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  1. We have not changed anything with our schooling. We have been doing the same thing for 6 years. I have no idea what is triggering his meltdowns, but I know that he despises anything that requires writing. He cannot even write one or two sentences without a full blown meltdown. With math, he is fine as long as he can do everything mentally. As soon as he has to show his work, it's another meltdown. He never used to be like this. I do think that fatigue is part of the issue, but even at the beginning of the day, my son is worn out. He does not have an anxiety diagnosis. When he was tested in March, his anxiety and depression markers were within normal range. However, I do feel that we are missing a huge piece of what is going on with him. He is my youngest, and I never experienced anything like this with either of our older kids. My youngest is melting down at any and every writing assignment... even if it as little as 2 sentences. I don't know how to handle this or where to go for help. He stresses when we has to write. He likes listening to me read to him.
  2. We have home schooled my sixth grader from the beginning. Up until the spring of this year, he had been doing well. He never loved school. but he got it done. Starting in February. he became overwhelmed at the thought of school. We had a psychevaluation done in March, and he was diagnosed with a speed processing disorder, a reading specific learning disorder, and ADHD. Because of COVID, we wrapped up our year toward the end of April. Anyway, we are now on day two of this school year, and it is a complete disaster. Every lesson results in a complete meltdown. We cannot continue like this, and we cannot afford to write off this entire year. I don't know where to get him the help he so desperately needs right now. I would love any advice from parents who have been where we are.
  3. Side note - I went to our homeschool convention this afternoon to browse the programs mentioned in this thread. It is interesting that that you mentioned WWS. I used WWS levels 1-3 with my daughter in middle school, and it was a fabulous fit for her. After completing the program, she is an extremely proficient writer. With respect to my son, I worry that he will get bogged down in the complexity of many of the reading selections. Also, his writing style (sentence structure, paragraph formation, word choice, etc.) are well below where they should be. I really want to tackle his writing style before adding on the skills addressed in WWS. Ironically, I did pick up WWE Volume 4 today! It will not be his entire composition program, but it will be part of his daily work. I looked at EIW today. In fact, I lulled over it for about an hour, but I did not purchase it. At the time, I could not put my finger on what my hesitation was, but I think that you alluded to it. Does EIW place an emphasis on the parts of a specific type of paper? For example, does it focus on the five parts of a friendly letter? I am not sure if you are familiar with Rod & Staff English. The program contains writing lessons, but I would not classify it as a composition lesson. Is EIW the same? I really want something that teaches him how to construct a solid, interesting paragraph - topic sentence, the appropriate level of detail, clincher. However, I do not want his writing to look like this (Cannot figure out how to indent so I used quotes): "Going to the park is fun. I like the slide. The monkey bars are also cool. My favorite thing is jumping on the suspension bridge. The park is an awesome place." If I asked him to add more detail and make it more vivid, he would write something to this effect: "Going to the park is extremely fun. I like the red slide. The high monkey bars are also cool. Interestingly, my favorite thing is jumping on the brown suspension bridge. The park is an amazingly awesome place." Despite tackling these writing issues for the past two years, he has not improved. I need a program that will teach him how to make his writing interesting and compelling without getting bogged down in formulas, our problem with IEW. If he can master a paragraph, moving from a paragraph to an essay is really only a tiny step. On a related note, he does not have the slightest grasp of what an appropriate level of detail is. These issues are making me insane. PS - I bought Worldly Wise 3000.
  4. How much grammar instruction is there in Essentials in Writing? I have a separate grammar program for him so I do not want to duplicate work too much. I was unable to get a sense of the program from the online samples. Thank you so much for the comprehensive answer. I will look into Classical Composition's Fable. Is it meant to be a full year class? The main focus of this upcoming school year is to improve my son's writing. Do you know how HTTS compares to All About Spelling (AAS)? We completed the first several volumes of AAS, and my son did not retain anything. Also, what level of Megawords are you using?
  5. I am trying to finish ordering our curriculum for next year, and I have a few remaining subjects that are giving me fits. My first conundrum relates to my seventh grade son. I need help finding something for composition as well as spelling/vocabulary. With respect to composition, he is not a natural writer. We have used IEW and have seen some improvement, but overall his writing is extremely bland. His writing fails to use any sophisticated vocabulary (he is drawn to words such as awesome, amazing, cool, etc.). One drawback with IEW is that is follows a handful of "formulas." For example, each paragraph must include a certain dress-up (sentence opener, sentence structure, and so on), but it makes his writing feel even more forced than it already does. We used Writing With Skill with my daughter, and it was a fabulous fit for her. I am not sure how my son would do. Any suggestions? Along the same lines, I need a spelling and/or vocabulary program for him. Neither of these are his strong suit. We used Spellwell with some success, but that only went through fifth grade. Any ideas? For my fourth grade son, I need a reading program. We have used Memoria Press in the past, but he is starting to put up a strong fight. I am not sure if I have it in me to fight him this year. I am also open to good books with literature guides. I would love any suggestions or advice. Thank you!
  6. You saved me a significant amount of typing. We absolutely love CLE, but in sixth grade, I decided to switch my daughter to Saxon. It is my one and only homeschooling regret. For the reasons stated above, Saxon was a disaster. I really wish that I had thrown the book away a few months into the school year. My daughter is extremely mathy, but I think that she actually regressed in her math skills while she used Saxon. Never again. If you enjoy CLE, I would stay away from Saxon.
  7. This is great advice. If it is truly a math facts fluency problem, I would use basic flash cards. I would start with addition flashcards. After mastering addition, I would address subtraction, multiplication, and division in that order. I suggest setting a timer and doing flash cards for 3 minutes a day. Sort flash cards into piles - one pile for mastered facts and another pile for missed problems or problems that the child did not know immediately. I would start the following day with the missed fact pile from the previous day. Three minutes a day will make a huge difference.
  8. We love this book! https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Complete-Book-of-Maps-and-Geography-Grades-3-6/11084027?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227000051238&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=52940573448&wl4=pla-75130893288&wl5=9051650&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=11084027&wl13=&veh=sem It's not a book that I would complete in one year, but it is a book that could be used year after year to build map skills. I start my kids in this book in second grade. I assign 3 pages a week for the duration of our school year (about 35 weeks). The lessons get more involved as the books progresses, and by the time my kids have completed the book, they have a fairly good grasp of maps and geography. It takes about 3-4 years to finish. My kids have all enjoyed this book. The pages are bright and colorful, and the activities, especially in the beginning, are quick and easy.
  9. Thank you for your informative post. With respect to the part I put in bold, this is a highly competitive, private high school to which we are applying. I don't want to start "arguing" about class placement before my daughter is actually accepted. I do know that she will not be taking Geometry again next year. If that is what the high school feels is necessary, we will just continue homeschooling. Flexibility is a wonderful thing. Thank you again for your post and advice.
  10. Thank you so much for the suggestions. The high school just told me to send in "what I have" and that they will let me know if they "want anything else." I decided to include course title, numeric grade, and letter grade. I am also creating an addendum that includes the textbooks used (and associated author/publisher) for each course. They didn't seem to too interested in additional information. My daughter is taking Geometry this year so we will see how the school handles that. They sort of brushed it off when we talked earlier in the application cycle. Thank you again! ETA - I used a Word template from HSLDA. https://www.hslda.org/highschool/academics.asp#transcripts
  11. My daughter will be entering ninth grade next year, and we are applying to one of our local high schools. Does anyone have any resources for creating a middle school transcript? I have found several templates online for high school transcripts, but credit hours seem over the top for middle school coursework. I would love any links or advice. Thank you.
  12. What did you use next? My son did really well with Spellwell (he is a terrible speller, but I actually saw improvement), and I am not sure what to use next. We just finished 5DD. Thank you.
  13. Thank you. The high school text looks much more appropriate for my daughter. Do you think that the supplemental literature package is critical to the course? I already have a fairly rigorous literature and composition program for her.
  14. I am actually excited to see to see a mention of BJU math for those using CLE. My daughter completed CLE through LU 605, and then we switched to Saxon Algebra 1/2. Despite being extremely proficient in math, Saxon was a disaster. I wish that I cut our losses as I actually think that my daughter's math skills regressed while using Saxon. She then went into BJU Algebra the following year and did fantastic. I love the layout of the BJU Algebra text, and the explanations were clear and concise. I plan to use BJU Algebra with my other two kids. As for your original question, I am pondering this exact same thing myself for next year. My son just finished LU 605, and I am contemplating moving him to BJU Pre-algebra next year. I don't want to move on from CLE before we need to, but I do not like that pre-algebra is stretched over two years. I am leaning toward BJU. For us, BJU fit very well with CLE.
  15. My daughter just finished year 4 in her history rotation. She will be in eighth grade next year, and I am unsure what are plans are for high school. I am not sure if she will be home with us or in a traditional brick and mortar school. With that said, I would like to do a one-year American history course with her next year. Does anyone have a curriculum or a spine that they recommend? Depending on the book, I may have my sixth grader join in (he just finished year 3 in the history rotation) so that I can combine my kids in at least one subject. As a side note, I have Notgrass's America the Beautiful, but it doesn't seem to be challenging enough for my eighth grader.
  16. Do you remember what the incentive to order at the conference was this year? I went to local our local conference this afternoon and was expecting to place an order. However, Nancy Larson didn't have a booth! I am accustomed to the extra $20 discount, and without it, Science 4 is nearly $340 with tax. I am not sure if I can justify that much. ETA - Does anyone have feedback on Science 4?
  17. Thank you. What else do you need beside the student book? Are there any corresponding texts, answer keys (I am not worried about a solution's manual), et al?
  18. Do you have a link to what you are using? Is it published by Prentice Hall? ETA - Is it this set minus the MP extras? https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/science/algebra/
  19. I have looked at AoPS, but I don't think that it would be a good fit for my daughter. I am looking for something a bit more traditional.
  20. Please help me pick an algebra program for my seventh grade daughter. I went to our local home school convention this morning and was not enamored with any of my options. Ideally, I would like a program written to the student. Both my husband and I are mathematically inclined so I do not need (or even want) DVDs. The other caveat is that I need to order something in the next 24 hours so it needs to be readily available. For the record, Saxon does not work for our family. Thank you! ETA - Does the anyone know if there is a sample of Lial's Introductory Algebra? Also, what else would I need beside the student book? Aside from the type pf binding, is there a difference between the paperback and hardcover versions? I don't need a solution manual, but an answer key is an absolute must to assist in grading.
  21. Thank you. I cannot find a single used copy of the instructor solution manual. Do you know if the teacher's manual/edition has the answers? Are the odd problems really enough?
  22. I actually really liked K12's Human Odyssey. There is a great workbook that goes with the text.
  23. It is my understanding that the solution's manual only has the solutions for odd numbers problems. Is that correct? If so, what has the answers for the even numbered problems?
  24. These threads always stress me out because I realize how many decisions I have left to make! Here is where we are right now: Spelling - Wordly Wise 4 Composition - WWS 2 Grammar - Rod & Staff English 7 Literature - A Beka seventh grade literature + undecided novel studies Math - Algebra (need to decide on a program) Science - Earth Science (need to decide on a program) History - K12 HO (Modern History); Need to find a program that covers 1914-current Yearlong drama class
  25. I cannot figure out which Lial's Algebra I books I need (ISBN numbers would be great). I need the student book and would like an answer key (or solution's manual) for each problem. I am confident in my ability to solve the problems, but I need something that allows me to easily check my daughter's work. Thank you!
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