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  1. Skye is gorgeous, I'm sure you will love it. Hope you get good weather. It does rain a lot on Skye but you can have a good holiday even in the rain and at least the rain keep the midges away. :)
  2. My two girls, 9 and 5, are similarly inseparable. I don't think it's a problem - I'm glad for them. They have someone there all the time to talk with and play with. I hope it's a relationship that lasts for their whole lives. Your girls sound lovely.
  3. Yes, Scottish through and through:) I think your daughter will love her graduation present.
  4. Twenty minutes from where I grew up. In fact, now I come to think of it, twenty minutes from where my Mum was born and grew up too.
  5. That was a brave post of yours over in the 'Rude Adults' thread. Well said!

  6. :grouphug::)Thank you Carmen, for your kindness.:):grouphug:

  7. Hi, I voted on your blog and picked a few reasons, including 'other'. I started out homeschooling for various reasons but the longer I've been doing it, the more reasons I've found to continue. One of the biggest for me is that I just think it's healthier for families to spend the bulk of their time together, learning, working and living as a family unit.
  8. Having given it some thought, I think perhaps that it comes down to the difference between bad manners and intolerable behaviour. What is bad manners (and in my opinion should be ignored) in one person's eyes may be intolerable behaviour in another person's eyes and would warrant intervention. The line between the two may be different for different people.
  9. No. I fully acknowledge that the child should not behave this way. The child's behaviour was wrong, ill-mannered. Children (and other people) are often wrong. The child should have been instructed as to what are or are not acceptable manners, by his parents. My point is, again, that it is the child's parents' duty to carry out this instruction. A child displaying bad manners in one's home should be treated (I think) in the same way that an adult displaying bad manners should be treated. Sticking to issues of manners only and not potentially dangerous or destructive behaviour (for the sake of this particular discussion), children should be shown the same manners by their host as adult guests should be. That would, in my opinion, include NOT drawing attention to the failure of their own manners. I believe that when a person shows that they are ignorant of certain points of good manners, the polite thing to do is to pretend you didn't notice. Age has nothing to do with the matter.
  10. I don't think I do have terribly strong opinions on this particular matter, but I do have opinions. I meant to say that I would not be up in arms if another adult corrected the manners of one of my children. I would not confront the parent or anything. I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I didn't think this thread was about parenting. It is about manners. I think most of what I have said would apply in a situation where it was an adult guest displaying an ignorance of good manners. I do believe children should be taught good manners. By their parents.
  11. I think, (in fact I know because we've discussed it) that my children understand that different families have different standards and that just because other children don't always show the same good manners that my children do that doesn't make bad manners OK. There is no mixed message. They are also learning how to be polite hosts. The pool example is something different from manners though. The safety of a visiting child IS your responsibility (though their manners are not, in my opinion).
  12. Just so you know, although I'm fine with it in my own house, my children, even the youngest, are well aware that it is NOT good manners to jump on other people's furniture. And as far as I know they never, ever have. If they did, I wouldn't be deeply offended or anything if their host reminded them of their manners. It's not an issue that I have terribly strong feelings about. But I would never want to make a guest feel embarrassed in my home.
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