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  1. I just learned to knit. I made http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wingspan-2 I love it so much, I'm planning to make another, just have to find the right yarn.
  2. Skulls, much like any other symbol, aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I wouldn't say they are inappropriate. I'm owning my bias that my house looks like Halloween all year. With the Book of Life movie coming out, sugar skulls as secular accessories are more than fair game.
  3. I was given Make-a-mix as a wedding present. It has a lot of shortcut mixes that make dinner easier.
  4. I live on the corner of Montague and Tuscany. I would change Tuscany to Verona since Capulet is down the road, or I would want to trade Tuscany for Capulet. ETA: I often have to spell out Montague for people, or they pronounce it Montagooey. Really? O.o
  5. Cinder by Melissa Meyer. Sci-fi, somewhat dystopian.There's 1 kiss.
  6. You got: Skerples You’re extremely imaginative, and refuse to be a mindless conformist. You have a lot of grand ambitions, and you have the talent and drive to make your dreams a reality. You got: You’re Carmen Sandiego from “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?†Sure, yes, you’re a thief whose talent is evading law enforcement and also nerdy children. But you do it all with such verve and flair!
  7. My daughter is 11 and we read it, the only issue would be if you're against a couple of swear words.
  8. I let Classical House of Learning tell me which ones to read ;)
  9. I kept reading, expecting at anytime for it to not really be about a tattoo.
  10. 'Lifetime whip dance' is what brought it up for me. I ended up watching the whole episode in question, the company/event thing (sorry not up on dance terms) and even one of the backup dancers complained it was too risque. The agent got called old fashioned for criticizing the maturity. The important thing is no one stopped it from happening :/
  11. I wish I hadn't googled it either. :crying:
  12. I didn't read the replies but for me it comes down to trust and respect. If I felt strongly enough about an attribute of a person to the point I can't trust or respect them, I have to admit that I don't see them as a friend.
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