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  1. stephensgirls

    First broken bone Update in OP

    I had my first broken bone recently. Broke my ankle in 3 places. Got 3 screws and a plate. I get my cast off in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait! Hope you can rest and heal.
  2. stephensgirls

    How would you buy a used car?

    The values from NADA, KBB, etc make for good negotiation tools. The vibe we bought had 91,000 miles on it. Low for a car that old. But the seller had it priced too high. He hadn’t researched it. We showed him the values on KBB, etc, and he came off his asking price $800–which is a lot at that price point.
  3. stephensgirls

    How would you buy a used car?

    We prefer to buy used from a private party seller. That’s for an older car—one that’s been paid off so the owner has the title. This way is the best value we’ve found. Newer cars we’ve purchased from dealers. We use NADA, Edmunds, KBB—each of them will be a little different, but give an overall idea of what you should pay. Also, we look up any car we are interested in on Consumer Reports to check the reliability rating. I can save you the subscription fee though—just buy a Toyota. 😉 Actually, our last car purchase was a 2007 Pontiac Vibe. Which is built by Toyota. It’s a Corolla hatchback basically. Twin of the Toyota Matrix, but priced better.
  4. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    Thanks for all the input. I do appreciate it. I want to encourage her, but I also want to be realistic. I'm willing to help in any way I can. I'm willing to be part of the village. :)
  5. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    This makes sense. My current 6th grader would not be able to do everything independently by 7th grade, but I would think that it wouldn't require much more parental supervision than homework assigned at PS. I don't know. None of my kids went to public jr high school. I'm just going by my friends talking about their kids' heavy homework loads.
  6. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    I think I'll change my label. I'm a non-traditional homeschooler. lol I think unschooler has too many negative connotations and assumptions. I'm not fully committed to any one particular philosophy. That's why I wan't to encourage my new friend to explore what's out there. That's all.
  7. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    Goodness I would never suggest a kid be left alone for hours everyday. Family support is crucial. Supervision is crucial. Did I suggest otherwise? maybe I need to edit something to clarify. Also, I'm not here to push unschooling--just that she has options. Lots of options. That relaxed homeschooling is possible. For the record I'm totally opposed to those who call themselves unschoolers when they are in fact non schoolers.
  8. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    This is what I imagine it would look like... 7th grader gets dropped off at Grandma's in the mornings. Grandma takes her to co-op one day a week where she takes history, math, English/lit, and science. (We have several good university model tutorials in our area). Students gets assignments for the week which by that age, she will mostly be able to complete independently at grandma's house. And mom can look over her work at the end of the day, AND there is no additional homework like there would be in public school. Think abou.t why a single mom would resort to pulling her kid out of public school. Think about that. Less than ideal situation I imagine. So if you factor in time off for parent teacher conferences, 504 meetings, social struggles, homework, fundraisers... You lose much of that kind of headache. You can't underestimate the burden she might be carrying. edit to add...I'm also seeing said student being able to take on some domestic responsibilities like laundry, making dinner, etc. Not that she should be a Cinderella, but she would be able to contribute more in that way--also relieving mom a little. Family support is crucial in such a situation. I'm thinking about what if I'm ever in that situation--how would I handle it? I have kids with special needs.
  9. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    LOL I just asked my kid (the senior) to tell me the parts of speech. Her response was, "Could you be more specific? Is this a social thing or a grammar thing?" hahaha. But after thinking about it, she was able to recall most of them. So I guess a little of those First Language Lessons stuck!
  10. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    K12 may be a great option. Especially to start out. Then you can take some time to see what other philosophies and options are out there. If your student thrives with the online school, that's a win! Don't worry about the other options. Homeschooling is a lot of trial and error. I started out very much a proponent of classical ed--and I still think its and excellent choice for many kids, but I found out my kids learned much more (and more efficiently) using less schooly methods. So for example, my current senior hasn't formally studied grammar since elementary school. My kids learn grammar best by reading quality books from all different genres. They also learned grammar by me helping them edit creative writing. The 3 of them scored very high in English and reading on ACT. And they're doing well in college. That's just MY kids. Some kids need to diagram sentences and memorize parts of speech. I'll admit....none of my kids could tell you what a dangling participle is, .They probably couldnt even list the parts of speech! 😉
  11. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    Dang. I really thought I would find more encouragement here. I'm kind of sorry I linked her to this thread. I think she would find more encouragement possibly on the Learning Challenges forum. ((sigh)) Where we live she could legally stay home alone, but there is also family in the picture. Also, we have a very supportive and active homeschool community, and there are plenty of opportunities for socializing after work hours. Our cover schools have sports teams, so Friday night football is a thing, dances. Not much actual socializing goes on at public school--between the hours of 7 and 3. At least not healthy socialization in many cases.
  12. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    I agree with you. You have to know your child. And this is a forum for classical ed, so I don't expect to get much support for the idea. I would like to point out that hard core unschoolers would say that the above scenario (drawing and writing stories all day) is exactly how the day should go. :) It's just 2 completely different schools of thought. Even SWB sees validity in the idea of unschooling according to Rethinking School. But it's complicated...
  13. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    Okay. We may also have slightly different ideas of what unschooling is. My kids did use formal curricula for math or co-op classes, but they were pretty driven--college has always been their goal. We've made good use of a local co op when they offered good classes--at my encouragement--so it wasn't all student led learning. I just made sure to leave them as much time as possible to expore their own interests. Loosely unschooled. very loosely. Maybe "relaxed schooling" is a better description. I'm not one to leave it up to chance that my kids will learn geometry or biology.
  14. stephensgirls

    Any single moms here?

    Can you elaborate on this? I loosely unschooled my girls, and I thought it took less effort. lol My senior this year is taking one class on Russia and the language and she's working on Calculus at her own pace because she want's to major in computer science. I still have to submit a report card for her, but imo she's hitting all the subjects so I have no problem assigning her a grade for English even though we're not formally studying it. She doens't need it--she got a perfect score on the ACT in both reading and English.
  15. stephensgirls

    Let’s talk ASD diagnosis for girls

    My dd (12) was diagnosed when she was 11. We used a Psy.D. BCBA-D. Happened to be a woman, but I'm not sure that's important. When I first called, I was still very unsure of what we were dealing with. The psychologist called me back and we talked for nearly a half hour. I specifically wanted to know if she was aware of the differences in girls on the spectrum. She seemed knowledgeable, so that who we went with. So maybe call around and see if you can interview someone.
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