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  1. I'd be interested to know what are the reported side effects of the medication. I had a side effect from one that took awhile before it started and thought I had a never ending cold. When I told my doctor , he reported the it and immediately changed my medication. Just thought I'd put that out there.
  2. I did Walgreens. I have a complicated rx and it was the cheapest.
  3. I second Vera Bradley. I have a nice assortment for when I go different places, ie, Dr appt.,kids practice
  4. I'll guess that the husband ran because he was about to get violated.
  5. I pray every morning, usually after I get a cup of coffee. I pray through out the day as needed.
  6. Yes, the waiting blows. However you can Do this!
  7. How awful and scary! I hope you get better soon!
  8. Next year I will be a 2/3 empty nestor. I'm am looking forward to concentrating on myself a little bit. I've been a wife and a mom for my entire adult life practically. I say skip the job and do the gym and volunteering. Take some time doing what you want.
  9. Do you mind buying gently used? There is a store called Finder's Keepers, they only have 1 store now in Brentwood. We bought our furniture there for years. All of it is still in good shape. I know Sears outlet will usually have furniture as well.
  10. Yes. Really creepy.......I remember being shocked when I found out.
  11. every month: Toilet paper paper towels coffee pods pads every 2 months: vitamins allergy meds trash bags/dishwasher soap
  12. I don't know what to say except I am praying, always.
  13. May God show His mercy. Always praying.
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