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  1. Thanks, Susan. That would be really helpful. I’m in the UK, but hopefully some of your other links will be on our library catalogue too. What’s the easiest way for you to share it?
  2. I’m wondering if anyone has worked this out and is willing to share with me? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks Alisha. I’ve ordered this. I think I’ll try TtC but be open-minded about whether or not it’ll work, so having a shelf of options seems a good idea!
  4. Again, no confusion here. What I love about SOTW is that by hopping around and viewing history as a global story my kids picked up universal truths and common patterns. It’s given them wisdom for life as well as academic knowledge.
  5. I’m looking to add some literary (and poetry) analysis into the mix for my 6th grade boy. I really like the look of Teaching the Classics, but am wary of the format. He likes to be as independent as possible and prefers written responses to discussion. Suggestions please!
  6. That’s worked perfectly and saved me a weekly job. Thank-you!
  7. Does anyone know how? I’ve looked through their Help and tried Googling but had no luck. I’m using other people’s sets but don’t want the pictures.
  8. In case it’s helpful: my then-5th grader found the first 4-5 book really dry after doing the K-3 ones. It’s all about drawing/line. He missed using different techniques and colour. We’re trying it again this year (6th and 4th Grade) but will alternate with book 2.
  9. We have a super-busy year coming up and I’m trying to save as much of my own time and energy as possible. I’d like to settle on one text for my 6th grader to outline from throughout the year in history. We will be on early modern. What have you found works best? Kingfisher? K12 Human Odyssey? Thanks.
  10. We are using this for 5th Grade. We’re on week 9, having also previously completed FLL 1-4. We’ve managed on four thirty-minute slots a week, but now that it’s getting heftier I’m only asking him to complete some of the exercises (“get this one perfect and you don’t need to do the rest.”) I understand all four years cover the same teaching, but with different examples, yes. I also understand that SWB says it’s ok not to complete year 1, as it’ll all come round again!
  11. I’m looking for material for my 10yo to sit and read independently. He’s about halfway through Rosetta Stone. I’m thinking along the lines of J’aime Lire; short stories or easy chapter books. Thanks.
  12. We’ve been using the AP K-3 books and will be moving up to the 4/5 ones in September. I just saw that book 1 has 68 lessons?! Do folk combine them into fewer sessions?
  13. We did the same progression from SSL into LfC and found it a big jump. We spread each chapter over a whole week. Day 1: DVD, Days 2-5: the written work interspersed with much, much listening to the CD in the car. We found the activity book unnecessary. I definitely need the answer book!
  14. Another CAP fan here! I’ve found it’s great at giving kids the tools and the confidence to structure their writing. My eldest switched from WWE4 straight into Narrative 2 in fourth grade but I regret missing out on Fable. My younger will switch into Fable for third.
  15. I am using Junior Analytical Grammar alongside Narrative 2 and Chreia. It’s working fine but I find it low on instruction, and I think it’s only working for us because we covered FLL 3 and 4 first. My plan is to return to WTM Grammar next year. Hope that helps.
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