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  1. stephensgirls

    S/O decluttering. Suggest minimalist blogs podcasts

    Thank you. God has been very gracious to us even when things seemed so dark. Thanks for the suggestion on Becker. I’m about to look him up. I watched a few episodes of Tidying Up last night. I really like her philosophy so far.
  2. stephensgirls

    S/O decluttering. Suggest minimalist blogs podcasts

    I really appreciate all the suggestions! My google search wasn’t coming up with much for some reason. All of these sound very interesting. I need it all!
  3. stephensgirls

    S/O decluttering. Suggest minimalist blogs podcasts

    Thanks, Cat! I agree. My 40’s have been rough—this whole decade! I’m looking forward to turning 50 in a couple of years. We can’t do anything too drastic at the moment. Eventually, I would like to sell our house and downsize, but we’d need to do a little updating first. We don’t have the money for that right now. I’m doing what I can in the short term so that later we can work on some long term goals.
  4. stephensgirls

    S/O decluttering. Suggest minimalist blogs podcasts

    Thanks. I’ll check it out.
  5. 2018 was rough. Our hardest year financially in 26 years of marriage. Our hardest year emotionally, medically, mentally... I’ve had a lens change and want to downsize and simplify. Looking for suggestions on podcasts, blogs, books, someone to follow on Instagram... I need inspiration!
  6. stephensgirls

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I’m going minimalist here, too. Baby steps. I have at least 20 garbage bags and boxes of stuff to donate. 26 years of marriage and 4’s time.
  7. Thanks for all the input! Very helpful! I found out today that I can get a price report from NADA for $26, but I have to get all the info from the owner about upgrades, etc. That will help. And I'm scouring the internet for other listings in the area to make sure her price is in line with the others in the same area. We have some other options if this particular one doesn't work out.
  8. As far as financing...I'm not planning on getting a mortgage. I think I can get a personal property/personal loan. My husband's truck cost nearly as much as this trailer, so we should be able to get a loan??? idk I guess I'll find out. I could walk into Camping World today and prolly get approved to buy a camper on a 10 yr loan for the same amount. Surely it's not that hard??? Hopefully??? The asking price is $40K, so this is not mortgage worthy. Possibly HELOC worthy, but HELOCs are a pain in the butt and take forever and closing costs. Maybe I'm in for a rude awakening.
  9. Liz, thank. I will message the owner and ask how much she pays to insure. And I'll call my own company and ask. I feel like in Alabama it won't be more than a traditional home. I haven't heard any horror stories about that, so... but yeah, definitely something I'll have to nail down before purchase.
  10. Was his home located in a college town? Student neighborhood? ETA...I'm sensing some negativity here, so instead of cussing I'll just say...I don't care if it's hard to sell. In a few years we can sell the condo if we have to. We can keep the trailer for a game day home during football and basketball season. The condo complex we're in sells fast--longest on the market last year was 61 days--appreciating at a great rate--selling at very close to list price. We're not going to be in a dire situation if the trailer takes awhile to sell. I'm going to have kids attending this university for the next decade, so... I've just got to find budget friendly, dog friendly property asap, and the trailer fits the bill. Thanks.
  11. There is a credit union nearby that does personal property loans for things like rvs, boats, etc. It's basically a personal loan. I'm going for that type of financing. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm hoping to avoid a HELOC.
  12. The owner currently has it financed. So the bank has the title. just found out a few minutes ago. Thanks for the info! My daughter has a roommate lined up and it will cover more than half of the payment and lot lease (if my calculations are on target).
  13. We will list it on FB Marketplace which is where I found it. 😉 I'm not too worried about resell. It's in a desirable neighborhood for students. I'm more concerned with not overpaying.
  14. Here's the situation. We own a home and have 1 mortgage on it. When our 2 oldest girls started college, we bought a 2 bedroom condo for them. We paid cash for it, so we own it outright. Now I have a 3rd daughter going to the same college. I won't go into the long complicated reasoning, but we have decided that a mobile home purchase is the best fit for our needs. This is a relatively small college town. My husband and I also graduated from the same school. My husband lived in a mobile home while we were in school there, and that thing is still housing students to this day. I drove by a few months ago. Trailers are a pretty popular housing option at this school. But...I know next to nothing about mobile homes. The one we are interested in is a 2015 Fleetwood single wide with 3 bedrooms. It is in a nice park--all students. The park doesn't allow investors, so all the homes are owner occupied. Is Fleetwood a decent manufacturer? Is there an equivalent of Kelly Blue Book or NADA so I can estimate the value? I have other questions if anyone can help--about insuring, inspections, the "foundation" or anchoring, how to get a loan if the current owner doesn't have the title, etc. Thanks for reading! ETA: Please be gentle with any negativity. I know about tornadoes and depreciation--thanks. We also own a camper, so we know about repairs and upkeep in that arena. My husband is EXTREMELY handy with appliances and plumbing and electrical. Also, I'm going through menopause, and I might cuss someone out. Just kidding. Sort of. 😉 Thanks again.
  15. stephensgirls

    First broken bone Update in OP

    I had my first broken bone recently. Broke my ankle in 3 places. Got 3 screws and a plate. I get my cast off in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait! Hope you can rest and heal.
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