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  1. I looked over the sample lessons last night and I really like the lay out. My son needs more of the drills and I really feel like he would soar if he had them more. Although the teacher intensity seems like it is for Saxon, I'm just not satisfied with the layout of Saxon.
  2. Sounds like R&S is also a lot of worksheets but it sounds like it's more memorizing and drilling than anything. Thanks for all the input :)
  3. Was this the K curriculum? The K is pretty easy. Some lessons take a bunch of material, which I don't like, so I modify it. But usually with the K lessons there is only one worksheet. It's significantly different when you get 3/4 way through the first grade math. Sometimes we have three worksheets per day, with a lesson and we've always skipped the meetings. It just seems like we do math ALL day sometimes. Some ladies I know only do the worksheets and don't bother with the lesson book.
  4. I just started using Saxon math everyday with my K and first grader. Last year I used Right Start but ditched it because it was pretty teacher intensive. Now, with Saxon, I feel like the lesson are really long... even when we skip the meeting! I'm thinking about switching to Rod and Staff Math. By moving through these curriculums, I'm beginning to see that we are a "traditional" math family :) If I wanted shorter lesson, more memorization, and less teacher intensive activities... would Rod & Staff fit the bill? Or, should we stick with Saxon?
  5. The post is up now in the for sale and swap thread :)
  6. Yeah for some reason it isn't up yet. I think the moderator has to approve the listing before it goes on the public thread. Do you want some pictures of it?
  7. Just posted in the for sale thread. All are still brand new. I think we used the Right Start kit a couple times. Just sayin....
  8. Anyone have a good printer recommendation? Ours just bit the dust. We're looking for something that is good on ink, can print, scan, and copy. It needs to be durable too since we print out a lot of homeschool materials. Any suggestions???
  9. I had a thread a while back with some good ones but can't find it anymore. Can anyone let me know where I can find some good ideas/activities to go with Volume 1?
  10. There's usually an option for free shipping on the books on Abebooks.com That's where I've been buying all of my books and been saving lots of money. I tried half.com and alibris.com but, yeah, heavy duty shipping cost :(
  11. We are starting a small homeschool co-op with only about three other families whom we've been close with since the baby/preschool years. It's a blessing. They are all doing different things but we're all on the same page as far as homeschooling goes. We meet one day a week and, as of right now, that's all we have time for. I've learned that anything over one day a week time from school and other household duties gets taken away from.
  12. Sounds good. So doing it by subject rather than by book title seems to give more space to branch out? I'm assuming I'm going to start most of the notebooks but as the kids get older I know they'll get more creative :)
  13. Yeah I was wondering if I needed anything for my 5 yo. My 7 yo (boy) is just now beginning to love writing and is getting good enough to start incorporating more basis into it. But my 5 yo doesn't really know much yet....
  14. Do you do BFIAR with your older children? I'm interested in your method on notebooking. I would like to notebook this year but to be honest, I'm kind of winging it :) I don't really know much about it. Would you mind expanding on your method?
  15. "If it matters to know, the books in all four volumes can be done in any order you deem best and there are master indexes online to help with that. You could do all the books with a China theme, or all the books with a bird theme, and so forth." This is a great idea!
  16. Am I missing anything? After researching and talking with a lot of you the past week, I have finally come up with what we are doing this year! Let me know if you see any holes please: 5 yo K Math: Saxon/FIAR L/A: Copybooks from Memoria Press & FLL Vol. 1 Reading: 100 Easy lessons/Realouds Art: FIAR/our one day homeschool co-op Science: FIAR/our one day homeschool co-op Social Studies: FIAR History: FIAR/CC Memory Work Latin: (Only if she's ready) Prima Latina Bible: FIAR/Realouds CC Memory Work every morning 7 yo 2nd Math: Saxon/FIAR L/A: Writing for Excellen
  17. Definitely understand all this. My kids are 3,5, and 7 yo so most of the social studies, history, art, science and math will suffice for now. We are doing saxon math and FFL as well as writing for excellence on the side since the program does say to supplement with math and phonics for older children. We also do a homeschool co-op where we do art, science, presentations and memory work for CC (which we include at home every morning at the table). I think we'll have plenty to beef up the program and really like that some days I can beef it up and others I don't. Thanks for your feedback. A
  18. Can you tell me more about Uncle Josh's Outline Map CD and the Care Books? Where I can find them? I planned to have each child do at least two notebook pages this year (and notebooking is new to us too) but is lapbooking any different?
  19. Thanks for the reference!
  20. I bought most all of volume 1 books (except for two) on the used book store online. Most were at least 2-4 dollars under the brand new amount so, if it doesn't work I'm confident I will get my money back :) But thankfully, I know my kids will love reading the same book at least three days (we read Toad and Frog almost every night) in a row and since vol1 is only 19 weeks long I figured the three days will stretch it out for me :) Thank you for the feedback.
  21. I'm loving all the feedback on this post! I can't wait to start with FIAR this year.
  22. From what I have been reading, FIAR can be as much or as little planning as you want.
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