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  1. It looks like all of my classifieds did not transfer over to the new system so I'm assuming they are not for sale on here. I can now see a couple of other ones that were posted recently.
  2. oops don't know how to grab the quote I wanted to respond to... and it won't let you delete any..see above.
  3. I love Shirley Hughes too and know what you mean about them speaking to you. They are so true to life when you have little ones in your home. Glad to find another fan.
  4. Magazine subscription since they like getting mail . The hard part is picking just one!
  5. When we starting using a big dry erase board on the table years ago it was a perfect solution. I loved it and wished I had started using it sooner. I highly recommend them to everyone. We used it for most subjects. It was easy to erase mistakes and had plenty of room. We even ended up with a second one on the wall, for spelling words, grammar rules, vocabulary... It was a great tool for items that needed to be reviewed each day. In short, it made the act of writing, which my DS does not like, more enjoyable so we could concentrate less on that and more on the subjects. My goal is to find a pen or pencil that does the same thing! thank you all for your suggestions. .
  6. Thank you very much for the suggestions! Something that is erasable is definitely a plus.
  7. Peter Spier Shirley Hughes Gail Gibson Quentin Blake Doris Burn Anno's Patricia Polacco Lois Ehlert Charlotte Zolotow James Herriot Ruth Heller
  8. Thinking that a writing utensil that is comfortable to hold, may help with those who don't like to write. And the ones with the built in grips don't look too childish for an older student. Have done a little research and so far have these name brands for pens -Zebra Nuspiral, Pilot Dr Grip For pencils there is a cool one called Stabilo Grip with inbuilt grooves designed in Germany Looking for thoughts on these or others. Thanks.
  9. We will be using Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for Biology this year. Looks very easy to use and just what we needed! https://pacworks.com/product/biology-2/ We are also going to do their anatomy course and get the Exploring the World of Biology by John Hudson Tiner to fill it out a bit more. I believe he is the author of this science program. I have also heard some good reviews about their American History course, which looks like a 2 year course. Same easy format. The curriculum is divided into units so it comes with 6 Text paperback books and 6 corresponding Activity books. The student reads the chapter and then answers the questions in the activity book. It is basically meant to be done independently. What I like is that it is not one huge book which can seem overwhelming to some. It is written in a very engaging manner and it tells the student exactly what they need to know without a lot of extra words if you know what I mean. Check out the samples on their website.
  10. My main question is do I have to start with the Grammar book and then move to composition I ? Or can I just skip to Composition II (2) for an older student? If anyone has used their English Program for remedial work please share with me your experience. Thanks so much.
  11. I just discovered this curriculum and I'm liking what I see for independent study for a student that needs to catch up. Has anyone used their English Comp programs? Interested in your thoughts please Thanks
  12. Writeshop 1 & 2 Books. Taught in incremental steps. Good for you for educating yourself, you are an inspiration!
  13. Hi I have been trying to leave feedback for the last 4 days for a great seller. Keeping getting an error message about the capcha code which I did enter correctly. Just a FYI for everyone. Thanks.
  14. In searching for the "perfect" writing program this one keeps popping up so I'm intrigued. Which books do you really need? Can you teach Writeshop 1& 2 just using the teacher's manual? Do the workbooks just make it easier?. Thanks
  15. Hi I wanted to share a book that I have found, read and love! We will be using this book this year for our high school DS as we study medieval history. The author has done a wonderful job of making history come alive in an engaging story of the English language. I read it cover to cover and learned so much. Best of all there is a website with links to go along with each chapter. One section that is titled Not To Be Missed on the student pages has links to interesting short video's and readings to go along with each chapter making it very easy to use. It also has lists of movies and literature. I know that it is part of one of HOD's high school history curriculum packages. I can't recommend this book enough! From the books cover : King Alfred's English - A history of the Language We Speak And Why We Should Be Glad We Do by Laurie J White. Designed for Students Grades 7 -12 and Curious Adults. A light course in four subjects - History, Linguistics, English Literature and The English Bible. Free Supplemental Materials for Teachers and Students - Worksheets, tests and research activities with links to related topics are available for Each chapter on their website the shorter word.
  16. one picture shows 3.19mg .Is that too big? Thank you for your help
  17. Hi, It's been awhile since I tried to post pictures in classifieds. Is there a tutorial anywhere? I don't see an "add image" button. I tried the "attach files" at the bottom and just adding one picture. Error message of file is too big. any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  18. I have two suggestions after spending hours researching options the last couple of days. Chalkdust Algebra 1. - A friend lent me her set for reviewing. I watched some lessons on the first DVD was and was really impressed. The teacher (Dana Mosely) explained everything so clearly that I was tracking right along without even having to look at the textbook. The lesson is probably a little longer than most but I thought it was a good thing as he was carefully explaining it from whole to parts and vica versa. I plan on using this for Algebra and will look for a used set. For Pre-Algebra I am going to go with Saxon 1/2 and the "Mastering Algebra, The John Saxon Way" DVD's. I watched a number of these and liked how the teacher (Art Reed) taught them some great tips on how to figure out the equations. I'm sure his Algebra 1 DVD's are just as good. Both of these teachers seem good at answering the Why behind the steps in a logical way that I know will appeal to my DS.
  19. I like the look of Meaningful Composition and will be getting that this year for writing. I understand that you should look at skill not grade level with their books.
  20. My DS isn't into sports either. We swim at the local YMCA that offers homeschool swimming classes. This is a non competitive sport that he really enjoys since he is just competing against himself. I would love to get him playing golf this year as there are many park district courses in our area and I have seen Mom's dropping off some older boys to play together. Walking is great and I was thinking that weight lifting might be a good one too.
  21. I use the boards here to sell and that has worked out just fine. If you are on Facebook you can join Varage Sale which has a group called (Best) Homeschool Swap USA / Canada. I have bought items from that site only. Wherever you sell I think a good key to getting them sold is putting in some good pictures and writing out some good descriptions. Adding links to unfamiliar items is helpful too. Maybe let us know where you listed them so those of us still shopping can have a look. :001_smile: Congratulations on finishing homeschool!
  22. Thank you all so much! I now have a great list going and hope to add many of these to our library.
  23. Wonderful Ladies! Thank you so much. I really like the games, some new ones that I hadn't heard of before too. Keep them coming! Appreciate the links too.
  24. Looking for ideas for our support group Library. All ages of kids from K through high school. All subjects including games, DVD's, Hands on etc. These are checked out for a month so need to be supplements that can be used in that time period. What have been your favorite supplements that you have used and your kids loved? Or that you wished you owned? Thanks so much.
  25. I would suggest doing some searches on Pinterest. I find lots of good art instruction and most of it free on that site.
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