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  1. I bought a Shark lift-away recently. It's an upright, but the canister completely detaches so you can use it either way. It's a great vacuum - I was completely shocked at the amount of yuck that came out my carpets right after vacuuming with my Dyson. Very user friendly, too. I was worried it would be some big process that would drive me nuts, but my kids can pop the canister on and off to vacuum under their beds.



  2. My first paid job was running the cremation machine at the veterinarian's office. I also had to prep dogs that came in for immediate rabies testing - I won't go into detail there. Let's just say they definitely didn't pay me enough for that job!


    Then I graduated from nursing school and worked in various areas in that field for 10 years before I became a SAHM.

  3. I've been so busy these last few weeks, I haven't checked in... or maybe I've just been spending too much, and being avoidant!


    We closed on our lakehouse May 13th. We had a few unexpected projects (and a few unnessesary) that we've been working on. We sprung for new stainless steel Samsung kitchen appliances, ordered new windows to be installed, removed paneling from the basement and put in drywall, Invisible Fence system for the dogs, and so on. We've been out exploring a lot - shopping and eating along the way, too. Now, many, MANY dollars later, I'm ready to get back on track. The most difficult part is staying away from my local Annie Sloan stockist and all the fabulous antique shops everywhere! I'm taking the kids to Bass Pro to buy a canoe this afternoon, then back to budgeting for savings!

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  4. I'm going to have to put in a vote for Greyhounds here. You'll likely find a local rescue for retired racers in your area. They're wonderfully calm dogs. Most rescues keep them in foster for a while before adopting them out so they can give a thorough description of the dog's personality. They'd work hard to fit a dog to your specific needs.

  5. I took a painting class at a local boutique this weekend - Annie Sloan technique. The class was $80, but I got $50 back in a gift card to put towards paint in the shop. We have loads of fantastic antique and consignment shops around here, and I've been buying things here and there for the new house - really unique pieces, and saving a bunch buying second hand. We've been out to eat a couple times over the last couple weeks, but other than that, just relaxing and waiting for the rainy season to pass.

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  6. I completely missed last week! I bought some new clothes and sandals for summer - $400.


    I'm trying to reorganize my grocery shopping. I no longer have a costco to buy meat, and the local grocery shop meats are $$$$. I'm spending double or more on my weekly shopping trips now. I've found a couple local meat markets online, and quite a few farmers' markets - hopefully I can work out a plan to help reduce food costs.

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  7. I bought the whole thing when we did it. The box of supplies was huge. I prefer not to spend time gathering things, and prepping if it can be done for me. It was totally worth it. Every unit is in its own little labeled baggie. I just set up a file box with the book and the baggie for the week behind it. On Monday, I pulled out the set for the week, and that was that.

  8. They had the first farmers' market of the season yesterday. Came home with some beautiful veggies, and cheeses. We bought breakfast from one of the vendors. There was a free tree giveaway - 2 trees per person. So, we got 10 new trees to plant on our lot when we close on the lake house.


    The city has a weekly challenge encouraging people to get out and take advantage of the abundance of trails and parks. We're heading out shortly to hike the trail listed for this week. Nothing beats a free day out in nature! Actually, I think I'll pack a picnic before we head out.

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  9. I've been horrible this week. I found this fantastic little bakery in town with the most fabulous vanilla lattes and red velvet doughnuts. I just can't stay away. I've found myself conveniently driving past there 3 times this week - just supporting a local business! ðŸ˜


    I've been window shopping for our new house, but I've held off on spending since we have a few more weeks till closing. Plenty of time for that later on. The wait will help me think twice about most of it.


    A lot of driving for meetings with the realtor and inspectors required extra gas for my truck this week. $50 to fill up for a second time that generally isn't necessary. Some Easter goodies for the kids - $100.


    Other than that, there is plenty of free activities in the area. The city has beautiful parks, rivers and bike trails, and the library is fabulous. We've been spending most of our time finding all the little hidden gems in the area.

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  10. I never wanted a house in an HOA, however, we just went under contract on our dream house - it's in an HOA. It's located on a private lake, and the fees are $100 annually to maintain a common area with boat dock (for houses without direct lake access), playground and beach area. Other than that, the only rules apply to anything you may do to your property which may obstruct a neighbor's view of the lake, such as building boat houses or covered docks, and putting up large sheds and high fences along the waterline. The neighborhood is beautiful, and everyone's homes and yards are unique. We close in early May - I can't wait!

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  11. If you go to your order list then click the Return or Replace Item button, it'll give you an option to contact Amazon. You put in your phone number and click the call me now button and your phone will ring almost immediately. Then you wait for a rep to connect with your call. I've never waited more than a minute. They're customer service is excellent. They've always sorted everything out for me. If for some reason the button is gone under the item you already returned because the process has already been started, just click it from any order to get to the contact us option.

  12. We put in an offer on the lakehouse, and they accepted! We've been out to eat here and there while we've been exploring the area. I did stop in Barnes and Noble a few days ago to pick up some decorating and gardening magazines to start gathering ideas for our new house. The kids each picked out a new book, too. My daughter and I found a beautiful little candy shop a couple days ago, and couldn't resist getting a few treats.


    The money that I've set aside just from this challenge has been enough for me to pay off our credit cards and pay the closing costs on the house. That doesn't even include the increase to the amount I've been able to add to savings every month.

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  13. We moved this week. I bought groceries and packed precooked meals in the RV before we left so we didn't have to eat out on the road. That saved us a ton. We did go out to lunch yesterday while we were out exploring our new town. We found a beautiful lake house that we're planning to put an offer on. So, I'll be blowing the whole mindful spending thing soon - oh, so worth it! Wish me luck! 😊

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  14. Took the kids to B&N last night and spent $100. That was the first time since January though, I think... so much better than our usual 3 times a week! Other than that, we're just hanging out waiting to move next Saturday. The packers came on Friday and the truck comes on Tuesday to pick everything up. We're getting excited to hit the road!

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