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  1. I'm trying to get into yoga. I recently got a subscription to Beachbody's VOD service so I'm trying out their 3 Week Yoga Retreat program: https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/3-week-yoga-retreat-beginners.do So far it's been pretty enjoyable. I'm not a flexible person at all so it was tough going to start, but at the end of the first week I feel like I'm really starting to see some improvement in my form.
  2. You didn't do anything wrong. She was probably just feeling a little pressure/embarrassment that she wasn't prepared and expected hostility from a stranger instead of kindness. You keep doing your thing!
  3. Anyone else trying to shed some extra weight before the Holiday? I started 2016 off really well, but after some personal issues I really let myself slip and have since packed on quite a few pounds. I've been telling myself to let it go until Christmas is over, but I'm dreading the idea of looking huge in all the family photos. I've got just about enough time to start a round of 21 Day Fix: https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/21-day-fix-simple-fitness-eating.do, so I'm hoping I can at least shed a little of this extra weight before then. Anyone else trying to slim down? Maybe we can have get some kind of accountability thread going?
  4. Another vote for dry shampoo! If you have a grease issue in the mornings putting some in before bed can often help alleviate some of those issues!
  5. My DH and I have a rule about balancing out practical gifts with thoughtful/romantic ones. I would talk to him about it. He should have already picked up on this by now, but I think communicating your feelings in important. He'll never learn or change if you don't try to make him see things your way.
  6. I think you're being incredibly selfish. You want to limit your son's experience because you feel bad about it? This has nothing to do with kids being entitled. You're clearly just jealous that you aren't keeping up with the Jones' and you are willing to make your son miss out on a memorable experience because of it. He's lucky to have been invited on such a fun trip with his friend and I think it would be really unfair of you to take that away from him for literally no good reason other than your own hurt feelings.
  7. It's such a shame to see how prevalent this problem is. All I can hope is that some positive change comes from all of the pain these victims have endured.
  8. You need a subscription to Beach Body on demand, but I've learned a ton from their show Fixate: https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/fixate-cooking-show-healthy-weight-loss.do
  9. This is great advice. NOTHING against those breeds, they are amazing dogs who are great with kids that often get a bad rap, but they are intended for more experienced owners. I would strongly recommend another Lab or a Golden Retriever for your family. Both breed are notoriously mellow, great with kids and can be fierce protectors when they need to be (our Golden woke us up in the middle of the night to stop our NEIGHBOR from getting robbed and you should have heard the snarl that came out of him that night). To answer your question about resources, I can't recommend the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan enough. Some people have criticized his methods, but I think they're nuts to be honest. I had always been a dog person, but I learned SO much from him about dog psychology and how to better communicate my needs and wants to my dog. Ultimately your dog wants to please you and if you can effectively teach them what you want from them (and reward them of course) they are usually happy to comply.
  10. Ooof that's a tough lesson to learn, but it's good to learn it now. I understand her frustration, but you're right to want to gently remind her this is her fault for being careless. Don't let her have to learn this lesson twice.
  11. I definitely don't think $75 sounds like enough. $150 seems like a pretty reasonable number, but I might go as high as $200 TBH. Money doesn't go as far as it did when we were in school, and from it sounds like she isn't being exorbitant, just doing some normal college kid stuff.
  12. I think as some PPs have pointed the biggest thing is not making this a battle for territory. Crookshanks is likely feeling like this new kitten is here to take his space rather than share it. Make sure there are extra litter boxes, places to get water, and even adding new cat furniture or shelves for them to utilize will likely relieve a lot of tension. If you can, try to get them to eat together so they get used to being vulnerable around one another. This can often make a big difference. Make sure you're giving them both a lot of exercise so that they aren't on edge and ready to fight too! If all else fails, my vet recommend me a cat pheromone called Feliway when my new cat was having anxiety problems. I've never used it but they also have one specifically for tense multi-cat homes that might help: https://www.feliway.com/us/Feliway-MultiCat Good luck! I hope this works out for you all.
  13. Another vote for Grace and Frankie. Such a totally fresh take on dramedy.
  14. I think that line of thinking is totally overstepping a very clear line of decency. In my mind, there is nothing wrong with a child (or anyone for that matter) dressing up as a fictional character that is of a different race or cultural background as long as there isn't attempt to alter one's skin color. That's 100000000% not that same thing as going as a "Native American Princess." One is intended to show your appreciation for a character, the other is trivializing someone else's race and culture.
  15. How much weight are we talking? Would it absolutely shatter your partner to suggest going on a diet? Being overweight isn't good for your health, so losing the weight is probably a good thing for them to do long-term either way. If they're just a little pudgy and you're upset they don't have the same body they had in their 20s then I think you need to take the comments made here about deeper attraction seriously and ask if there isn't something more emotional at play here?
  16. When is their anniversary? I would definitely talk to SIL and figure out what she is getting them before you decide on anything. Maybe you and your husband can go in on a gift together with SIL? Something to contribut to their leaf-viewing trip perhaps? I agree with jjhat7's idea on maybe paying for one night for them at a bed and breakfast or something along those lines, or even just a great card! You can always customize an anniversary card from Treat (http://www.treat.com/shop/anniversary_cards.htm). You can add photos and customize your own personal message inside the card! I would definitely go with a sentimental anniversary card, and then contribute whatever else you can to their leaf-viewing trip. I'm sure your MIL and FIL will love it!
  17. See I was thinking something similar. Have tried asking why she is lying? What is her motivation for making up these stories? If she isn't trying to avoid punishment and she'll tell you truth with a little prossing it seems fairly innocent.
  18. These are all really good ideas. It sounds like he has a lot of big ticket items already and he's getting to that age where having a gift card or some money in your pocket to buy your own gifts is a big deal. If I were you I would print him a special birthday card from Treat.com and give him some gift cards to buy any of the things you said he's interested in, or maybe to the movies or something he can go do with his friends?
  19. I agree. Getting a "pretty" guitar will often result in one that sounds terrible or (without getting into detail) is basically unplayable. If she is serious about playing guitar you should explain to her that those kinds of guitars are basically just toys, and she wants a "real" guitar. At her age a 3/4 size is probably what you'll need.
  20. Oh my god, I'm sorry, but this cracked me up :lol:
  21. My kitten loves to hide inside or underneath things and then jump out to scare you. She wont even touch you half the time she just likes to leap out and get you to scream and then she'll run off to hide again or lay on her back so you can rub her belly. She's a wild thing that's for sure :P
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