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  1. From what I read, her name is Saige, and she's a musician/artist who helps improve the music and art classes provided at her school. No word on what she looks like yet that I've found.
  2. I would also go with Kit, if that's the one she wants. Caroline is beautiful, and we actually bought her this past week - we took a trip to the AG store in Dallas. My dd5 decided on Caroline, and my dd9 went with Mckenna. I will say, I was super excited for Caroline, and we bought her tons of clothes; however, now that we have her, I sort of wish she went with another. The hair care is a bit much for my 5 year old with Caroline's long, curly hair. It doesn't tangle (or hasn't yet) but it certainly gets messed after she plays, and changes her clothes - or when she sleeps with her at night. When she gets ready to put her up, I have to spend about 20 minutes slowly wetting and brushing her hair back into barrel curls. She is very careful with her, so this isn't destructive or wild play - and her hair isn't crazy messed up - regular maintenance is definitely needed to maintain her hair. We've decided that Caroline will get a stand, and I'll order Kit to be the main doll she plays with, just until she just a bit older, and capable enough to manage Caroline's hair on her own. However, whichever she chooses, I'm sure she'll love.
  3. Grrrr - stinking phone! I can't type on this thing! I meant not washable markers :) Here is a link: http://www.crayolastore.com/product/11896 They also have crayons now - the markers wash off easier.
  4. No, not window markers - like the link someone posted. These are called "window markers" and it'll say on the box "for use on glass" you'll find them in the Crayola isle - generally close to the office supply area in any Walmart. Washable markers just won't write on glass - so don't get those.
  5. Crayons sells markers and crayons made special to write on glass - then they wipe off clean with a wet rag. You can find them anywhere - Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. I buy then for my littles to color on the sliding door at my house - and we've used them a couple times to decorate the car when my husband returns from deployments.
  6. The American Girl of the year for 2013 is supposed to be a musician/painter. Her name is Saige, and she'll be released on January 1st, after Mckenna is retired at the end of December. Her books will be released the same time she is.
  7. We're moving from that area (we were stationed at Fort Lee) tomorrow morning, actually - off to El Paso. Petersburg itself - not really a place that I'd want to live. Definitely look into the crime rates in the area. We lived in South Chesterfield while in the area - it's a quick commute to Petersburg, and a quick ride to Richmond. The Petersburg area doesn't really boast much in the way of extra-curricular activities; however, you'll find everything you could want in Richmond. The area is bursting at the seams with historical treasures - my dd9 went to civil war camp and had a blast. We've spent quite a lot of time in the area state parks with our RV - BEAUTIFUL. But definitely - as the previous poster stated - look into Colonial Heights, Chester, or Chesterfield for a place to live. We spent our last week in the area camping at Pocahontas State Park. The weather is lovely this time of year, and the leaves are changing. My apologies for typos - I'm writing from my phone.
  8. :iagree: Each of my kiddos have their own iPad to use for school things - we also have 2 iPhones and a few iPods laying around here somewhere. We use Mac computers, and all of our devices are all on one iTunes account. That way, we only purchase apps or music once and can download it on all of our devices. If you don't use the same iTunes account, then you'll have to purchase each item individually for each device.
  9. I pulled my eldest out of PS to Homeschool while we were living in Texas (also military) - I didn't sign any paperwork. Actually, you aren't even required to tell them your plans to homeschool. Sign anything the school gives you with caution. Know that you are not legally required in TX. As for NC, I'm not sure if you'll be required to follow laws in that state; however, I understand that NC has minimal requirements, and shouldn't be bothersome at all. It may be best to send in your notice of intent just to have all of your bases covered. Best wishes during your husbands deployment, we've been through two 12 month rotations, and one coming up next year.
  10. Homeschool Buyers Co-op offers it for a discounted price. I bought the full version from them a few months ago for my dd9. She enjoys it; however, I limit her play time to 10 minutes so she doesn't get bored with it. It's sort of after math fun time. My dd5 plays the free addition/subtraction version. For us, it was a worth while purchase. https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/timez-attack/?c=1# Cheers :)
  11. My 9 year old dd loves tuna and peanut butter sandwiches - glad to see she's not the only one :D
  12. Thanks so much - and glad I could help. I have a copy of it and thought if it when I read your description. It is a beautiful book.
  13. I'm new to the forums, and just wanted to say hello. This is our third year homeschooling - three kiddos - dd9, dd5, and ds3. We're in the process of relocating, and will be settling in the El Paso area soon. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Cheers :)
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