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  1. Anyone? I did give her the link to MEP for math, but know there must be many other great resources out there!
  2. My dear friend lives in a developing country, and just learned this week that she will need to homeschool her Kindergartner this year. The cost of shipping books there is exorbitant, so she is looking for as many online resources as possible. She is brand new to homeschooling. What would you use for Kindergarten if you had to rely entirely on online resources (not streaming, as their internet connection is slow/spotty)? Thank you SO MUCH for any and all resources & information!!
  3. CodeHS (www.codehs.com) looks promising, too. It presents the material in video tutorials.
  4. Jmathpage.com has quick links to a wide variety of games and facts practice.
  5. Hi! Our family is just beginning homeschooling, and I have been researching math curriculum. Both boys began their education in a classical Christian school and have done well in math. What math curriculum would you recommend for a 3rd and 6th grader? I have looked at Singapore, Math Mammoth and Saxon. I can't spend a fortune, but do want a rigorous program. One consideration is that the 6th grader is starting a hs curriculum so late in the game, and I want to set him up well for success in the higher grades. I know many curriculums end or transition after 6th grade. Any and all input so appreciated!!! :) Hannah
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