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  1. Time Left: 9 days and 9 hours

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    History odyssey Middle Ages level 2 $20 +shipping obo


  2. Time Left: 8 days and 8 hours

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    Jousting Armadillos Intro to Algebra Set $25+shipping obo


    Spanaway, WA

  3. Time Left: 8 days and 6 hours

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    Memoria Press kindergarten Enrichment and Recitation. $12.00+shipping obo


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  4. Has anyone been able to preview this? I was hoping to get something besides Rosetta Stone for my 9yo daughter next year.
  5. I'm feeling the same way right now, pregnant and blah and want something different. I don't have any advice, but I'm following in case others do.
  6. My son is in the middle of Epsilon and starting to have trouble as well. It has been really frustrating because he likes to do everything by himself. I am going to have him take a break and have him just do some khan academy, worksheets and Math Mammoth. He gets the concept for one day and forgets the next. I think he just needs more work cementing it into his head. This is the first time he hasn't been able to just finish the practice pages and move on. His goal is just to finish whether he gets it or not.
  7. I was having trouble with my daughter doing MUS so we started doing MEP. I also have her practice math facts on xtramath.org once a day. She is slowly improving, but it is pretty slow going. I just don't think she is number minded. My 10 year old does fine as long as we review or supplement with MUS once in a while, but she just wasn't getting it. My daughter is only 8 so we started her in Year 1. It has helped her to have different ways of looking at things and using lots of different types of manipulatives. She wants to try teaching textbooks next year because she really enjoys doing things on the computer, but if she has trouble at all I will just jump back in with MEP. I have looked at Math Mammoth a bit as well and we even used it once in a while for fun. If you are looking for a less teacher intensive program, it would probably be a great option. MEP requires you to do most of it with them. Life of Fred is also a fun option that we supplement with, but I don't use it as a stand alone curriculum.
  8. I am using MEP 1 with my 2nd grade daughter. We finally went to it when everything else was failing. Singapore was a disaster and MUS was only okay for a while. MEP has lasted the longest where she is learning but not getting stuck or bored. I supplement with Life of Fred and Math Mammoth on days when I need her to be independent and this helps her get some alternate views on how to solve problems. We don't actually print anything out anymore. I printed the first section of the workbook and teacher manual but have found doing it on tablets the easiest. I do the lesson from my computer (someday we'll get another tablet) and my daughter does her work on the tablet. (We use the notability app to load it). She loves doing it on the tablet because she can erase mistakes quickly and she can use whatever color she likes for her writing.
  9. I agree with pitterpatter, we only use RSO for a supplement or a fun in between activity. I suppose you could make it more of a complete curriculum if you filled the gaps, but that would definitely take away from it being as open and go. My kids actually like it quite a bit. We have the kit that goes with it from homesciencetools.com so I don't have hardly any prep when we decide to throw in a lesson or two.
  10. We just started All About Spelling and it is working great for both of my kids 8 and 9. One of them is a great speller but doesn't know any rules so he's having a harder time with some of the advanced words in MCT and the other one can't spell words that are literally dangling in front of her face. The good speller is speeding through it and I'm about to buy the 2nd level for him, the other is plugging along. I just plan on working for 15-20 minutes a day and I put a sticky where we stopped for each child.
  11. We have recently started BFSU and enjoy it. I have RSO as a stand in for when I don't have time to prepare.
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