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  1. I've got this in my cart at amazon, wanted to give it a whirl over the summer for something fun to do when we need to focus our minds. :) Thinking about Kistler and Ages are 6 to 11, let me know what you think. I've read a few said DWC was hard to teach with no art background. We are also doing arttango. I've peeked at the Virtual Instructor too, we need basic basic study and lessons so not sure . . . OH - I thought Mark Kistler offered free art of the summer last summer thru the co-op. I see it's on sale now, does he offer free summers every year? I'd like to sign up my niece if so. TIA hive!
  2. I have my cart ready to go with Rod and Staff Math Grade 1. Do I need the practice sheets? This says it's 954 pages in a cardboard box. That's alot of pages. We already have done a ton of number formation and count the butterflies and write the number in the box. I get moans and groans when she sees pages like that and she's ready to move onto addition, subtraction, fractions and the like. She already knows addition to 10. Thanks in advance!
  3. I should probably buy another one, mine broke and I've gotten away from it thanks for the reminder. I'm so so at remember what's in my freezer, but if I post it up on the side of the fridge that works well on a side calendar. Ex : take pulled pork out on this date etc. This first thing is a good idea thanks so much. I'll put together a list of those asap. I don't think I have the stamina for once a month cooking days. I just have so many other things to do on weekends it wouldn't work for me. But thanks for the suggestion! I did plan for a month, two months in a row then I fell off the wagon. I at least had an outline and the shopping was way easier. But I was making complicated things and I think that's why I stopped it. That and I can't stick with anything it seems. I'll try to keep weekday prep shorter that should help. You are right that makes it much easier. I had a rotating meal schedule I made up and even colored every meal a different color and posted it on the fridge so everyone could check it and see what was coming up. I've just fallen off the wagon I guess. I'm the start and stop gal apparently. I'm just getting burned out cooking all the time I think and the to-go and delivery menus and calling me. I'm going to also schedule in 1 school day a week for takeout. No brainer. Now I know why my Grandma had chairs in the kitchen- in her prep areas!! (OH - AND a TV and that was huge for her time let me tell you. . . . )
  4. We are loving teaching from rest. Is there a Schole for meal planning and prep too? LOL If only we could skip meal prep and meal making during days when we get busy. Oh shoot we didn't get to eat dinner tonight, oh well we'll try to make that happen tomorrow LOL. Or if someone would magically appear in my kitchen to prep and make the meals. All kidding aside, we love to eat here. Suggestions welcome for simplifying meal prep and kitchen times for during the school week? I made tacos with home made salsa this week and it seemed like it just took way to long. I had two kinds of meat ( a chipotle chicken and then the regular beef). The meat was easy but the chopping of all the stuff we needed, just took SOOOOO long. Then the warming of the shells individually. An hour and twenty min. We make everything from fresh or scratch. Not sure if I want to look at taking a day per month and prepping and freezing things or what we should do. Breakfast and lunch I have simplified during the week. I can see how I could make 2 batches a spaghetti sauce at a time and freeze one. Thoughts??
  5. These are all great thanks! Just fab! I've got a large request list in, will be picking them up on Friday. We have been reading Fairy Tales, Grimms, and so many fairy tales for 2 years so we are super good there. We love Beatrix Potter and have the whole set, was a huge Herriot fan (my Mom was) so good there, but there are so many others here we can read so thank you all! OH -- I also don't want to read some of things I've got set aside for 1st and 2nd grade paired with our lit programs, so it's tricky isn't it sometimes?? :)
  6. I have 10 days to cuddle up with my K girl while the boys are gone. Woooo hoooooo! :party: She is independent and plays alot during school time when I'm teaching the olders, and I always feel guilty we don't have hours and hours to JUST READ like I did before. She is a natural reader (reading Magic Tree House) but I want to enjoy some little girl time with her. Oh and yes do art too. I can just go walk the shelves and grab but you are all so awesome I wanted to hear your best picks. Help me with a great library list! I mean - BIG! We are finishing up Complete Pooh now. We've read alot of the FIAR book classics. And all the Dr Suess and Eastman books.
  7. Is this the one you mention? http://www.amazon.com/Harmonic-Vision-41108-Music-Deluxe/dp/B00018AUBK
  8. What are some good options for music theory and practice? I'm sure they have a great app for this now somewhere right? :) We are workbook lovers but would love to have both options. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok first know I LOVE history. I love reading it, learning more about it, and my kids love it. I'll be honest I own too much history as it is. :) They always want to do more. I am blown away by this resource after looking at it online. I can see adding this easily now and just picking the time we are studying and running with it, but I've seen posts of others using it in grades 6-8 alot as well. Why are some using it for middle school? What grades do you use it for?
  10. Maybe you've already seen these: tons of fun activities and you can pick and choose time periods . . . Great for 3rd-5th! I have found it super easy to combine this with my Kingfisher History spine, and add in tons of library books along the way on the battles, key people, constitution, etc. http://homeschoolinthewoods.com/timetravelers.html The kids asked to do these units almost everyday, so I know they enjoyed them. :) Even the games were fun.
  11. Ok THANKS EVERYONE for your thoughts. We'll do levels 4 and 5 over the summer thru the fall, then move into TC when we are finished with it. We've had alot of grammar so maybe we can skip some of the grammar portions in both EIW and TC, but we'll see how it rolls. Maybe I'll plan for CAP Narrative II for when we finish TC. Depends on when that will be. Next summer maybe. Thanks for putting my mind at ease! I'll will literally sleep better tonight. :)
  12. I guess I'm wondering if I should buy levels 3 and4, and do those over the summer. Then move them forward with 4 and 5 so we are on track during the regular school year. This is where I always get stuck with things. Do we need to go back and "catch up" on what they might have missed so far. Or does it repeat every year like LA usually does, so it would be ok to move forward and order levels 4 and 5. This part of it really drives me nutso. :scared:
  13. This echoes what I've read in past threads. I'll probably hold Proverb for now. He'd be 11 when we started it. To muddy the waters I'm also looking at EIW. :)
  14. This week I'm trying to assess and revamp our writing. Please help! I'm burnt out on this writing thing! We are finishing 3rd and 4th grade and here's what we've got: We've completed 3/4 of Rod and Staff English 3 an 4, all of CAP Fable and Narrative. It just doesn't feel like enough. Seems like we move thru the CAP lessons way too quickly . . . I've seen folks recommend Writing Strands with RS, but I just can't try to figure out another program folks. We did WWE in grades 2 and 3 but got bored with doing the same thing over and over again. They can hold sentences in their heads really well, and have really good memory. No problems getting words down. So in addition to Rod and Staff 3 and 4 I assign things from the hip. Whatever. Whenever. I don't feel it's a good way to do things and am super frustrated with writing right now. It might be time to outsource this one? We are dedicating time over the summer for a writing workshop and thought this might be a good time to introduce EIW and give it a try. I was going to do TC over the summer but have looked at the EIW site and videos and am leaning that way. I can always pull TC out to do in the fall. We can do Narrative II tn the second half of next year. Which levels should we start with given what we've done?? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
  15. I have peeked at Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever, but I worry it's to young for him now. (Finishing 4th)
  16. Wow thanks for the great insight. I've got some things to think about. I think it's strange they don't tell you really "how" to do the exercises. Could be a problem. My guy gets pretty frustrated if he isn't told exactly what to do.
  17. I have both MM and SM and like SM better for a few reasons: SM does introduce topics earlier on in the sequence which I've noticed pushes them forward at testing time, provides a great HIG with teaching instruction, and the Intensive Practice books are great. I also love the mental math work SM teaches and the mental math sections in the back of the HIG's is a no brainer for prep time for me. The teaching instruction in the HIG's is worth gold to me. I use MM when we want more practice on a subject area, or to simply change things up a bit and do something different. My kids really enjoy having different formats to work from, and I think it's a good thing for them to do too. MM is a nice have but sometimes there isn't enough instruction and they get frustrated and say, "Why doesn't this teach me what to do here again Mom? This isn't clear enough." Math gets more than done at my house, and it is nice to have both to go back and forth with. But if I could only have one I would choose SM. We use Standards here for more challenge. HTH!
  18. Oh, to answer that better, I wasn't sure we needed to do both Narratives, I know some here do and some don't. And my friend at my Mom's church does one or the other as well, not both.
  19. Could I hear some thoughts from those who have used what they liked about it and what they did not like? I want to use it with my 5th grader next year when we finish CAP Narrative I. So probably around November. He is doing Treasure Conversations over the summer along with Kilgallon. Any thoughts on CAP or this plan would be great thanks?
  20. We use SM Standards, and I have it all levels 1-5. I was planning on the kids (3rd and 4th) doing math 5 days a week over the summer for 30-45 min, and I was trying to find an easy way to do this. Goals: #1: Continue practice with long division, column multiplication, and word problems. Should help reinforce loose math facts. #2: Cement what they know now really well, and move them a little forward without doing full SM lessons. I was not looking forward to printing off a ton a things and searching them down, nor did I want to use our SM workbooks and IP's, or create it all myself - :scared: Then I thought, "Hey why not grab the Lt Blue Math Mammoth (yes big sale ends this week right . . ) and then I could print what I want and assign whatever problems I want to. !" I've heard there are a ton of problems on a page, but we are use to that with a supplement we use already so it doesn't bother them to just do the ones I've circled or starred. Ok I admit, I've always wanted to try MM. Some days I don't want to read the HIG's and do all that. Who knows maybe we'll love it and I won't do SM in the fall. Doubt it but who knows right? I think I'd get the CD as keeping track of a ton of downloads doesn't sound fun and my PC isn't doing very well. Am I nuts or is this a totally awesome thought? Could it really be that easy? Other thoughts or recs?
  21. Nothing works except Retin-A with a prescription so make an appt with your skin Dr. You can also find a good med spa and start getting chemical peels a few times per year. Can take years off.
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