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  1. Ooh! Do you still have a copy of the syllabus with correlated readings that you might be willing to share? That sounds fabulous, Targhee!
  2. We are finishing up K12 Human Odyssey and using World History Detective as a supplement. We've used K12's history and student/teacher guides for previous grades -- they're okay -- but I LOVE the "get 'er done" ease of WHD. Is there anything like WHD for Human Odyssey vol 2? (I need secular supplements for the charter school).
  3. I realize this thread is a few years old, but if anyone is interested in Holt Science & Technology: Life Science, I came across a classroom website that offers login credentials to view the entire book with activities: http://vms.vale.k12.or.us/eric-bardwell/20/courses-7th-grade-life-science I would only use the site as a means of viewing the curriculum before purchasing it yourself as I don't know how long the info will be available. (I'm sure the teacher will eventually update his page.) Also, it seems that the students of his class are currently using the material, so I would avoid typing in any answers. (Sometimes you will see answers written by students).
  4. We're going to try Interactive Science for my 4th & 6th graders. It is also made for the classroom but seems to be a bit more user friendly for homeschoolers. I think anything originally developed for the classroom is going to have bugs for homeschool, but all I hear about Science Fusion is utter frustration.
  5. Has anyone used k12 for 5th & 6th grade American History (Joy Hakim concise History of US, TG & SG) without the online component? After doing my research for a secular American History curriculum for my DD (starting 5th in Aug), I decided on k12 American History A... but NOT the online component. If you call k12 directly, they will sell you just the hard copy materials, but they state that it will only work as a supplement and you would need the online component to make it a complete curriculum. Well, I purchased it anyway and it arrived yesterday. The Teacher Guides (TG) and Student Guides (SG) look good, but many lessons reference online material. There have been several discussions on how great the offline k12 history is for grades 7+, and how you absolutely must have the online component for k-4 history... but what about 5th and 6th - American History? While this is regarding curriculum that we won't be using until Aug 2014, I only have 30-days to return my order for a refund. Thanks for your help. :)
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