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  1. Would love to find other homeschool families with same aged kids in our area. Donna, daughter, 12, 7th grade daughter, 9, 4th grade
  2. I already have SAXON math, but would really love some direction with purchasing (or creating) a full year curriculum guide for my 7th grader. Any suggestions? What are you using?
  3. To those who have already posted, thank you. Bummer you guys are in either Suffolk or the Peninsula...we are in Chesapeake. Yes, I am part of HSinHR yahoo group but no one bit on my request for middle school get together... I'm still looking. Have a great school year!
  4. We are looking for parents of 11/12/13 year olds homeschooling the classical method in the Chesapeake, Norfolk or Virginia Beach area. We got on board too late to effectively be part of our classical conversations community -- so we are hoping to start up some kind of weekly group for our daughter. Anyone interested? Math, drawing, science...book club? We are open to ideas.
  5. I attended a seminar at our state homeschool association: Dianne Craft. I purchased some items for memory that were image related. She has some fantastic strategies and explanations for how the brain works, how our children create long term memory from images, etc. www.diannecraft.org Hope this helps.
  6. We have a special needs child that is ready for Challenge A but will not do well in the once a week program. Unfortunately, one cannot get a Curriculum Guide unless enrolled in the program. Has anyone done (or is anyone doing) Challenge A at home? Did you create your own curriculum guide? Did you purchase the same books from the Challenge A kit? Thanks.
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