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  1. I love them. When I catch little jumping spiders in the house I like to play with them a bit. Most of the time they seem like they enjoy it too. When I find them outside I call the kids and we look them up to see what kind they are. I especially like the wolf spiders b/c they kill and eat fiddle-backs (brown recluse). When I find those in the house, if they aren't too large, I typically just leave them be. My three daughters don't mind them either and will come to get me if they find one outside, or they will catch them inside and release them outside. My nine year old wants to be an en
  2. ....i'm looking to open a business for which I need $100K minimum cash or line of credit (to get a state approved contract you have to have a minimum amount). I know specifics are always fuzzy until they aren't, but does anyone have an idea of how much money in hand i'd need in order to get a line of credit to get me to $100K. For instance, if I can get $50K, should I be able to secure the other as a line of credit? Or would I need more? Any info is appreciated.
  3. Do you see a rheumatologist? If not, I would ask your PCP for a referral to one.....they can help you manage what sounds like psoriatic arthritis. Me and my mom both see one and he's done wonders. I know that doesn't help your issues right now....hope you get some relief this weekend.
  4. I was planning to start a very similar thread, except PS isn't an option for us. My 15 yr old DS is in the K12 program. It's a constant struggle to get him to do work, although, when he does it, he gets A's and B's (A's if he studies, B's if he skims material). I'm personally tired of the struggle and toxic atmosphere constant battling has created. He will finish out this 10th grade year at K12, but next year we are thinking of just having him study towards the ACT/SAT and cut everything else out. He plans to take some local CC classes, but we have no idea what. His only goal pretty much
  5. I don't wanna speak out of turn, but isn't having your child in 7th grade during infancy pushing him/her a wee bit too hard? :smilielol5:
  6. Henckels. You can find some very good chef knives for $40 - $50 apiece. Or you can spend more. :)
  7. I can....it's just that the team I follow isn't often on the major networks. I was hoping there was a way to get live ESPN or FoxDirectional thru XBox360 or Playstation. We're likely changing regardless, but I was just wondering what trustworthy reviews I could get here. We were thinking of going with the XBox Gold package + Netflix which should run us less than $20/mo. if i've done my research correctly. Is there a different alternative? Thanks for the responses.
  8. I'm thinking of cutting our family off from satellite TV. Honestly, the biggest sticking point has been the possibility of giving up live college football. Does anyone here get their programming primarily thru an alternative source and how is the sports coverage? Can you get certain games?
  9. Probably the odd man out here but it's amazing how much better an evening of beer, sad country music and talking (sometimes yelling, like in "The Apostle") to God helps. Probably not the answer your looking for, but it's mine. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. My wife or I monitor my son's FB activity every day. His judgement is really poor, and we weed out any friends who post inappropriate stuff. And it's AMAZING how many kids post inappropriate stuff.
  11. I use a Better Homes and Garden cookbook from the 60's my mom gave me. But check out "The Joy Of Cooking" from the library. It's a classic.
  12. My almost two year old daughter points at my chest sometimes and says "boobies?". Being a dude, I don't like that very much. :tongue_smilie:
  13. Holy COW this is an active board!! :D Thank you so much for the suggestions. We are out for a while, but i'll go through these when I get back.....several of the recipes look freaking awesome!! Can't wait to try them. Hopefully I won't "get chopped" (what my 8 year old tells me when I screw up a dish.....we watch Chopped on Food Network together).
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