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  1. I got a laugh out of it, thanks for sharing the link! 😀
  2. Keep an eye out for estate sales of quilters, crafters, or sewers. I got several wonderful rulers for around $1!!! They aren't ones I would have paid even 40% off for at Joann's, but for $1, of course. I've also added to my fabric stash from estate sales. They usually price the fabric by the pound or by height, with pieces stacked on each other. I felt like a kid in a candy store - I didn't know where to start 😀
  3. I guess I hope that the military member knows their family well enough to judge what is good for them. Maybe that is not always the case, but I hope. Kind of like, neither of my daughters would have liked one of those huge, elaborate proposals in front of lots of people. And none our family likes surprise parties.
  4. Of course, these aren't the "surprise" reunions. The surprise ones have to be arranged by the military member themselves. They are the only one who knows all the info to make it happen. So I guess I don't want to begrudge that surprise to them after what they've done. I saw one where the young man said he had dreamed and planned of surprising his mom from the time he went in the military. She worked at his old high school and he set it up for during a school assembly. I thought it was sweet.
  5. I hate emotionally manipulative commercials like the ASPCA one; I will actually change the channel. I like ones similar to Hallmark commercials that bring a tear to my eye. That's what I thought of when I read the title of your thread and was ready to argue. But turns out no argument from me😀. The emotionally manipulative ones don't make me cry, they make me mad! I agree with Tanaqui, I might actually give if they showed happy dogs. Or maybe the contrast of a sick, sad dog and the same dog later, happy with a family. Mary
  6. Yes, often times the military member is slated to return "soon." But as to the where and when, it can range wildly. By weeks or months, depending on the needs of the military.
  7. I understand what you are saying. My DH was 21 years active Air Force, I was 21 years active and reserve Air Force, DD is active Army, my dad was 20 years Army. We are a family with a military heritage. My dad fought in two wars. My DH only had one short deployment because he retired in 2005 before the crazy deployments started. BUT I guess you have to ask, who is putting these reunions out there for us to see. It is the people who are being reunited. They want to share their joy with others. I love the reunion videos, but I also know what happened before them. That to me makes them all the more powerful. I love sharing in their joy. Mary
  8. It depends on your circumstances. There is no one size fits all answer. It depends if there are guardianship issues, the size of your estate, potential tax issues, etc. I’m an attorney, though inactive, and I still went to a trust and estate attorney to get a will. My recommendation would be to consult an attorney. Mary
  9. I don't have any specific advice, but thought I could share an encouraging story about my dancing DD. My youngest DD, about to be 25, was a pre-professional ballet dancer. Which means 20+ hours a week in high school, a lot more when counting rehearsal. She wanted to major in dance in college but began having injury/chronic pain in her sophomore year of HS. Ran around to PTs trying to find someone to help, but particularly who understood ballet. Finally ended up going to a wonderful practice with a lot of former ballet dancers who were now PTs. They could speak the same language and "got" what my DD needed. Two years later she had surgery to fix a tendon with an ortho who understood ballet, rehabbed and went off to college. Majored in dance while taking all the pre-reqs to get into PT school upon graduation. Sophomore year she was struggling with pain again. After A LOT of angst she decided to cut to the chase and change majors to Sports Medicine. She excelled AND had time to be involved in student government and a lot of volunteer opportunities. She got some the of clinical observation hours needed for her major during the summer at her old PT practice.😀 Graduated and took a year off to apply to PT schools. Worked in admin at her old PT😀. Got into all the PT schools she applied too. She is now on active duty in the Army at their stellar PT school. Being paid to go to graduate school. It has been the perfect fit for her. We can clearly see how the ballet experience taught her discipline and determination, but the injuries also taught perseverance and about PT! Ballet also gave her great kinesthetic awareness which is very valuable in instructing patients in therapy. All of her experiences helped mold her for what she is doing now! But boy were there a lot of ups and downs! As the mom I was there for ALL the tears, pain, angst, etc. And it was HARD. But I can see how in the end it all benefited DD. Mary
  10. I breastfed both dds until 18-20 months. I am so glad I did. I don't remember feeling any pressure at the time, they are 24 and 28 now. Oldest dd gave birth to twins on Thanksgiving. Leading up to the delivery she got incredible pressure from acquaintances (I won't call them friends) to breastfeed. Her answer was, "My intension is to breastfeed, but I'm having twins, I'll do what I have to do!" Some of the women got VERY pushy about it. As it turned out, both babies had different latching difficulties, and one had a sensitivity to cow's milk. That made tandem nursing impossible. So dd supplemented with formula and pumped breast milk. She was exhausted. Finally, after a couple of months, after consulting with the pediatrician, she went to formula exclusively. They babies are doing very well. I think her answer to the breastfeeding advocates was perfect. We all want the best for our children, but that looks different for each situation and we will do what we have to do.
  11. Mine matches because I've lived here for 18 years. But non-matching doesn't phase me at all, because I live in northern Virginia. People are moving in and out of here all the time between the military and government. I don't expect people to change their cell when they move. That's one of the benefits of a cell number.
  12. My whole family loved the movie. But we love musicals and don't generally expect them to be accurate biographies. Which isn't to say I don't love accurate biographic documentaries also. I just don't need them to be together. One dd and I love Hamilton also, and it is far from accurate. I think Hamilton is a work of genius as a play/musical. (I am NOT saying the The Greatest Showman is comparable to Hamilton!!!) We also saw TGS in the theater first, and it is beautiful on the big screen. I also have a dd who was a serious dancer, so she LOVED the dancing scenes. I put TGS in the category of entertaining, not thought provoking.
  13. We went on Princess and it was wonderful. The food was superb. I'm not a "foodie" but I could become one if I went on cruises like this often! A couple of times we paid more for the New England boiled dinner ( my dh LOVED seafood) and a meal in the fancy steak restaurant (where dh got lobster). The entertainment on board was fun, and we enjoyed the trivia competitions and other activities. I truly don't remember how much it was, BUT I am positive we paid a sale price and we got an inside cabin. We did tours at every port. Loved Boston and the Canadian ports in particular. In St John's, New Brunswick we saw the "Reversing Rapids" where water rushes in and goes up the river from the Bay of Fundy when the tide is coming in. You can see video of it on YouTube. We stopped on Cape Breton Island which has a large Celtic influence. Prince Edward Island was fun - we did the Anne of Green Gables Tour there. I made my dh watch the 1980s video. He protested a lot but ended up really enjoying it. I told him he wouldn't appreciate the tour on PEI if he hadn't seen the movie😉 Quebec was beautiful and we had only one day there. Two days would have allowed us to see more. It was an absolutely wonderful cruise. We had cruised twice before in Europe over twenty years ago with our children - Mediterranean and Baltic Sea. This was just as fun, maybe even better because it was just us. Not to be a downer, but I am so THANKFUL we went. My dh passed away this January. I am so glad I have these memories!!!
  14. There are beautiful cruises in October to New England and Canada. My dh and I took one in 2014. It was ten days and went from New York to Newport, RI; Boston; Bar Harbor; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Sydney, Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island; and Quebec. It was fantastic!
  15. Does he have sleep apnea? That can cause all sorts of problems.
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