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  1. Have you looked into Davidson College, Pomona or Wheaton?
  2. The textbook DD's CTY teacher recommended is Campbell Biology. It may just be DD's teacher, but I wouldn't recommend CTY AP Bio. Also, I believe from now on CTY requires outside proctors for tests. Don't really have an alternate class to recommend; not much out there and that's how we ended up doing CTY. The Thinkwell biology teacher is good. DD enjoyed the videos (though long and many).
  3. DD did this last year (Honors Physics and Honors Pre-calc). She didn't finish her courses until summer. She did superb with both courses but they took a while.
  4. There was a recent post about giving PE pass/fail and many replied that colleges would weigh that as a C in the weighted GPA. Is this true for all colleges and for all classes? DD's flute teacher suggested that she switch her lessons from his private studio to the CC he teaches at. The course would be Pass/Fail. She doesn't really need the credit it's just cheaper and more experience for her playing in front of CC judges...etc. The new CC flute course would show up on her CC transcript (since she's planning to take other courses there). We were planning on doing this but now we are not sure. Does anyone know the policy for pass/fail classes and how they affect GPA?
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