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  1. Who do you like best and why? Taken these classes? Please chime in. Would really love to find just ONE and stick with them all the way thru for online classes. 1. Rigorous Enough? We are working thru Lial's Pre-Alg for both my 6th and 7th grader now and it's gone extremely well. I LOVE Algebra, but don't want to teach it. I'm looking at these 3 options for the fall, and would LOVE input from those who have taken these classes. Derek Owens grades the papers, I've read great things here in the past about Jann, and had Dr D recommended locally on my FB group and I don't know anything good about that one. I like that Derek also has science options, but there's no reason why we couldn't JUST take science from him if we wanted. . . Thanks for your input! Have another one that rocks I didn't list, please share it. Videotext Alg was recommended by my local HS store, but it's $600 and I don't know much else about it.
  2. Time Left: 12 days and 11 hours

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    Home School in the Woods Time Traveler CD Sets. What a fun bunch of activities are in each of these sets. Great projects, complete lessons, mapping, vocab, crafts, recipes, board games and model building. Make your own explorer ship, build a model Jamestown. $27 each new, get both for $30 plus $6 shipping. Best to email me at felderland@gmail.com


  3. Time Left: 12 days and 11 hours

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    Never used First Language Lessons 3 Teacher Book Student Book $20 plus $5 shipping. Paypal please. **Fastest to simply email me at felderland@gmail.com


  4. Does anyone know of a good rock unit study, either free online or a simple program like MP or VP that would have a student workbook, vocab? My son has gotten really interested, and I'd love to let him go deeper. We did a basic rock kit study back in 3rd grade, but looking for more depth.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts. I've hesitated in buying Wordly Wise before. And both your comments ring true and remind me why. We read a ton here, and good quality titles each year. We manage to get in 4 to 5 good lit studies with them which have vocab building each chapter. It's probably more than enough. We've done English Roots Up with the older 2, my 8YO is just starting it now. And I'll check out Vocab from Classical Roots maybe that would be a better fit for the olders. We are 2,5,6th grades here right now. . . .
  6. Which ones are the best and why do you like them? We used IXL 3 years ago but didn't really use it, and have Khan accounts but we just got 2 new PC's in the schoolroom so I'm excited. Be excited with me!!! I want to utilize them for actual skills practice and not wasted time. Prodigy is not free so can't do that right now. What are your favorite free sites? I just saw mathgames.com because of a recent post that looks really solid too. Looking for any suggestions to reinforce skills and get additional practice. Has anyone made a fun LA site yet for these grades that is worthwhile? Spelling challenges, parts of speech, comprehension etc.?
  7. Ran across this last night -- looks fun thought I'd share it. https://www.uen.org/3-6interactives/science.shtml
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for providing your take on it. :coolgleamA:
  9. Just checking in on where folks stand on Wordly Wise or other vocab workbooks. We do read alot but we have time to add an on your own type program to our day. I'm happy to put up a word wall section and go thru them daily like we did with our English Roots. Was actually super quick and easy to do. I've read threads in the past about some who love these, and others who have said it's not really necessary or they didn't gain anything. For those that have used these -- did you gain from it or was it a time waster ?
  10. Any good resources your children have enjoyed? My 10YO son has finished Fabers Level 1 books (all of them) and loved them, would love to share some with him if there are any good ones folks have used. Thanks!
  11. This was bugging me. I called my Dad and he said I learned mental percents and basic interest calc in 6th to 7th grade or so. He was always helping with my math homework, we have the same brain and he loved math so was always a fun time at the table. So makes me feel better for our grades here, we have time to master what I feel is important, but not for those of you who say high schoolers are not mastering these skills. And college students are needing help? I swear sometimes I don't know what planet I am on. :hurray:
  12. Yes thanks for all the great advice. I will not jump ship on RS, we will keep going but look at adding Daily Mental Drills and probably something else to flesh out some holes. I did the crazy panic home school teacher thing. :smash: My apologies!! I am a little shocked hearing this about interest and %. I was taught this, and we must have practiced it in school because I can mentally figure any % off discount from any number rounded to the nearest dollar as long it's not a really huge number. 45% off 1200. 4% interest on 25K for 10 years. I was also taught how to calculate simple problems like the one above from RosemaryAndThyme. This is seriously not difficult! My sisters school is teaching the kids interest over the years. Why can't they teach real MATH ANYMORE!!! How can we say this is acceptable!!! Keep up the challenge in your home school. This is really bad folks!
  13. Ok thanks for talking me down. I'll look at these suggestions tonight and see what I can do. I forgot I bought MM a few years ago. Will find the external HD it's on. My sister is an aide in 5th grade class. Every year at the end of the year they take the kids to a half day field trip called the marketplace. They are store merchants, banks, and consumers. They come in, buy products, sell products, calculate interest to get loans for cars and homes. This made me wonder. . . so I checked the standards.
  14. We've been using Rod and Staff grade 5 and 6 math for the last year, and it's been good to build solid foundation for some things, but now looking at my state math standards we need to do more it is not enough. Please help recommending MATH for 5th and 6th grade. I have a 5th and 6th grader. we are solid on the basic 4 operations, fractions we've got down, word problems and measurement. Need more on geometry we are just ok there, algebra, probability, ratios, mean, median, range. (RS goes to hundreths, not millionths in decimals etc to name an example of what I am seeing and we haven't even covered interest yet or creating a simple spreadsheet.) We've done Miquon and Singapore Standards thru 4 and am checking it in the morning but I never ordered 6. Thought 6 was a review year. I have 5 tho. I've checked a few "math grade 5 texts" don't know if Houghton Mifflin would be good enough. Found a used one for $5 worth a look. Old edition tho so good luck finding a workbook I assume. Would like to check out a good 6th grade text as well. I think I could use material from both grades to firm us up. . . . What I am seeing in RS is there is only 1 or two pages for a topic where we are lacking, then it moves on and not enough practice or review. I have a mathy 5th grader who is on par with his 6th grade brother so we teach math together. That's how math has evolved here. Would really like to take the next 6 months and polish where we are at/expand their understanding before I decide where to go with Pre-Algebra in the fall if that's possible. (Digesting the Pre-Alg thread . . .) Tried the fancy stuff and just want old school now or something that is open and go we can run with. Don't want to buy a whole new deal. :) Thanks for the HELP!
  15. Way cool, I found it and I'll check it out. Thanks Farrar!
  16. Hey thanks so much both of you for the depth as I obviously have no experience with this program. I need to decide how hands on I will be for this subject. I loved Algebra as a kid, but hey it's been awhile. :laugh: A long while. So do many folks using JA along another program? What programs are spiral and straight forward? I do love explaining the why behind math if I can get in the right mindset.
  17. How long does this program take typically? Truly accessible for a 6th grader? I was thinking about jumping in about December and working thru summer if it's a full year program. How teacher intensive? Thanks for your thoughts. We are doing a comprehensive review of all math learned so far before jumping in to Pre-Alg. But as I've learned so much from the past . . . . it's ok to plunge ahead too. :laugh: I've had NO time to research pre-alg this summer and would LOVE more input or suggestions. . .
  18. We have enjoyed using Rod and Staff Math the last 3 years; it's simple, straight forward, not busy, and gets the job more than done. I want to make sure he is rounded out this year before we start to Pre-Algebra next year. Really tho, I'd love to start introducing Pre-A this year but don't know where to start. I may grab a Beast Academy level. I have all the Singapore Math Word Problems and will be working thru those. . . Any other ideas or what have others done? I was looking Foersters Algebra, but didn't think they had a Pre-Alg. OH! I know many of have loved Jousting Armadillos maybe that would be a good segway to Foersters . . .
  19. Wow thanks for such a great list!! We've read maybe of third of these already so there are still tons to pick from . You rock it!!
  20. I'm putting together a list of great books to read this next year. Our favorite part of the day! Please join in and share your favorites for this age. We are reading LOTR aloud as a family taking our time thru the best story ever written. Complete with different voices, my husband does the perfect Gollum. We have made it thru the first 2 books of Narnia, and will finish the series this year. Thinking of Incredible Journey Mixed up files of Mrs. B Lassie Sign of Beaver Robinson Crusoe I'd like to pick a few titles to go with our history study period of 1700 thru 1850. I need to research what else I can pair up here. I'm looking at the Landmark Books too to supplement history. Thought please?
  21. Agreed! And yes I take them to be bound at a print shop not far from me, I bought a binding machine from a city office and they gave me boxes and boxes of coils and cover sheets. But I have yet to use it and haven't even opened the directions. !!! On my list.
  22. Hey this might be the solution. Every source so far has been newsprint thanks so much! I really like binding our own writing books, and I don't feel we got enough writing done last year so I know if we at least have these easy to grab ones we don't have to search for the paper, do the revision, find the revision, write the final all on separate pages. I just lose stuff and with so many papers it gets crazy over here. I will give this a try, as the ones on Amazon are for K or 1 or all newsprint.
  23. For the past 2 years I have coil bound lined writing paper from Zaner Bloser so we could have a resource to go to just for Rod and Staff English assignments, and a second book made for just writing assignments so they'd all be in one place. I color code the covers and backs with a design to match the colors of their books each year to make it easier. The last 2 years the paper we've bound is newsprint because ZB didn't sell white, or maybe I ordered from RR I can't recall. Newsprint tears and its harder to write on than the white paper I used for K and 1 which was white. middle child always complains about writing on the newsprint. Where do you all buy your reams of white???
  24. Ok folks, I could use some serious help. We are doing American History in the fall, but really it could start in 2 weeks. We are getting bored and snarky. Mine LOVE to be read to, and we've enjoyed reading the Ambleside Online history so much, that we got lost for a few months doing explorers, checking out explorer bios from the library, mapping, and having general fun with Home School in the Woods. I must move us forward into the next chapter. I was looking at Guerbers 13 Colonies and Great Republic but not sold I guess. I love the Landmark books MPress has and will probably buy some if I can't find them inter-library loan as ours doesn't have them. I have a 5th and 6th grader, we have Liberty Kids but I've saved it they've never watched them. I will bring my 2nd grader along with possibly the Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans. I have the Home School in the Woods Colonies and Revolution sets so I need to see what fun is in there. We really enjoyed some of the projects and readings. Sorry for the long intro. I'm stuck on a good spine. Yes we have SOTW 4 as well, but we want to focus on just AM History soo faro there it sits. I could assign additional reading of SOTW4 to my older 2, but don't want to complicate. What spine have you used that you LOVE???? Should I just move ahead with Ambleside? Thanks for the help!! I'd love to just start this 2 in weeks and assign writing as well. Resources for writing with history??
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