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  1. It was Dr.Tony Jones daughter, nicknamed "BJ" (named Barbara Jean for Bobbie, Luke's sister) and she belonged to Tony (who is Frisco'so brother ) and his first wife. It was Maxie's cousin Felicia and Frisco oldest daughter . I have no life. ;)
  2. Oldest to appointment Make oldest b day cake-3 layers with a homemade frosting made on the stove Hang laundry Neighbor to Dr appointment Unload dishwasher Watch hubbie cook oldest b day dinner as I follow to clean up the disaster Oldest b day party :)
  3. Daughter to math final Renew driver's license? Grocery for ingredients for oldest b day dinner tomorrow Indian store for ingredients for oldest b day dinner World market same as above Pick up daughter Dinner Therapy
  4. Glad you're feeling better Jean. I have already cleaned and swept kitchen. Ran the dishwasher Paid bills Folded and put away oldest laundry About to bake a cake because I want cake ;) Bean and cheese enchiladas and yellow rice for dinner. Beans defrosting. Unload dishwasher Make youngest practice his instrument. He hasn't done it for 3 days!
  5. Oh, dear. I am continuing to pray for you and your family. (Hugs)
  6. The neighbor's middle boy would crawl out onto the roof with his friends. His mom was busy working and I told on them. They did it a few more times that I caught and I always hollered at them to get down. Thankfully, they listened to me.
  7. Canceled insurance Called title company Updated budget To do: oldest appointment DONE Call title company back DONE Wash hair?? DONE Dinner mac&cheese buffalo wings salad Did a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen woohoo
  8. Canceled insurance Called title company Updated budget To do: oldest appointment Call title company back Wash hair?? Dinner
  9. Glad for the good update, continuing prayers
  10. Happy 4th! Get out of bed and shower Clean the rest of my kitchen from last night's gathering Run dishwasher We have leftovers from grilling yesterday
  11. Move stuff around to set up workout area in school room after I clean it out Clean kitchen Daughter to work Dinner?
  12. Hang up laundry Unload dishwasher Brainstorm ideas for my soon to be workout area Finally turned in this semesters grades *sniff* Take oldest to work? Dinner Probably be teary-eyed for the next two months, lol
  13. Oldest to appointment DONE Quick grocer run DONE Put away clean laundry DONE Clean kitchen DONE Praising God and thanking Him for my dh. Done and doing I'm feeling so much better that I'm doing laundry
  14. Cook Tackle laundry Appointment this evening Dinner? Hopefully fall back asleep soon
  15. I could,we're about to go back to lower carb, so no milk or yogurt anyways.
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