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  1. We are brand new homeschoolers of a neurotypical 3rd grader and HFA 5th grader. We pulled our kids out of PS six weeks ago. Our 11 yo HFA son was not getting the advanced math and science instruction he needed (with achievement test scores 87-95). The school could only see his 46 in writing (due to a documented medical problem) and kept him at the 46/remedial level in all subjects. We've been frustrated for a couple of years. The last straw was when his special Ed teacher quit abruptly March 4th, and our son (not the school) let us know his special Ed classes were being taught by a
  2. My mom fought, and won, my opportunity to skip the first grade back in the 70's. I was academically gifted. She thought it was silly for me to go to school to learn my ABC's when I'd already taught myself to read encyclopedias at home. I can see her point. As an adult with children of my own, one gifted neurotypical and one gifted/autistic, I would never put my children ahead of their peer group in school. We redshirted our autistic son in preschool as he was not ready to advance as far as his social skills and classroom attention were concerned. Now that he is 11 and sometimes b
  3. Hitting and biting? Her toddler is hitting and biting yours? That's a total nonstarter for me. I work from home, and also get the occasional whine from a friend who chose to keep her job and "hates" keeping her child in after care at school until she gets home from work. I can't ever say this to her, but I "hated" giving up my paycheck to be home with my kids, and yet that was the choice I chose to make as an adult. It necessitated a lot of compromises for us: smaller house, not going out much, etc. I wish moms with full time jobs didn't look to their SAHM, WAHM, and homeschoo
  4. It sounds like you already know the answer. :-) I grew up with a boundary pushing parent (to the extreme), so I have experience in this area. I have also found myself preconditioned to get involved with other boundary pushers. I have to really be careful about this. After several painful volunteering experiences, this has become my mantra: you can't make good relationships with bad people. Boundary busters never, ever, ever change. Once you identify them, run fast in the opposite direction. You say the cause is important to you, but the person asking is miserable to be invol
  5. My childhood was a lot like what you describe. It's not necessarily the hours worked, it's the attitude toward the child. My parents treated me more like a live in maid than like a daughter. If you can help her become emancipated, please consider doing so. I also stayed and submitted, even when my parents pulled me out of college (where I had a full ride academic scholarship) to come work in their business for free because they "needed" me. I also had a lot of damage done in my life due to my parents' irresponsible choices. Just a warning: my parents' sense of entitlement extended
  6. Good point. I never just drop my kids off at a home without staying for at least the first playdate to be sure it's a good place for them to be. By the same token, I assume other parents are as careful as I am, and I always invite the parent of my child's new friend to come over for coffee while the kids play. GeorgiaMom
  7. It sounds terrible, because it is terrible. The only possible reason I could think of for discomfort would be if you would be socializing with a man alone in your house, but that's not the issue. The other grandma will be present. If you came here looking for a JAWM for something your conscience seems to be telling you isn't right, you won't find it from me. Let's look at this from the reverse gender angle. My husband belongs to a robot hobby group, at which I've always been welcomed despite being in the minority as a woman. What if a man in his group said to my husband: "please don't
  8. You can also get a cheap headband mounted magnifying glass on Amazon that made this much easier. We had some from my husband's robotics hobby. Second the metal comb. Worked great. Plastic combs didn't help us.
  9. The lice meds did not work for us, and made me very sick. Daughter and I got it, son and husband escaped. I think every kid in daughter's class has had lice this year. What did work like a charm: She and I slathered, and I mean slathered our hair with Vaseline to smother the cooties and put it under a cheap plastic cap for a couple of hours. Snuggled up and watched a chick movie. Then, I started combing them out. All dead so they stayed still. Time consuming but easy to remove. Never came back. One treatment and done for both of us. The hard part was getting the goop out of our
  10. Hi, Just an opinion from a mom who was skipped ahead in school. I was gifted, and skipped 1st grade. I graduated a few weeks after I turned 16. My birthday is April 30th, so I was already the youngest in the class before I was skipped. Skipping ahead helped academically, but it was very hard socially. I was in high school classes with boys at least two years older than me, sometimes more in the advanced subjects. Several sexually harassed me. It was very hard as a 14 year old dealing with 17-18 year old boys being sexually aggressive. I was finally sexually assaulted and hospita
  11. Sing out sister! I'm in 11 D sneakers for life because they're the only shoes my custom orthotics (prescribed by my ankle surgeon) will fit in. I've had two major ankle surgeries which left me in a wheelchair and on crutches for a total of six months (3 on each side). With two small children. Not fun. My day ranges from "hurting a little" to "hurting a lot". I do *everything* my surgeon recommends in order to keep the best use of the joints I have left. At this point in my life, "shoe shaming" immediately puts a person on my "life is too short for you" list. I'm tired of the "fr
  12. I have not read all 19 pages of this discussion, but I did read the OP. All I can say is that I have no time, patience, or money for anyone who says "________ is important to me, and therefore I have decided it should be important to you, too". Doesn't really matter if they're talking about clothes, books, sports, whatever. The way I choose to spend my own time and money is no one else's business. I used to have a "friend" who constantly took me to task for wearing sneakers all the time, nice ones. She drove me nuts to go get some "decent" shoes. I have had multiple ankle surgeri
  13. You're right, I wasn't thinking about the welfare of the cats. I have two pound puppies myself. Cats shouldn't suffer or worse because the owner is crazy. I like your motion sensor sprinkler idea much better! I grew up with a crazy parent who had a crazy parent of his own. I've seen multi-generational crazy over a long time horizon. Being nice never worked with the crazies in my family, it just emboldened them. I honestly think the people who are kindly suggesting that you be "nice" to this lady (like you have free time to appease her) are recommending an idea that will backfire.
  14. Do you live two doors down from me? We have the same crazy neighbor, right down to being upset that I use a different trash service than her! My CN gave my lawn mowing guy instructions to cut down all the ivy on my lawn because it was "coming over" to her house, at my expense of course. She is also demanding that we cut down four enormous trees in our back yard because she is "worried" they will fall on her house. We had the arborist come out for other reasons, and he looked at the trees in question. Not falling down anytime soon, and $3100 to remove. No thanks. I feel your pain.
  15. Hi, It's nice to see new replies to my original post. Thank you, but the problem was resolved last year. GeorgiaGirl160
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