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  1. I just ran across a new student agenda by Franklin Covey that teaches children the 7 Habits of highly effective people, but on a kid level. It has the obvious places to record daily assignments, however it has a completely unique structure that encourages discussion between parent, teacher, and child about all of life, not just homework or such and such assignment. It helps kids learn to set goals, have positive relationships, and has a weekly evaluation. Now of course many of us do these things naturally in day to day life. The planner makes it visual and gives an ongoing record. It also has a place for "vocab words" that homeschoolers could repurpose to be whatever they want...like character qualities, or polite words, or good habits or routines you want them do develop, etc. It is worth looking into. This website lets you look inside the planner, but is a bulk order website for school systems: http://premier.us/tools-planning/products-students/planners/product-line/foundations Here is the Elementary school planner on the Franklin Covey website for individual sale: http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/buy/All-Planners-and-Refills/Elementary-School-Weekly-Agenda---Aug-2014/prod2500002/?skuId=64011
  2. Thanks! As I read reviews, the same player could be terrible or not. A laptop is more expensive than a portable dvd player and I just want something straight forward that has a single purpose, so to speak. We have another computer that my husband needs to put a new hard drive in and the kids will be able to use it for school (like make excel spread sheets or word documents). I have six kids, four in full time school, three doing Math U See and three doing Latin...and the tv is a massive distraction to everyone. I tried using a tv set up in a diff room but then they disappeared for too long..I also like the idea that an extra case for he portable dvd player can hold the dvd's the kids need for school so everything they need is in one place. And head phones. Another plus. I was leaning to Sony because I am so familiar with it. I liked the prices for Sylvania, but don't know as much about them.
  3. Does anyone use portable dvd players for school dvd's? My kids have at least a couple of classes that use dvd's (Math U See and Latin) and I'd like to get them portable dvd players to watch their dvd's on. I just wondered if anyone had portable dvd players they've been happy with and would be willing to recommend. As I look at them, the reviews are really hit or miss. The same device can get totally panned, or praised...so I could use some direction before I plunk down a couple hundred for these babies. Thanks for any help or direction you can give!
  4. Your welcome! Payday was this week and I can't wait to order!!!
  5. Elementary and Middle School agendas are live on Franklin Covey Website now. http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/category/prod2500002/PL-Search-Categories/Elementary-School-Weekly-Agenda---Aug-2014 Check it out!!!
  6. Oh, I wanted to add, that the "Aha!" moment for me was that we had gone to a different church at night, and this church had about 20 feet of frontage before you got to a busy road (4 lane 45mph though people do 50-55 on it) and when we parked and started getting out of the car my 10yo son bolted from the car and ran toward the busy road...in the dark...and my 3yo ran after him. It was scary and obviously NOT normal. I asked him why he did it...his response was, "I wanted to run"....That was some serious impulsivity and as I watch for it now, I see what was always before me in a new light...
  7. Hi Everyone, I am sorry it took me so long to get back here, but I wanted to say thank you for the suggestions. My son has met pretty much all the base level criteria for ADHD since he was like 3 yo. I just though, Of Course he is busy, forgetful, energetic..., he's 3!!! But years down the road and well....he's the same. I hope to talk more to the pediatrician in a couple of weeks. I need to get the Vanderbilt questionairres from his choir teachers. Now that I am truly recognizing and seeing ADHD for what it is in my son, I have changed up a couple of things. Now, I give ONE command at a time, just one. I am also being more consistent about not talking to the drama. I have also been coaching him that just like others need to work harder at math to be good at it or harder at public speaking to do okay in it, he has to work harder to remember where he put his cup and to keep it in a place where he knows he can find it....that kind of stuff. Baby steps for now. Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my question about the books. I want to learn how to deal with him in a more positive manner and not be...frustrating him by having the wrong expectations.
  8. I am not sure. I think if it was the "Elementary" not "Primary" you'd be fine... 6th grade was the first year I used a planner too...The best planner is the one you use :) If the Monsters encourage the 6th grader to use a planner where he wouldn't use a plainer planner then it would be worth it to me.
  9. Hi, sorry for taking so long to get back to this. I should have been more clear. The planners weren't live yet on the Franklin Covey website, but were on this bulk order website. I talked with customer service rep via Live Chat on Franklin Covey and plan to check back at the site next week. (June 16).
  10. Hi, I used the website so you could see it. I spoke with a customer rep (live chat) and they said the planners will show up on their website a couple of weeks from when we talked. I put in my planner to look into it again next week (June 16 or so).
  11. Forgive me if I am jumping the gun, but it looks like Franklin Covey is set to release Student Planners in a couple of weeks and they look amazing! I was searching for student planners and found this website, http://premier.us/tools-planning/products-students/planners/product-line/foundations I contacted Franklin Covey and they said they'll be out in a couple of weeks priced at $12.95 per planner. They are interactive between parent/ teacher and student and have some great principles and precepts involved. Just wanted to share, because I am geeking out, and don't want to geek alone :) - Mommaklee
  12. Hi, We're getting an eval. done for ADHD. Just a basic first run thing, but when I've read up on it, the books/ articles/ blogs echo what I've experienced with my son. It's like they are reading our mail :) Anyway, I've checked out a few books from the library, The Gift of ADHD, The ADD & ADHD Answer Book, and The Family ADHD solution. I just wanted to ask, what are some books that really helped you understand ADHD or that gave you helpful tools in dealing with ADHD kid(s) in the home so things are not always in an uproar. Thank you! -mommaklee
  13. I sub words when I am reading. I do it all the time. I have to work not to. It's just based on how I feel. I don't think this is a major problem. I think one chapter at a time at his age is plenty. If you want to improve his reading, record him and play it back. When he can hear himself, it may help him realize he is mumbling. I think some of the "quiet" reading is because it takes a lot of work to read and then speak aloud. Have him read whatever it is quietly to himself one or two times, then read it back and see if his volume and ennunciation improve. Give him something fun to read. Something that was clearly written with dramatic emphasis in mind, rather than ordinary chapters in a book. Do you read aloud to him much? Are you and your husband setting an example of good read aloud skills? Record yourself and your husband and see if you match your own expectations. And find good audio books for him to listen to in the afternoons or at bedtime.
  14. For us, it may not be a format issue, but a device issue. If we download to the phone and we want to have it on iPad, then we have to take it off the phone. We mainly use Overdrive for audio books, and we have never had an issue with "compatibility".
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