diligent we have to be. We need to do this. He needs to be either crated or tethered at all times.
  4. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    This is what we are trying to do--not too successfully. The problem is trying to understand when he needs to poop and when he doesn't. My other dog only poops at night. She's very predictable. I'm trying to figure out a pattern with this little guy, but no luck yet. There are times when I think...well he just pooped a couple of hours ago, so he's probably okay.I don't want to make him stay outside if he truly doesn't need to go, yk? How sad to be forced to try to poop when you don't need to! And I know he can hold it a LONG time. We're just having a hard time figuring out his schedule. Thanks for the tip--I'm going to put his poops in the yard instead of flushing them--great idea.
  5. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    I really don't want to do pee pads. The litter box idea interests me. Our boxes have tall sides. I don't think he could poop over the edge unless he aimed at the entrance lol.
  6. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    😭 I wonder if I could get him to use the cats' litter boxes.
  7. stephensgirls

    House training a Chihuahua mix.

    We just recently adopted a male chi mix from our daughters' rescue. He is 3 months old. He came from a hoarding case. I've read some articles online about training chis, but they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Yep, he's a stubborn little creature. Yep, his smallness makes it super easy for him to slip into the next room and poop in about 2 seconds flat. I've heard they are notoriously hard to house train. If you've been successful at this, please give me pointers! We have a small crate. We are following the usual protocol for crate training. He's just SOOOO stubborn. When he goes out, he'll usually pee pretty quick and then wants to run back to the door. If I make him stay in the grass, he bucks and whines and pulls. Or he'll just lay down. The longer he is here, the more comfortable he gets being himself--which is more stubborn than he was when we brought him home a week and a half ago. It's a good thing he's adorable. 😉
  8. stephensgirls

    Mineral sunscreen rave

    Great blog post, but I have to differ with her on one point. She gives the impression that UVA is only responsible for aging. My understanding is that it is also a major contributing factor to skin cancer. It used to be that the thinking was that only UVB caused cancer. So, I'm wanting to not look older, but I'm also really concerned about melanoma. I'm blonde with blue eyes and plenty of moles. I tan easily, but I try not to these days. That's why I always want to know the PPD rating.
  9. stephensgirls

    Mineral sunscreen rave

    Well I'm no expert. PA++++ is really good, but from what I've read, the PPD is a better gauge of protection. I'm not sure why. But either is way--its much better than going by the spf which only tells you how much protection from uvb rays. The U.S. is behind the times on this and it's so aggravating. If it's a U.S. sunscreen then the PDD is just speculation based on the ingredients, but still helpful. ETA: She doesn't say where she gets that PA rating, so I'm kinda doubting it based on 9% zinc oxide. The PPD of 15 is good and probably more accurate. I'm adding it to my Pinterest board. It's hard to find a good sunscreen for face, so I'd like to try it.
  10. stephensgirls

    Mineral sunscreen rave

    That's pretty good! Like PA+++ It's a scale that determines how long your skin is protected from tanning. Asian countries use the PA rating. Europe usually uses PDD (persistant pigment darkening). I like to have at least 10% zinc oxide. Thanks for sharing!
  11. stephensgirls

    Cat help-- I am about to be the worst mom ever

    I hate the Tidy Cat litter. It doesn't clump at all, so when I go to scoop the "clumps" of urine, they disintegrate and release a smell so strong it makes my eyes water. I can't wait to dump it. I have had much better luck with Dr. Elsey's precious cat litter. I'm sticking with it from now own--even if it means an extra trip to the pet supple store. Also, definitely get at least one more litter box. If you have quality litter, you don't have to completely change it out all the time. You just scoop and add more as needed. The Tidy Cats on the other's just nasty with urine now, and it all has to go. Yuck. Enjoy the kitties. Ours are very entertaining!
  12. stephensgirls

    Mineral sunscreen rave

    What's the PA or PPD rating? What percent zinc oxide? I'm always interested in good facial sunscreens!
  13. stephensgirls

    I'm not finding my best values at Costco. . .

    Yes! The eye glasses! My husband and I get our progressives there. It's cheaper than using our insurance at the eye doctor. And Consumer Reports rated their labs highly for quality.
  14. stephensgirls

    Need help with teen's sleep issues

    Remember the much maligned Dr. Ferber? His book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems? It was very interesting. You would think the book was solely about sleep training babies, but he addresses problems throughout the teen years. I still remember that section because it was so interesting. He said left to our own devices, humans will go to bed about an hour later each night and wake about an hour later each morning. So long story short--his suggestion is to go with it. If she falls asleep at 4am and wakes at 2pm, the next night have her stay up till 5 am and sleep till 3pm. Then 6 am to 4pm. Continue until she's reached a normal sleep schedule and then stick with it. Never tried it, but it makes good sense. Benadryl makes me feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin. My dd's p-doc told us that when using melatonin, to take it about 2 hours before you want to fall asleep. It works well for my kids.
  15. stephensgirls

    I'm not finding my best values at Costco. . .

    I keep a membership for Sam's and Costco. I watch the ads for "coupons" on brands that I won't compromise on--like Tide detergent or Finish dishwasher tabs. Scott tp. Paper towels, batteries, Sams recently had a coupon for the k cups my husband likes, and that was a really good savings. We are careful about comparing prices. Then there are the unique items--one time purchase things. Like I had been eyeing the Lifetime raised garden bed kits on Amazon, Walmart, etc. Sam's had the best price, so I ordered it. Not long after I ordered it, they marked it down even more. I contacted customer service and they did a price adjustment. Great deal. It's just nice to have the options. And tires at Costco. I have Amazon Prime, too. I think I have a problem. 😉
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