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  1. My 8 YO, 3rd grade daughter is using WWE 3. We've gone through levels 1 and 2 the past 2 years at a fairly steady pace and they seemed like the right learning levels for her. The jump in language for year 3 is a struggle for her. The readings to narrate are above her reading level. For dictation, she can remember the sentences well enough with some effort, but I'm having to spell every other word for her. I suppose she's behind a bit on those skills, though she is progressing in reading and spelling, so I'm not really worried there. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any adivice? I try to
  2. Thank you! That is all very good to know!
  3. Has anyone gotten an answer for whether the new MUS workbooks will be compatible with previous editions? And if answer keys will be available for those with old editions? Their website and Facebook page are mute on the issue.
  4. I'm still musing and praying about next year, but here's where I am for now for dd8YO: History: Sea to Shining Sea for US History with some tie in from world history and D'Aulairies books, "If you lived during the .... times", and other literature, with lots of activities ... hoping for trip to New England to tie into our learning! Science: NOEO Physics and other interests: rocketry and eyes (including dissecting a cow eye - she's really excited about that!) Geography: Beautiful Feet Geography through Literature (Holling C Hollings books) Singapore Math 3A/B Spelling Power
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