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  1. Our first day went great dd finished around noon and said Is that all? I am so happy.usually she drags it out to 3 or 4 o'clock.
  2. And you are not entirely to blame, If the coach would have let parent's know ahead of time it would have been easier to stay.I probably would have done the same thing you did.:grouphug: Karin
  3. I did this but this year I am going to use a e- book reader and just download the books for dd to read.I am looking forward to not printing.I don't know how it is going to work out but my dd had no problem reading out what I printed and did not miss pictures. Karin
  4. I just ordered mine last night so cannot wait for it to get here.It is free shipping so it might take a while!!I am so excited and I will finally read the books I downloaded all last year from freebie sites but never read cuz I don't like to read on computer.I am probably going to get a Kobo also from Borders.I know I will want dd to have her own.She is grade 6 this year and getting more independent in her work so I can read!!I want the Kobo because it is a basic reader that she cannot get distracted from school books you cannot go online and no wi fi.Just a reader. Karin
  5. Pamela I would go with cutie pie or little bit.We use to have a little bit.They have great personalities. Karin
  6. yes we used it this year.DD 10 loves it and it is made of mostly metal not plastic so it is very sturdy.We have enjoyed using it look forward to using it more.I was very pleased with this buy.I got it from amazon.
  7. My name is Mrs.Bluejeans and my farm is Hoppy Acres.
  8. I would like to plan but I always feel like I am behind.So I buy my books and I put it in my book as done after we do it.Do the next thing and keep plugging away!!
  9. Here is mine http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/members_books.php?m=eG9VSkZUajByakk9
  10. Yes I have one why didn't I see this when I was reading it?I am So observant!!
  11. My dd was the same way. Every one kept telling me to get a bed I did not think I could keep her in it though.Did get the bed after hubby decided we should try it.Well she sleeps in the bed and does not get up at night. I think she felt to confined in the crib.She will stay in the bed though.
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