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  1. Oldest DD has done 2 auditions so far and we have one more in a few weeks. We’re being choosy. She thought both went well, but the proof is in the acceptance letters, right? 😊 She had fun, however it turns out. We don’t have spring shows coming up (we are at a new studio that doesn’t do performances), but she’s getting ready for YAGP (first one). While she’s rehearsing I’m working on her tutu (yikes). Pray for me. 😂
  2. We have 4 kids, two dancing currently. Hopefully number 3 will change her mind and start again. Our conservatory kids dance from 1:30-3, take a two hour break (work on school, eat) and then have evening classes. At my daughter’s level she dances 23-26 hours a week. It’s a lot but she loves it and it’s what she wants to do. Our son only dances 6.5 hours a week, so not nearly as much. In our school trainees are the little ones, up to around 9 or 10. After that you end up in the pre-pro classes. It’s a serious school, definitely not “just for fun” stuff. We are pretty small school, but the training is great. It’s all ballet except for Monday jazz and certain levels can take a modern class. Nutcracker auditions are coming soon. Let the festivities begin. It’s hard to believe it’s here already, but I suppose if Hobby Lobby is ready, we can be, too. 🤣
  3. Our new season has started off with a bang. Both Dd13 and Ds8 got promoted to a new level. Dd13 has started conservatory, so I’m having to get used to being without her during the days. I appreciated that she confessed to me that she missed me, I didn’t expect that. ❤️ She has so many hours now, she’s tired but loving it. Anyone else do conservatory? It’s trial and error over here getting school done efficiently. We’re doing ok, but I’m hoping we’ll find our rhythm soon. I’m having a slightly difficult time adjusting to dd9 not dancing this year (her choice). She is a beautiful dancer, but said she just doesn’t enjoy it like she used to. We’ve always told them we won’t force them into activities, so I’m holding to it. But I’ll miss her in Nutcracker this year, plus since ds got moved up they would have been in the same class. They both would have liked that. They are building townhomes kind of close to our studio. What a great commute that would be!! I’m trying to ignore what gas is going to cost us this year. 😂
  4. We used coconut oil on a q-tip when oldest dd got her ears pierced. It helped them heal and kept them moisturized.
  5. We’re leaving next week, and I should have mentioned it is just dh and myself. (🎉) There are so many things to choose from that it’s difficult. Lovely “problem” to have, I know. So many places center around skiing. It’s supposed to be in the 30s most of the time, so things that are outdoors are doable, but inside activities are good as well. 😊
  6. If you had 4 days in Switzerland, what would you do? We’ll be there for longer, but some for work. We fly in to Zurich, but are ok with traveling to other parts and places. We are not skiers. 😊
  7. Thank you all! I’ve started something like Sudafed, using ibuprofen, and I will try gum in the morning. I do have some mucinex, but I assume I can’t take that at the same time as the Sudafed stuff? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe I should swap it out tomorrow.
  8. Right before New Year’s dh and I got colds, and mine turned into a double ear infection. Ten days of amoxicillin, and 3 days later the pain started coming back, mostly in my left ear. The doctor said the membrane looked cloudy with a red streak. Now I’m a week into augmentin and it’s starting to hurt again. I’ve been going to a walk-in clinic so far and when I called today they said since that I’ve come in twice for the same thing and it’s not getting better I should see an ENT. I really don’t want to. 1. I don’t want to pay for it. 2. The ENTs in my area don’t have glowing reviews. What can I do/take/use to help this go away? I’m going on vacation in February and I want to be done with this whole thing. I am not a huge fan of antibiotics, but it hurt so bad (especially the first time) that I was willing.
  9. Well, they started having earning time way too much. It used to be like twice a year and then it seemed like earning time started right as soon as redemption time ended. It lost its appeal.
  10. I used to buy like 90% of my kids’ clothes there, but the quality started going down hill a few years ago. Sizes started being off, fabric quality was poor. Towards the end of my Gymboree days I would have to buy leggings 2 sizes too big because I knew they would shrink so much. It just wasn’t as good a brand as it used to be. It’s sad. Like someone else said, I used to buy their sleepers because it was hard to find all cotton sleepers for my eczema prone girl. I’m not surprised, but I am saddened.
  11. We played Qwixx, kind of like yahtzee, but more fun in my opinion. The Bob Ross game Happy Little Accidents has some fun parts, but I didn’t like how you have to vote on each other’s drawings. Made for some awkwardness. We ended up skipping that part. Dd9 got Apples to Apples Disney and ❤️s it. Suspend is fun and helpful for children that may need some practice with fine motor skills. BIL got a zombie game that was awful, but we’re not in to zombies here. I don’t remember what it was called. The whole thing was weird. Scrambled States is fun. We got it for school, not Christmas, but it’s new and we all like it.
  12. Two of my three dancers had great Nutcracker experiences. Our oldest, however, fractured her 5th metatarsal the Saturday before opening night. She was devastated. She was supposed to do 5 shows as a party girl, one as Chinese and 4 as candy cane. She helped get the little ones dressed during a few quick changes backstage in addition to other backstage duties, but she was so sad, especially watching others perform her roles. Her cast came off yesterday, but we’re looking at 3-4 weeks in a boot and physical therapy. I’m hoping she can be back on pointe for spring performance.
  13. We’re not too fancy here. I’ve always loved snowflakes, so most of the ornaments are snowflakes. The children have a tree upstairs (that we haven’t yet set up) and they decorate it all themselves, meaning I don’t get uptight about clusters of ornaments and completely bare places. 😊
  14. I worked at a department store for a short period in high school and it was VERY eye opening. I think everyone should have the experience at some point because the perspective from the other side of the counter is quite different. On a similar yet different note I had someone try to haggle with me about onesies at our garage sale. They were four for $1, stain free, and a name brand.
  15. Ok, good. It may be a better option than I originally thought! Thanks!
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