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  1. I don't do much backpacking any more but still pack like one in many ways. Tarps are heavy and bulky so we don't use them over or under the tent. Our tents are older than dirt but the rain flies and bathtub floors still work fine. They are all low end backpacking gear....a few steps up from a Walmart tent. On one backpacking trip, we were in a campsite that we learned (the hard way) was in an area that floods under certain conditions. Conditions that happened in the middle of the night. We were set up in what became 4+ inches of water. Our tent felt like a water bed. It was so weird! A
  2. I see this a lot in campgrounds and I have always been too chicken to ask someone what this is about. At first I assumed the tent might no longer be waterproof or they lost the rainfly, but it is so common that cannot be why they are all doing it. It looks like a lot of work!
  3. I do a lot of camping. In fact I am heading out this afternoon for four days. One thing I always hate is losing my headlamp or other essentials in the dark if I am awakened suddenly. I have an old tube sock safety pinned to the outside of my sleeping bag. I put my headlamp, chapstick, and glasses in it when I go to bed so I can find easily in the dead of night. When backpacking or cold weather camping, I always stuff my morning clothing into the foot of my sleeping bag. Actually what REALLY happens is I go to bed fully clothed then as I warm up, I shed layers while still in the sle
  4. That is actually the funny thing. She DID use APA format. That is what she has been required in her DE classes all along. But she has never used that format for me. She usually uses single space, 10 pt font, which is what I taught her to do early in high school just to keep the paper bulk in check. So, when I set a minimum page number, I had our "normal" in mind. She would definitely have grounds for challenging the length requirements. The general half-assed-ness, she would not.
  5. Thanks everyone! That is really what I want to do. I just needed some sort of "permission." Now I have it!
  6. My dd is graduating. She had four subjects this semester. Two were DE and those courses ended two weeks ago. Both were very challenging for her and took a lot more time and effort than she expected. She worked really hard on those courses. The third subject is outsourced and wrapping up this week. The final course is US History, designed by me. History is dd's least favorite subject. I have never attached mommy-course grades to exams. I have always approached assessment from a mastery standpoint. Basically, we never moved on until she had full mastery of a topic. That means that
  7. Thanks! Bummer on the pressure canning. I use one of the huge ones from the 1970s that I'd hate to replace. But I could always use a stand alone burner (outside!) if I ever go this route. I am intrigued for sure.....and because I am, my gas stove will probably live forever.
  8. I second Cedar Point! It's a really fun park and the weather will be better. My family is sadly not into amusement parks and even Ohio is too hot for us in summer, so I will probably never go again but I think it is a great alternative to Florida parks at that time of year. They have some of the best roller coasters in the country.
  9. Dd is just finished Calc II at a 4-year university as a DE student. It was her third math class to use WebAssign. She eventually figured it out but it was a painful ride. Luckily she had great professors who promptly answered any type of questions but had she not been at home for me to literally hold her hand through parts of it, I'm not sure she would have been successful. I was no help for the actual content but was often called in to help decode the correct-answer-wrong-format problems. I swear she spent more time trying to crack the code than learning the actual content. So frustrati
  10. Can you speak on how well this works with cast iron? How about canning, both water and pressure? I much prefer gas, which is what I have, but I cook a LOT and the health issues with gas have me concerned. And the oven does not work as well as electric. So when we go to replace, I'd like to consider other options. I had a glass top electric way back when and it had many benefits. The slow-to-heat-and-cool, especially when canning, was a big reason for us to go with gas.
  11. Our school did graduation as an outdoor parade. Spectators were allowed to spread out all over campus and the graduates paraded while distanced from each other all the way through. Each college had a "station" with their faculty where that part of the parade split off so graduates could be paraded through, granted their diplomas, and get a photo. Spectators were encouraged to camp out near their graduate's college area. University-wide speeches were piped over the campus speaker system with screens set up all over for viewing. Its as also streamed so if you were a spectator that chose a s
  12. My 17yo has had both doses. Aside from a sore arm, there were no significantly side effects....other than HUGE relief.
  13. Dd will be attending Michigan Technological University in the Environmental Engineering program. Her total aid package covers about 80% of tuition, room, and board.
  14. Dh had Covid in early March 2021. He had a pretty textbook case. About one week of sore throat, headaches, fever, fatigue, chills, and body aches then a slow recovery. The slow recovery has been mostly just getting full energy back. By some miracle, no one else in the household got it, even though we had all been traveling in an enclosed car together for a full day during what was likely to be his most contagious time. We isolated him in the house and we all quarantined as specified by the CDC at that time. He has since been vaccinated and for sure had more pronounced side effects that t
  15. Our neighbor walks her rabbit around in an umbrella stroller. It is better than the ice cream truck....the kids all flock to her.
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