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  1. I am going to start my daughter on cursive this year. She is a rising 3rd grader. I have looked at HWT and LOE Rhythm of Hand Writing. Has anyone used both of either of these? Which did you have more success with? She is a bit of a reluctant writer but interested in cursive (I think just because it's something new).
  2. Real Science 4 Kids has a great book for elementary aged kids. http://gravitaspublications.com
  3. Bible Road Trip would be great, I think. Another option would be the Picture Smart Bible curriculum.
  4. Have you heard of Brave Writer? It was formed by Julie Bogart who homeschool 3 (or maybe 4) children all the way through. One had dyslexia and another had ADHD. She has online courses, a subscription based system that send you assignments, and a book/curriculum you can pull from. She also does a lot of periscopes and youtube videos with that have a lot of really helpful information. She has a great system for reluctant writers and builds on the relationship between the parent and child through writing. It is beautiful. I highly recommend checking out her site. http://www.bravewriter.com
  5. I did calendar with my kiddos three to four times a week. My daughter went through Saxon K very well. When we started Saxon 1 it did not go so well at all. She began to hate it and we had to switch to something else. We started Math U See and it has she began to love math again. I think my daughter had a hard time with the way that Saxon tends to spiral. I know some people who have had success with Saxon that do not use the meeting book and some who do. Also I know one mom that only has her child do the odd or even.
  6. I have found you can find some great activities pinterest to go a long with SOTW without buying the activity books. Also if you subscribe to Dover book and get their emails then every Friday they will send you free sample coloring pages. I have been able to get many history coloring pages this way from Romans to the Americas.
  7. I really like Logic of English. It is a reading and phonics, writing, and grammar all in one. Both my 7 year old and 5 year old are doing really well with this curriculum.
  8. Thank you, I will look into the Nancy Larson. I haven't heard of that one. :-) :thumbup1:
  9. Just wondering what suggestions anyone has for a good science curriculum to start next school year (August 2015). I have an up coming 2nd graders and Kindergartener. I was kind of debating between Real Science for Kids and Apologia. To anyone who has used either of these: can you tell me what you liked and disliked? Or if there are other science curriculum that you would recommend. Thanks
  10. I am thinking of using Telling God's Story starting this Fall for our Bible Curriculum. I do not know anyone who has used this and was curious if there is anyone out there who has. If so, do you like it? What to like/dislike about it? How old are you kids and how well have they responded? Also I am considering supplementing our History with some of the Draw Write Now books. Anyone using these: do you like them? Do your kids like them? Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
  11. Thank all of you for your suggestions. I am very interested in the Leading Little Ones to God and Kindergarten Learning about God. Since I know I want to do Telling Gods Story from Peace Hill Press in the first grade; I'll probably go with Leading Little Ones. Those of you who have used Leading Little Ones to God (laf412 & elroisees), what Bible do you use with it?
  12. My daughter will be starting K in the fall. This year we have read through The Jesus Storybook Bible and now The Beginner's Bible. We basically read the stories and discuss. I see the it is suggested not to start Telling God's Story until 1st grade. So I was wondering what bible curriculum other parents did with their K'er kids. Any suggestions?
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