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  1. I found mine at thrift stores. This site has some basic wraps that I found helpful at first --> http://www.scarves.net/how-to-tie-a-scarf/head-scarves.htm
  2. Is anyone else sitting on the edge of their seats and going to stay up Sunday night to see if the new Mars rover, Curiosity lands safely? I wish DD were older, this is going to be a wonder space discussion opportunity.
  3. This is a tough subject in our house. DH is a devout Catholic. I was raised in a Quaker household. DH wants a truly "Catholic" marriage. In my previous marriage I used NFP because I do not get along well with hormonal BC. However, my cycle changed so much after having my DD that what was once easy as falling off of a log, is now so strange to me that I've had three unplanned pregnancies with DH. The first two ending in miscarriage. I KNOW that I do not want a large family. I love my daughter but I don't like being pregnant (I'll take labor any day over the 9 months before it!) I've known about
  4. I am not worried. My DD has not had it, but I had it as a child, and I was vaccinated. We delay vax and don't follow the full schedule (right tool for the right job) I don't forsee changing the plans for DS due in December.
  5. She would think that she had died and gone to some sort of paradise!
  6. Not that I can tell though her dad is getting her a nice birthstone ring for her bday.
  7. DSD turns 17 next month. I have NO IDEA what to get her. Here's where I am: Clothes: She has TONS that she normally purchases herself from online shops Gadgets: covered, she has all the gadgets available to teenagers Books: She's not really a reader Music: Already has an iPod jam packed with dubstep Her love language is receiving gifts so I need to find her something tangible. Our relationship is good for the most part but due to the age difference between DH and I, DSD and I are not regular mother/daughter ages i.e. I was in middle school when she was born. I've only known her sinc
  8. We are a small, close knit family. On the grand scheme of things we haven't been in this country very long. My brother and I are the first really "Americanized" generation. While the whole individualistic, don't see your family because they do things that make you unhappy does work for some, in this situation it is a little extreme. We're taking a break for a few days to let everyone cool down. I'm going to continue to limit the time the Bird and the Cabbage spend together but the fact of the matter is, they will come in contact with one another and it will happen again. I am going to try to
  9. Thanks for the links to other posts. For some reason I wasn't finding what I was looking for. I'll check them out
  10. I get the feeling this could be a controversial subject but that's not the purpose of this post. As I've said before I'm brand new to homeschooling. The HSLDA was one of the first places I found when I was looking for what is required of us by law. Since then I've been encouraged to join by some while others whisper that its a crock. If you are a member of the HSLDA why did you join? If you think its not worth the money, why do you hold that opinion? I appreciate any well thought out opinions you can give!
  11. I've taken prednisone off and on throughout the years for asthma. While it does an amazing job in the short term, the long term consequences are too much for me. If I stay on it for more than a couple of weeks I end up gaining weight, especially in my face. It can weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to infection. Some people have severe mood reactions to it.
  12. This is where I am now. This morning we stopped by the grandparents to have coffee after errands. The Cabbage/Bird drama happened as per usual. I stood up and said cheefully "Come on Bird its time to go! We have stuff to do" On the way out the door I heard Cabbage-dad muttering "I can't say anything to her kid." This is really a continuation of the situation between me and my brother (cabbage-dad) as kids. I was branded the evil older sister and he was the angelic little brother. The adults got really into it. I grew up thinking it was me and my Dad against the world. My brother and I hav
  13. DD is 3. She has a little cousin that is 21 months. Whenever the family is all together a dynamic develops where little cousin (We'll call her the Cabbage) is constantly the victim of the Bird in the eyes of the family. Basically if Cabbage is playing with a toy and then Bird shows up with it a time later it is assumed that Bird has violently taken the toy and that she must be punished. This is assumed even if the Cabbage is not crying or showing any signs of being upset. Bird is 3 and shares pretty well for the most part. Her group play is right about average for kids her age. We have se
  14. Thats awesome. I've got a couple of questions. I've heard alot about hypnobabies and I was curious about the people who used it, what exactly is it that you liked or that was the most helpful? The second question I have is for the water birthers. What were some do's and don'ts for your waterbirth? Also what did you wear? I was naked for my first birth and who knows I may end up that way again, but I'd like to start out clothed. What are some good recommendations for nursing gowns? I want to find something pretty to wear right after the birth for pictures but I need functionality too. It has to
  15. The Bird was born on a day when my midwife and all of her assistants had something important planned with their families that they had to miss to be with me. It wasn't a long birth but it was more difficult than we wanted it to be. It turns out Bird was holding her ear the whole time and showed up with a nuchal hand. We're planning a water birth for this one. I've got a feeling he's going to be a bigg'un.
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