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  1. We buy our phones unlocked, usually from amazon or Google
  2. There have been some episodes of Fringe and Grays Anatomy that have me bawling. And the ER episode called On the beach always gets me. And the last episode of Lost. I weeped the entire episode.
  3. The area was sketchy over 14 years ago. I imagine nothing's changed and/or it's gotten worse.
  4. We really enjoyed Starr- so delightful!
  5. My family. :) I am SO excited! Finally, after 4 years of hell, our oldest is back.
  6. I'm praying he gets better and for you as well.
  7. We always did stockings last, and my mom would put in something a little special. I remember one year it was a swatch watch. And she always put in Sees candy. Now with my own family, I can't afford that, so it's a low value gift card and socks and cheaper candy.
  8. Very, very sorry. You are all in my prayers.
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