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  1. I also noticed the online versions are available from Rainbow Resourse. Has anyone used the online version?
  2. Hi all, I have an old copy of Warriner's English & Composition course 4 and the answer key from Seton. I really like Warriner's and was looking around wondering if I could build the rest of the set. Does anyone know if Holt Traditions newer publications are the same? Or have they been changed? http://www.hmhco.com/search?segment=All;mm=all;q=warriner's It's not clear if the editions have been changed or abridged. But there are online editions! http://www.hmhco.com/shop/k12/Holt-Traditions-Warriners-Handbook/9780554002231 I've written the company but does anyone know if these materials are available to homeschoolers?
  3. Hi everyone, my son just finished Singapore 6B and when I went online to order him Singapore 7A math, I found it doesn't exist. Ha. I don't know if I'm super excited about their new Discovering Mathematics line http://www.singaporemath.com/Dimensions_Discovering_Math_CC_Workbook_7A_p/dmccw7a.htm - though I don't know, I've never tried it. But I'm looking for some suggestions of what to do next. He is pretty mathy, and has done most of the Singapore Primary Math on his own without trouble. We also do Life of Fred, and he's working his way through the "before high school" books: http://lifeoffredmath.com/lof-middleschool.php He also does Khan Academy. We've used Singapore Primary Math since kindergarten so I feel a little lost. What have you used for Jr. High / Middle School level math?
  4. Oh thank you so much! I've really started to feel like a bit of a pariah. I'm glad they refunded me for September, but I can't understand -- especially if they know of the issue -- why they won't refund me for August, also. I get that they can see that I logged in, and even printed things, but that was all in an attempt to unsubscribe. You can't unsubscribe without logging in, and without any confirmation that my unsubscription was successful, I'd print something random (that I'd already printed during my trial period) just to see if it'd let me. It would, so I'd leave yet another message through the system, explaining my actions & asking for help. So frustrating. I'm glad you got yours resolved quickly & painlessly.
  5. Eureka! I'm not alone! Found someone else's RECENT review. Looks like this company can be a major bear to unsubscribe from for more than just me: It really is a shame this has been such a nightmarish, frustrating experience, because I have liked products I've purchased by Evan Moor. I don't know that I will ever be able to stomach the brand again. I think they've lost a customer for life.
  6. Anney, I came here trying to find out if anyone else had similar problems. You've stated that I'm the only one. I wanted to verify that. The blanket, bandaid PR statements you're leaving around the interwebs isn't helping anything. My issue remains unresolved. You have not replied to my email from 9/11/12, but you have time to follow me around the internet. Interesting. Your carefully crafted PR statement is misleading. 1. I tried canceling my account and submitting help forms through the website numerous times throughout August with ZERO response. Not numerous. ZERO. 2. I received a phone call from someone at the claims department at Evan Moor who apologized for my troubles and told me her email does not work properly. An explanation for all of my August support requests being ignored perhaps? Certainly not a false claim to have tried to contact me numerous times. 3. Anney states they have contacted me 'numerous' times. I have received one phone message from Anney, and two emails -- all within the last couple days. Certainly not numerous attempts since I first started having issues unsubscribing near the first of AUGUST. The most recent email I replied to yesterday and still have not had a response... yet I'm finding these PR statements wherever I have posted negative reviews. 3. Evan Moor did refund me for September but refuse to refund me for August because they claim my logins and test prints show I was an active user. Nevermind that I was TRYING TO UNSUBSCRIBE the entire time, and used absolutely nothing from the website. The Africa sheets were out of date (no South Sudan) and the Solar Systems sheets did not include all the dwarf planets. I am embarrassed that this is even an issue (financial struggles FTW), and very upset at how difficult it is to receive a fair resolution. I've filed with the BBB, the California Department of Corporations, Office of the Attorney General, and the Monterey CA District Attorney. Anyway. UGH. I get why she's trying to 'clean up' online, but this is so distasteful. She has time to parole the interwebs but can't reply to my email. So sorry to turn this into a boxing match here.... I was only trying to find out if anyone had any similar issues. :(
  7. I'm a natural speller so I was completely baffled when my two oldest seemed to really struggle. I thought spelling just came with reading more! After trying several different programs, we landed on Spelling Power: http://spellingpower.com/ We used it all last year and are continuing with it this year. Both my boys have perfectionism issues so they do get frustrated when they miss a word, but there has been marked improvement with Spelling Power. I love how it's laid out and I love that you only need the one book for all of your homeschooling years. A woman in my co-op was selling Level 1 of All About Spelling complete with all the student cards and magnets, so we picked that up. I'm trying it this year with my 1st grade daughter, but the older boys like it as well. I'm not quitting Spelling Power, but so far we like All About Spelling too. http://www.allaboutlearningpress.com/all-about-spelling
  8. I used Sonlight for two years - Core 1 and Core 2, which are now A & B, I suppose. I didn't love their language arts, but I was really happy with almost everything else. Some of the book choices were a little too Christian for us (that sounds bad, but we're quieter, not so evangelical) but those were easy to work around. I recommend the curriculum, I think it does a good job of balancing a flexible, literature based program that can provide structure to your days. After two years I couldn't afford a third year, but Sonlight also gave me the confidence to 'go it on my own' so to speak. We still follow their History & cherish a lot of the books we received with the curriculum.
  9. Oh I've submitted that form several times over the last several weeks. I've left phone messages and tried emailing directly. All without response. I finally posted a negative review on my blog, filled out a consumer complaint form with the state of CA (in which Evan Moor is based), and took it to Twitter. First my account was quietly closed, then I finally heard back from a human being via email. I'm super sad I had to get desperate to make any headway. I wish I'd thought of trying different browsers earlier, but email and phone messages should have been answered a long time ago. I hope no one else has this much trouble w/ them.
  10. I signed up for http://www.teacherfilebox.com/ in August. They had a free trial for 3 days. I logged in, poked around, and searched on the subjects we are learning about this year. I printed off a couple of sample units on Africa that were outdated - they did not include recent changes to Sudan (splitting into South Sudan), and I could not see anything else I'd use. I went to the "My Account" section and clicked 'unsubscribe'. A pop up window asked if I was certain and warned that I'd lose any of my fileboxes. I clicked 'unsubscribe' again to confirm the issue and closed out of the website. Three days later, they charged my account for the month of August, but I didn't notice. During August, my husband's new business venture floundered and we were officially out of work. We began making arrangements with creditors, the bank, and plans for me to begin working again. The last several weeks have been consumed by this. I double checked all of my subscription accounts, canceling what I could, even moving a ton of friends and family off of a web server so I could save on that expense. I thought to check Teacher File Box again, and saw that my account had not been terminated. Since I didn't notice the August charge, I thought perhaps it was a month long trial. And went through the actions to unsubscribe again. Over the next few days, I kept checking and found I was still subscribed. I submitted an email through their support link - and never received a response. With our bank account balance dwindling as we tried to pull ahead, I noticed a charge from Teacher File Box for September. Outraged, I called, and got an answering service. I left a message. I sent another email through support. Finally, I called my bank to explain the situation and open a claim. When I got through to the claims department, the guy went over everything with me again. He got Evan Moor / Teacher File Box on the line (a human, no less!) who said I had an active account with no record of unsubscribing and told him I'd logged in that very day. OF COURSE I HAD, I WAS TRYING TO UNSUBSCRIBE... AGAIN. I tried to explain to the bank guy that you *had* to log in in order to unsubscribe but that was it. He said my claim was denied and that he'd leave me with this woman named Susan or Suzi to deal with unsubscribing. He hung up and I was completely disconnected. I started to cry -- it was just too much, dealing with everything and finding no help whatsoever though my bank. I called Teacher File Box and got the answering system again. I left a huge, tear filled message explaining everything. No call back so far. I've searched and searched and I can't find many reviews for this company. I have workbooks by Evan-Moor, surely this is just some giant misunderstanding? I can't imagine that they make a living off of refusing to unsubscribe individuals and repeatedly charging their bank accounts. But I am so frustrated. Is it my browser? Google Chrome on a Mac? It lets me go through the measures of unsubscribing but doesn't actually unsubscribe me. So, so frustrated. Financial struggles are never fun, but this is absolutely crazy. I haven't had a melt down like this in so long. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar...:crying::crying::crying:
  11. Oh, so on GWG, do you recommend the manuals and answer keys and everything or just the workbooks?
  12. Oh thanks, that's very helpful. I notice in your siggy you're using GWG too, I've been eyeballing that as well for the sentence diagraming.
  13. Hello everyone, I think I am mostly decided on MCT level 1 for my 10 year old and 8 year old this fall. I've previewed the materials on the website, but I'm a bit confused. I'm still waiting for my forum membership over there to be approved by a moderator, so I thought I'd pop in here and ask. First post after lurking for the past 5 years. :) If I buy the basic homeschool package, will I need more than one Practice Island Student Workbook? Or can they both work from one using copies or notebooks? Is there any reason to buy the Complete package with everything? And if so, which things would I need two of for both boys?
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