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  1. Math U See sounds like what she needs, but I've never looked through the books in person. It might be helpful to have something arranged by topic as we to fill in some gaps. C-rods were the thing that got us through first grade! That sounds like a good plan. It would get her back on track but still give her plenty of time to run around outside in the afternoons and me plenty of time to work. It would also allow us to set a positive tone as we began homeschooling. The idea of homeschooling is beginning to feel less overwhelming. Thank you!
  2. We homeschooled when our older kids were little but have been sending them to a public Montessori school since 2015. Now we're thinking about bringing #2 (6th grade) back home midyear. She is intelligent but lazy. She does well with literature, creative writing, and history. She has a knack for languages. She has performed above grade level in math up until now but is starting to struggle as it gets more complicated because she doesn't really understand what's going on. Please give me curriculum suggestions! I have six kids and work from home teaching online, so I'm flexible but busy. We didn't budget for homeschooling and are recovering from major medical bills, so inexpensive would be great. Next year we can plan ahead and have more to spend. Here's what I think we need: 1. My husband and I are classicists, so a lot of our homeschooling time would be used to speed up her Greek (Athenaze) and start Latin (probably Wheelock with a lot of supplementation). 2. A grammar curriculum with quick and simple lessons 3. A reading-heavy history text 4. A science curriculum with clear goals and measurable outcomes that will get the job done without busy work 5. A math book that has clear explanations (bonus points for lessons that use manipulatives) and a lot of repetition 6. Something for English literature and maybe creative writing Thank you!
  3. I remember hating Lifepacs and Saxon math. I also remember trying to convince my mom that the kids from the homeschool group were weird. My homeschooling experience was not great. I loved being done by lunchtime every day and finishing the year in March.
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