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  1. stephensgirls

    iphone to android -- good camera?

    I have an LG K20 Plus. The camera is definitely not as good as my old iPhone. Otherwise, I like is. Maybe other LGs are better.
  2. stephensgirls

    S/O Laurel--Yanny--What does your child with dyslexia hear?

    It's probably just coincidence...I'm in this fb group--a local group for parents of students with dyslexia. Someone there asked this question. I guess it's no more than 7 or 8 people that commented, but every single one of them said their dyslexic child could hear both. There have been some studies that show a difference in sound perception in dyslexics. That's why I started this thread.
  3. Mine heard both. But full disclosure...She does not have a formal diagnosis yet. Which makes me all the more curious what other kids who actually have a diagnosis hear. One of my fb friends said there is some speculation that dyslexics are more likely to hear both. I have no idea why that would be.
  4. stephensgirls

    Daily sunscreen?

    Whattttt???? The Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer has 20 % zinc oxide! lol I had never heard of this brand. Thank you! Is the Umbra Sheer what you use?
  5. stephensgirls

    Daily sunscreen?

    I never put sunscreen on my kids daily--unless we were going to the zoo or park or a ball game--some extended outdoors event. My thoughts are...there has to be a balance. We do need SOME sun for vitamin D. :)
  6. stephensgirls

    Daily sunscreen?

    This is why I prefer sunscreens with zinc oxide. They aren't metabolized as quickly as chemical sunscreens--especially avobenzone which can degrade in sunlight without the right balance of ingredients. Plus zinc oxide is the best option for UVA rays. It's important to know that the spf rating tells you NOTHING about how much UVA protection you are getting. It only measures protection against UVB (burning rays). UVA increasingly is being recognized as the greater threat--not only for aging but cancer. So yeah, I'll stick with the zinc oxide. I just don't trust avobenzone. I'm using this Cerave lotion right now. Yes, it does leave a whitish cast to your skin, but I deal with it. Zinc oxide is worth it to get the protection. You want at a minimum 7-8 % zinc oxide. I used to use Shiseido that I picked up at TJ Maxx, and it had a lot of zinc oxide in it. It was my favorite, but it's pricey. I wish we had easy access to ingredients in European sunscreens like Tinosorb or Mexoryl. They are effective UVA screens, too, and they don't whiten your skin. Sunscreen is a special interest of mine. 😉 My twins are super fair--blonde and blue eyed. They don't tan at all. So I started researching all this when they were still toddlers. I actually used to order Ombrelle sunscreen (a Loreal brand) out of Canada each year before our beach trips because it has Mexoryl in it.
  7. stephensgirls

    ADHD meds and side effects

    My dd (17) took her first dose of Zoloft (25mg) yesterday and her first dose of Vyvanse (20mg) this morning. The Zoloft is making her drowsy, and the Vyvanse did nothing to counteract that. She is supposed to up the doses of both meds in a week or so. My pharmacist takes Vyvanse, too, and he said it takes a couple of weeks before you can really know how you're going to do on it. We shall see! I'm very happy for you that your having good results with it!
  8. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    Same! I love my Prime! We are dead set on doing the testing, now. I think the kits may be on sale right now??? I'm about to check Amazon. I'll definitely report back on the LC with an update once I get results. Heck, I kinda want to do our whole fam. We're a hot mess over here.
  9. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    Btw, PeterPan, that's really amazing about your son! So encouraging.
  10. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    I was referring to an eating disorder for ED. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the info on 5HTP--I'm very interested in that. One of my older dds tried it, and it really messed with her--made her worse off. I can't remember what it was exactly--I think she couldn't sleep and had anxiety??? I'll have to ask her about it. It would be interesting to get her tested, too. I was already looking in to sam-E to go along with the Deplin. It's all so complicated. Makes my head hurt. What stats are you referring to when it comes to ssri's and teens? I wouldn't say the stats are bad. I might say it's debatable depending on who you talk to. The pdoc today was explaining that the black box warnings about suicide came about because of bipolar teens. She said for several years the psych community withheld ssris from teens after the warnings were issued and suicide rates went up. After going to each brand's website, I have determined that the Deplin is the way to go if you're going the rx route. The active ingredient appears to be Metafolin and only that--no folic acid. If I can find an OTC supplement containing Metafolin, that would be ideal because I could start at a low dose. There are apparently only a few manufacturers that have permission to use the Metafolin in their products, but that means that Deplin isn't the only option.
  11. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    Thank you, all! This has been very helpful. Keep it coming. :)
  12. stephensgirls

    ADHD meds and side effects

    I'm following this with great interest. My 17 yr old dd will take her first dose of Vyvanse tomorrow morning. She inherited her adhd from me. I wish so much that I could try one of the meds. I have been told by more than one doctor that I can't take them because I had 2 seizures in college while taking an antidepressant that lowered the seizure threshold. Stimulants apparently do that, too. ?
  13. We just had our house treated for termites. It was way less expensive than I thought it would be. The cost included the bond or warranty. And it is a "treat and repair" bond--which is important. Lots of companies will sell you a bond/warranty, but many are only to retreat. The homeowner would have to pay for any damage repairs. Ask if the warranty is retreat only or treat and repair.
  14. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    Katy, what is so bad about folic acid?
  15. stephensgirls

    Prescription L Methylfolate--What is the difference?

    I will go to each brand's website and see if I can find out if it has folic acid. Seems like that would totally defeat the purpose of the supplement.
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