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  1. I had them as a young adult in 1989 and was not offered anything other than pain and sleeping pills. I had them so bad that there was not a spot on my entire body not covered. I had pox on top of pox. It was truly horrible. I stayed doped up for weeks because I could not sit or lay without severe pain without the pills.
  2. I also have horrible shingles episodes 23 years later. They only pop up once or twice a year when I am extremely stressed. And like your neighbors I had them in my mouth, throat, vaginally etc.
  3. Interesting. I wonder if this could be the cause of my random nose bleeds. I had a serious amount of pox in both nostrils (and other internal regions). It was in approx. 1989, I was in my early 20's.
  4. I agree that I wouldn't join in, but can maybe understand why others do. I had chicken pox as an adult and it was horrible. I was on sick leave from work over 6 weeks. Had an emergency room visit, was on pain pills all day long and sleeping pills at night. On my FACE ALONE I had 90 some odd pox. I also had them internally and my body was completely covered. I have many many scars all over from them. I'd truly not wish them on anybody.
  5. Here in Ky. they call that a (hmmm not sure how to spell it) a stab. The 'a' is pronounced aw. Not something you do with a knife, but what you say when you see something cute awww. So you could stump your toe on a stab (stawb??).
  6. Around here 'stove' as in 'stove up' is the condition of ones body when you wake up on a cold morning or worked a lot of physical labor the day before.
  7. Don't feel bad. I know where you are coming from. My dh's grandmother left her farm to dh & his 3 siblings. Dh's father was living in the home at the time of her death. He asked his 4 children to sign the home over to him so that the property taxes wouldn't be as much (he was over 65). He promised to have a will drawn up immediately leaving the home (and land) back to dh & his siblings. My husband & one brother didn't want to do it because grandma left it to the grandkids for a good reason (fil was an alcoholic). Two siblings made life miserable until we agreed. Long story short he didn't have the will drawn up. He left everything to a drug addicted grandchild who was living with him (and off him) at the time. Dh & his siblings lost a working farm (that we worked).
  8. The sprinkling of flour does not resemble cream of _____ soup. Nor does it turn into a gummy mess fwiw. Its just a light dusting between layers. Approx 2 -3 T per 9 x 13 pan.
  9. This is how I make scalloped potatoes except I use butter in the layers and no onion. I like to use canned milk or half cream/half whole milk. I pour the milk to the top of the potatoes (not covering them just even with the potato).
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