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  1. Here is one about Sweden: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlöf. It was written as a geography book but it is a story. It might be a bit young it has been a while since I read it.
  2. :grouphug: Honestly I have no advice I just wanted to say that I have a pretty rotten relationship with my grandparents because of issues like this. My dad and my uncle used to work for the same company and when that company was bought by another company both families moved to the new plant leaving my grandparents where we used to live. Whenever they came to visit they would ALWAYS stay with my uncle never with us. And when they did come to our house they would bring my cousins. It hurt. A lot. So I just wanted to :grouphug:
  3. I did notice that but I still wont go over it again. Most because I am feeling VERY lazy today:lol:
  4. You are welcome. If he wants more details about Sweden or the UK feel free to PM me. I'm just not in the mood to discuss it again. My blood pressure doesn't need it:D
  5. Like others have said, this question has been asked before and many of us were told that we were brainwashed because we liked our systems. This is the last I have to say on the subject.
  6. Because friends don't allow friends to not know about lovely chocolate:D I second this motion. We got MORE snow today. I am in dire need of some vitamin D.
  7. This one. It has small crystals of sea salt in the dark chocolate. I don't know what it is but it makes the chocolate even yummier. I like salt and it seems to cut the bitterness of the dark chocolate in a great way. I always have some in my emergency secret chocolate stash.
  8. I can do that. I make a great white chocolate cheesecake with a gingersnap bottom. I also have freshly baked chocolate muffins in the kitchen. I'll bring them as well. We might be under there for a while.:D
  9. I like the one with sea salt. I don't drink, can I bring apple juice? (my friends always do this->:lol: when I order apple juice when they order cocktails) But yes I'll come with.
  10. I can't answer your first question, personally I would talk to someone in the medical profession. For the second question this is what I use Always Thin unscented pantiliners I have very light periods and these are the first pads that I really like. They are small but don't irritate my skin (like normal pads do). You might also want to check out this section on the website titled For Moms. HTH :grouphug: Oh and I am in no way affiliated with Always. They are just the only brand that have worked for me:001_smile:
  11. He is adorable! I want to kiss those chubby cheeks of his.
  12. I'm going to tell you a not so secret secret. Bricks and mortar schools rarely finish the book. They rarely finish all that should have been done. You know why? Because starting about now there are field trips, and senior days, and information about this that and the other that takes time away from school. Plus (and I am involved with PS) there is rarely a day when a WHOLE class is there anymore. There is always someone missing for an orthodontist appointment or a doctors appointment or or or... Your daughter can at least pick up where she left of without someone taking time to explain for the
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