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  1. Ooh, deschooling. I've read about it and now I get to try it. Ages and grades: DS, 14, 8th grade, DD, 12, 7th grade, DS, 9, 3rd grade, DS, 7, 1st grade. I do have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school who is staying in public, and a three year old. Sending them to school was a hard decision and was primarily because I was struggling with some mental and emotional health issues and needed to focus on me for a bit. It was getting overwhelming. We were able to send them to a Classical charter school the first year, which we loved, but which was almost an hour away. This year we put them in a local charter school that hasn't met our expectations. Part if it is that it's a new school and there are bumps along the way, but part of it is that it's a traditional, progressive public school and I seriously can't handle any more 'experimental spelling' and fights in the hallways. And I'm doing much better and feel ready to take it on again. My main concern right now is that all the clubs and groups are full. It's going to be hard to find a place for them in the homeschooling community - although we still know a lot of people. Also, figuring out curriculum for the older kids. It's going to be a process, but I'm so happy to be bringing them home.
  2. After an 18 month stint in charter schools, we're pulling the kids and going back to homeschooling! :party: It's been a journey, but I'm getting really excited to be going back. I've missed these boards so much. Also, any advice on starting midyear would be much appreciated. Even though this will be our 10th year of homeschooling, I've never started in the middle. It's good to be back.
  3. This is not something we had considered - thank you!
  4. She's been in, several times. Mono and strep have been negative but on today's blood draw they're doing a more accurate (?) Epstein Barr panel so maybe that's still it. We are also doing a metabolic screen and testing for celiac, although I think that's a long shot. Thanks for the link, I'll dive into that as soon as I get a chance!
  5. My poor dd has been sick for six weeks. It started as strep and was treated with amoxicillin. After four days she broke out in a full body rash (blotchy, not raised, pink). It was assumed this was a reaction to the medication so we switch her to azithromycin (z-pack) which she completed. The rash went away but her headache, stomachache and fatigue have continued. She has no fever, has been eating and drinking fine (she doesn't want to but is good about making herself eat). She's getting worse in the last few days and now has yellow stools and yellow/greenish urine. It's not strep, we tested. It's not mono, we tested. Blood panel is clear, no white blood cell issues. We're at a loss. Any ideas?
  6. Hey strangers! I'm in the midst of writing my first ebook, a devotional on Deut. 6:4-9. Pretty exciting. Although it's not a scholarly work by any means, I do use a lot of outside material for research and information. I've got a bibliography, but do I need to cite certain things with superscript? I thought I'd pop in here and ask all you smart people.
  7. Help! I'm teaching this to my co-op class tomorrow and I've lost my activity guide! I've got a new one on order, and the kids already have their workbook pages, I just need the directions to the map. Anybody have them?
  8. I know, it looks like the subject line of a spam email! But that's really and truly the acronym for my daughter's high school. :lol: :lol: T - Time E - Effort A - Academic Support I had to share. I even have a picture but I can't figure out how to put it in my post. All my kids are in school this year and I miss you guys!
  9. I haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if this has been stated. I'm strongly considering voting for a third candidate in this election, not because I think that person will actually get elected, but because I'm hoping that we can get some momentum behind the idea that there can be more than two (potentially electable) candidates on a ticket. I'm hoping that my vote will influence others who might vote third-party in the next election, which will embolden more to do the same in the one after that, etc. It's not really even about a particular third party getting on the ballot, but about garnering confidence in the public to break the two-party tradition. Or maybe that's all just wishful thinking.
  10. South of Minneapolis - one or two for around $400,000, the rest were upwards of 1 million.
  11. Yes and no. It's true that further involvement would mean more information, but her point was that the black lives lost have been (recently) highly publicized, but not the white lives lost. I think she's wondering at that. I wonder, too. Although I don't think the fact that white people also get shot makes these incidents more acceptable or less racist. (I'd be happy to be proven wrong and admit that I'm being prejudiced, but I believe that if it had been my, 30-something, white husband pulled over, he wouldn't have been shot.)
  12. From that article: "Deadly force could be deemed justified if the officers feared for their lives because Noble made repeated furtive movements, refused to show his hands and refused to follow commands, Heal said." I find this highly disturbing. He was shot because he moved his hand toward his waistband? All it takes are 'furtive movements' for justifiable homicide? If this is accurate, then I think we're all in danger.
  13. Are we still talking about Minnesota? He hasn't been found guilty yet. I live in Minnesota and I'm appalled. I know the facts aren't all in, but if what we've heard so far is true I can't imagine that officer not going to prison. If he were a civilian there would be no question. Which, I suppose, is at the heart of the issue. FTR, I was a police dispatcher years ago and the culture seems to have changed significantly. We had four officers shot and killed during the time I worked there. Only two suspects. It was much more accepted by the officers that their job was dangerous and they might be shot. It was a risk they took knowingly. It seems that now that has changed to 'save yourself if you feel threatened'. I may be wrong, since I'm no longer on the inside, but that's my take.
  14. There's not much I can do, but I happen to have quite a bit of unused curriculum sitting in my garage. Do you know what they use? If I have any I'd be happy to send it.
  15. I don't think I've ever used the word 'barbecue' as a noun. ETA: Because I can't grammar today.
  16. From the article: "The increased police involvement follows a May 25 meeting among the Collingswood Police Department, school officials, and representatives from the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, where school officials and police both said they were told to report to police any incidents that could be considered criminal." But even if what this child said was racist (and it sounds like it wasn't), that's not illegal, is it? I can call you a racist name and I would be wrong and offensive, but I wouldn't get arrested. Or am I wrong?
  17. We went car shopping last week and saw two Honda Odysseys that were later model (2009-2010, I can't remember exactly) and had about 70,000-85,000 miles. Nice, with leather and all the upgrades for about $8,000 each. We loved our Grand Caravan - lots and lots of storage space. We replaced it with a VW Routan, and I would advise staying away from them. Repairs are ridiculous because of the way it's put together.
  18. 21, and then again at 23, 24, 27 and 29. I was determined to be done having babies before I was 30. Then I had another at 34. :laugh:
  19. I would venture yes to the bolded, even though it doesn't fit into theology as I understand it either. You believe what you've been taught unless you've taken pains to do some research yourself. I know one young woman in our church who behaves like a Duggar kid. Always sweet and smiling, happy to help, obedient, etc. I have always wondered if she was really like that or if it was an act. Our church doesn't support and of these parenting methods but that doesn't mean her parents didn't pick it up somewhere else. I might be wrong! She might be naturally saccharine! But I wonder.. We did know some families who did the Growing Kids God's Way curriculum and loved it. All I remember from talking to them was that they put notes in the kids' lunch boxes. It didn't sound like this at all. Are there two with similar names?
  20. Exactly. Our area's median income is $90,000 for a family of four. We actually make about $75,000, which to me is SO MUCH MONEY, but with that being significantly less than median and having a family double that size, we often feel pretty bad off. We bought a new car this weekend - it's 8 years old. We're thrilled. Braces for my oldest are coming up and it's a genuine compromise to pay for them. I'd say that puts us in the middle of the middle class (maybe lower?) since we can pay for the braces but will probably sacrifice little luxuries like vacations and eating out to cover them. True, and good to keep in perspective, but let's face it - we don't live in Haiti. If I did, I'd be living it up in my mansion with maids and drivers. Sometimes it's hard to hear that you're the riches in the world when you're struggling to pay off medical bills
  21. Yes, so much, to the bolded. My mother was (is) bipolar and simply didn't have the emotional stability to manage her life, let alone help her children with their issues. I heard a lot of, "Go to your room until you're pleasant to be around", and it led to believing I was only lovable and valuable if I was cheerful. I don't think it was intentional - it was just her inability to deal with the anger and sadness. It has led to a lifetime of struggle with my own emotions that I'm just now starting to overcome. (Is there a private group for this here? Maybe there should be. Anyone else?) Is it just a religious thing? (This was a quote but I deleted it and can't get it back!) No, but I can see how religion can play into it. My family was not religious in any way. Neither were my mother's parents, but they were incredibly strict. The more I observe my kids the more I believe there is only so much we can control in terms of their personalities and how they react to stuff. If they happen to be highly sensitive and pessimistic, best we can do is probably get them to keep those thoughts to themselves (sort of...). We are not actually changing who they are. (Darn it! I did it again! This one was SparklyUnicorn's) This was me with my first couple! While we didn't follow the Pearls or anything like that, I did spend the first ten years of parenting believing that if I did it right, my kids would turn out a certain way. Um, no. I thought that my homeschooling, poetry memorizing, Latin learning, art appreciating ways would cause my teenager to reject pop culture and select a (appropriately interesting and unusual) hobby to pursue (preferably that helped disabled children/the earth/the arts) to focus on in her teen years - something she could pursue to the extent that it got her a full ride scholarship to some prestigious university and/or lead her to start a nonprofit at the age of 16. This has not happened. She likes One Direction and hanging out with her friends and is not always chipper about doing dishes. I've had to realize she is perfectly fine; it was my expectations that were wrong. She deserves all the love and care I can give her even if she makes choices that I didn't predict. I can only imagine this is infinitely harder when you do follow the RGT regimen.
  22. Yay! I've been thinking about you and wondering.. Congrats!
  23. Not exactly the same, but I have a friend who was a state representative. They wanted to buy a house but it had to be in her district and they were having a terrible time finding what they wanted. They noticed someone in a good neighborhood and a double lot, so they knocked on the door to ask if they'd consider selling the lot. Turns out they were, my friend built a house there and they've become friends with the neighbor who sold to them.
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