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  1. We use it - I'm a little more than half way thorough 4-5 with my youngest that just turned 5 a few weeks ago. We've been having a lot of fun with it. There is a group on Facebook called Differently Schooled Who Use Moving Beyond The Page. There are quite a few families that are currently using 4-5 that would be able to answer all sorts of questions for you.
  2. We've been to the Dallas store. The store itself is nice - the staff friendly and helpful. We went to the café during our visit; however, and it was horrible. I paid over $100 for very small portions of unappealing food items like box mac and cheese. The booth was filthy, and the staff rude. I was so excited about bringing my girls there for lunch, too. So disappointing!
  3. My mum had a stamp made for my oldest to use on her summer camp clothes. It was fantastic - I set out all of her clothes, stamped it and in the bag it went. Obviously it doesn't work on really dark clothing - so you'd need to iron in a white tag to stamp. I just avoided sending anything dark. Labeling 3 weeks of clothes right down to every last sock took me less than 5 minutes. It was something like this: http://www.everythingsummercamp.com/clothing-stamp
  4. We have this one that we just traded our 25 foot Jayco bunk house for last month: http://www.flaggrv.com/rv/uxbridge+ma/keystone+traveltrailer/5854/keystone+laredo+320tg We love, love, love having a TT. We have it already stocked with everything but food and clothes, so we can just toss in a few things and head up in the mountains for the weekends. We take it with us when we vacation, instead of staying in hotels, too.RV parks are generally cheap and very friendly, and we have no issues taking our pooches along with us everywhere we go. So far, we are very pleased with Keystone quality, and with our dealer. We would have gone with jayco again; however, our local dealer is not someone we care to do business with anymore. Jayco has a great warrantee on their units, if you're planning to purchase new - we customize our units when we upgrade and have them built when we purchase. I agree with Pawz - educate yourself on the towing capacity of your vehicle, tire safety, etc. Just because your vehicle can tow it, doesn't mean it can stop it. If you're going to have a lot of gear when you travel, make sure to take that into account when buying a trailer. many trailers, especially single axle, will be in a safe tow zone for your vehicle, but they don't allow for much gear weight to be added in. My trailer has a dry weight of 7,800 lbs, and a gvwr of about 9,200 lbs - so I can pack roughly 1,400 lbs of stuff in it safely. My tow vehicle can tow 14,000 lbs. http://changingears.com/rv-sec-tow-vehicles-understand.shtml Maxing out your weight will cause a lot of stress for your tow vehicle, and create a white knuckle driving experience that will be far from enjoyable. A weight distributing hitch and sway bar will be necessary - ask your dealer to throw it in for free when you buy. It's all pretty basic, just don't let a dealer talk you into anything you're unsure of - know your tow vehicle specs, and an idea of what type of floor plan/space, before you go. Yay! Best of luck with your buying experience - picking a model is loads of fun! :-)
  5. Black flies. My mum used to put Skin So Soft from Avon on us when we were kids. They are so tiny, as soon as they tried to land on us, they drown in the light oil coating.
  6. We have a Shih Tzu named FuXi - rhymes with sushi. I love the looks I get at the vet when they're too embarrassed to call it out the way they think it's pronounced in the waiting room. 😄 We also have a chihuahua that I inherited from my great uncle when he passed away a few months ago. His name is Harley.
  7. It's been a few minutes since we've gone to WDW at Christmas time - I couldn't remember if they did the rides at both parks. We went to see the decorations at Cars Land this year in California Adventures - someone has some serious imagination! They were awesome!
  8. Don't forget, too that they're decorating the week prior to thanksgiving. That means some of the rides will be shut down, like Haunted Mansion, so they can change over to their Christmas theme. The week before thanksgiving will be a busy time, and the decorations won't be ready. We always go the first 2 weeks of December - both Disneyland and WDW. It's practically empty and the decorations are beautiful!
  9. I second timez attack - my oldest memorized her facts using it, and #2 is using it now. I purchased the upgraded version - the learning portion is the same in both versions, the upgrade just provides different backgrounds.
  10. Ray from Horrible Books sells Galore Park. He doesn't have all of them in stock; however, he sends in orders to GP at various times of the year, and he'll include your book requests in his order. He'll let you know when he'll be placing his next order if you email him. www.horriblebooks.com
  11. Unfortunately, you gave the doctor your DX. I'd be willing to bet he's already updated your file to state that he advised you to seek medical attention at the ER to R/O the DX you provided him. Reporting him will likely go nowhere. As far as the hallway discussion, it's definitely unprofessional; however, without names mentioned, in an ER or UC setting, it will also likely go no further than a "hand slap" for the staff involved - if they even get that. Sadly, medical professionals have the right to smoke cigarettes while on duty. Unless you can prove that he did so, and did not wash his hands prior to examining you, that will also go nowhere. I'm sorry for your bad experience, and I'm glad you found proper care. I completely understand the want to seek reprimand for the staff that mistreated you. Some people just don't have bedside manor to work in healthcare. 😒
  12. â˜ºï¸ Thank you! My dd is getting ready to finish up her current level of TT in the next couple of weeks, so we've got a lot of options to look through.
  13. Thanks for replying. It's something I've been wondering about this program - how difficult it will be to implement with three children, all at different levels.
  14. Yes, exactly this! Thank you very much for your comment - and for including your success with MUS. I am going to take a look at it! TT has helped her to get a grasp of the basics, but it's time for her to have something more. I want her to be able to play with math and experiment with it, so she can dig a little deeper and start making connections. I'm just in need of something to guide me along to get us started. 😊
  15. Thank you all for your responses. I think I've got a better picture of the program now. My eldest really struggles with math, and I've tried a couple different programs with her. We finally settled on TT, and though she likes it, and gets her math done without complaint, I just don't think she's getting enough from it. I don't like feeling like I'm disconnected from her math lessons - she likes to work alone on the computer. She does her lesson, and When I try to get her to explain, I don't get much out of her. And though she gets good grades, I can see confusion when we try to work through math scenarios, even though she's already learned the concepts in TT. I'm debating whether I should let her go, since she's getting on and learning basic concepts, or try to change her to something that's going to improve her abiltity to understand the point of the concepts she's covering.
  16. Is anyone familiar with this program? https://www.mathonthelevel.com Pros? Cons?
  17. $6.82 here - wish I knew last night. I would have waited till today to order my new book!
  18. Sorry, I posted before I finished. I don't think showings start to pick up until other realtors are aware of your property. It also took about a week for our listing to show up on all the websites, after the initial posting on the realtor's site. I takes a little but to pop up everywhere. 2 days isn't long at all. Be glad while you have breaks - I havvto keep my house perfect all the time. It's only been 2 weeks for us, and that's already getting old! I'm hoping to get an offer, but I don't expect it to happen this quick - it seems we have about a 120 turn around in our area. So, hopefully this summer... Fingers crossed!! :-)
  19. Our house has been on the market for a couple weeks now. We just did our realtors tour last Friday. It went pretty well - I got really positive feedback from everyone that came to see it. We've had 3 people come to do a walk-through so far - the last couple came twice. That's a good sign!
  20. My truck has voice recognition. So I store my music and audiobooks on my phone, then all I have to do is ask my truck to play a certain album or title - it locates the files on my phone with Bluetooth and plays them for me through the truck stereo system. All hands free, which I love, since my kids always have lots of requests.
  21. I agree with all of this - the kitchen supplies, an extra set of bedding for each size bed. The command hooks, and fabric shoe hangers work nice. You could use the shoe pockets for small games, or toiletries. The hanging storage comes in handy if you have a lot of people - it keeps things neat, and easy to locate. We also each have a cheap pair of rubber flip flops, just in case someone wants to use the shower facilities at an RV park. Oh, and towels - plenty of towels. It took us a few tries to get it right. We kept a list of things that came up that we needed or wanted on our first few trips. We keep everything in there, so all we need is clothes and food before we take off. Happy trails!
  22. You could use it without the CDs, but the independence and self correction that comes with using the CD is what my dd likes best about the program.
  23. Oh, I like the looks of these! Thanks for sharing!
  24. Thanks, Dolphin. I started this program with my struggling speller - she's about half way thorough level A right now. We've tried just about everything out there as far as spelling is concerned and nothing seemed to stick. We were working through AAS, and it just wasn't a good fit for her. I found your review here, and I did some research on the program. We did a sample lesson - she really liked, I ordered it, and it's been perfect for her. It's the first program that's help her retain word spellings and rules, and it reflects in her writing. We use the personal list levels. I go back through her lessons and pick out any words she really seemed to struggle with and we use the personal lists for extra review.
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