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  1. It depends on my mood at the time I do stockings, lol. This year since they are all getting giftcards/money, I am planning to wrap stocking stuffers.
  2. I think a lot of people would agree with you; it makes sense. However, in my experience getting into a halfway house has a huge waiting list. Most don't make it into one because they violate. I have huge issues regarding the whole ball of wax. So, I'll leave it at that.
  3. Sees Candy Peanut butter balls Drinks with booze
  4. My goodness! What a heavy load to have been dropped! Praying the rest of the week is uneventful!
  5. It's very prevalent in family packs, and pretty consistent no matter where you shop. Last weekend I bought a small chicken breast package and could not believe how great it was-The taste, the color everything.
  6. My youngest is very picky, although he's getting better as he ages. We would just bring him his own meal/snacks at get togethers.
  7. another gap straight here 9 west Goodwill (I love jeans already broken in) And Marshalls and Ross
  8. I've upped ours this year. 67-68 at night upstairs. Up to 69 until bedtime. Downstairs 68-69 during the day. Now that youngest is in public school and has to get up early, I keep it warmer until he leaves. Eta: we got rid of our carpet downstairs this summer, so it is definitely cooler.
  9. We pay $180 a month for 4 lines, unlimited everything. It's an old plan and if we switch one single thing, it goes poof! We buy our phones outright. Oldest who is on his own plan now, switched to a different carrier and has discovered cheaper does not mean good coverage.
  10. We're getting youngest a chromebook as soon as the f#$/=#$ district pulls it's head of their arse. Been waiting since the first day of school for them to approve it.
  11. Definitely less. I'm older and wiser, been through a lot. I choose to give grace and hope I get some back.
  12. What age? 13 What kind of phone? cheap Smartphone or dummy phone? Dumb, although we let youngest upgrade to smart because he saved his money and paid for other himself You pay or they pay? They are on our family plan as long as they 'behave' Rules/restrictions? Haven't really had to due any
  13. I'm praying it all goes well.
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