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  1. If it is a yeast/fungal infection it will look dark pink/red, have little red dots (similar to small pimples) that may radiate out of the divot and may be tender/warm. It may resemble a diaper rash-red skin with distinct borders. Do you have any Tea Tree Oil? That may have enough of an anti-fungal/antibiotic effect for you. I know you prefer to avoid medications so if you go this route you may have to wait a little longer to see an effect than a cream, but it should help non the less. Apply twice to three times daily (especially after your shower) Wash and dry the area with a hair dryer thoroughly before you apply. If you run but don't have a chance to shower and you are sweaty, use a warm wash cloth to clean the area, dry and then apply. If you are tired of dealing with it and want to try a medication, any anti-fungal will probably do fine. Yeast infection medicine, jock itch, athletes foot are common problems they are marketed for. Lotrimin is one of the strongest and most broad acting. You may want to start by washing with peroxide. Lay on your back and fill it up! The peroxide will get into the folds and clear out any dead skin. You also may want to use a baby nasal syringe to wash the area in the shower. You can take a cup of water into the shower and use that to really rinse the area. Taking a probiotic will also help to naturally fight the infection.
  2. As far as Kate having Arron: Remember that a guy (can't remember the name) and Julliette covertly gave Claire shots through her pgy to keep her healthy. Then Julliette gave Claire a shot after she switched sides because Claire was very sick and she said that the illness was because Claire had to stay on the shots. In another part of that episode Ben and Julliette were discussing how they basically poisoned Claire to trick the losties into believing that Juliette was really on the losties side now and not the others. The shot was supposedly a hoax. Have I lost you yet? The reason I am typing all this is to question whether the medication is actually vital to Claire's health. Maybe she can't leave the island and she wants Aaron to not not grow up on the island. She was planning on giving him up for adoption in the beginning so even though she is a good mom now, maybe she is still open to the idea.
  3. How about letting her IM a friend or two. It can give her the same fun aspect but is much, much safer.
  4. I haven't tried it on the Kleen Kanteens but the Silver Paint Sharpie Markers work much better for labeling than the traditional permanent markers do. We use them on the swim gear that is in the water for 2 hours a day / 5 days a week. We relabel about every 6-8mths. I buy them at Fred Meyer. Do you put together Easter Baskets for your kids? Maybe they can each pick a design and then put it in their Easter Basket. It maybe a fun tradition to pick a new one each year for a holiday present and this would offset the expense with money you would have spent anyways. :0)
  5. I don't get asked by people outside of the homeschooling community much, but I get asked quite often by other homeschoolers. I help out a lot of new homeschoolers and they are usually the most curious. I share out reasons with anyone who wants to hear them. Our reason is fairly simple...DS13 asked in 5th grade if we could. We made a deal that we would try it for 3mths and if either one of us wanted to stop we could. His private school held his seat for him (the dean was very sad to see ds leave the school) and within 2 mths we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. Ds wanted to homeschool because he wanted to waste less time waiting for other kids to get their work done and he wanted to have more time to study subjects that interested him.
  6. Dfd15mths is making it so hard to get anything done. She wants every book, she wants draw with any writing utensil she can find and wants in the middle of everything we do. I have tried to give her her own copy of things that look like ours but it doesn't matter. She is clamoring up my lap to get to the exact item we are using. We try to sit in the next room or put her in her gated area with toys but she can break through all her gates when she really wants too. She is 30lbs and is VERY strong (she can do multiple free hanging pull ups) and is a climber. We are so far behind on where we usually are at this time of year. We typically end school in May but are only 1/2 of the way through our material that we should be 3/4 or more through. Uggggh Does it get easier? The only time we can get anything done is during nap time and I am sure those are going to start shortening soon. At what age did the littles get easier? Please, please don't tell me never! Any good suggestions?
  7. Is she always this way or just about his work? I would wonder if she hasn't been cast aside for so many years while he pursued his career and she was left to fend for herself. She obviously is a bit over attached to a pet (since she won't leave the pet with you for 2 days) but is some of that because she has spent too many hours alone? Even if dh comes home at night, is he in the office working or watching TV and tuning her out? Most people I know, who are this attached to someone or something other than their husband, are feeling neglected in some way. Maybe it is rational, maybe not. Either way I would suggest counseling for the couple. Not because of this scenario, but because of the displaced priorities and attachment to a pet instead of her husband.
  8. He knows what he is giving up and he is an adult. He is making the choice to stay home and be put behind the dog in priorities. He is allowing that to happen and is his own demise. I would openly encourage him to go, but honestly, if she changes her mind now, and goes out of obligation, she will probably be so poorly behaved while there, that he will wish he didn't go. If he doesn't want to deal with her attitude when he gets back...well then, that is his choice. I can't imagine behaving this way, but I would NOT get involved, most definitely in a hot topic, in someone else's marriage.
  9. I would call the college, not divulge the specific scenario, but just gather facts for your daughter. Fine out what options are available. The only reason I would call is so that I know what all of her options are and not just go by what she is telling you. Then sit with you dd and discuss her options. She can choose A,B,C ... or whatever combination SHE chooses but she has to actively work toward a reasonable resolution. Coming back home is not an option if she is going to be a brat. If she wants to be treated like an adult and for you to stay out of it that is great...but she has to act like an adult and resolve the issue AND not make you miserable in the process. I see no problem with helping her solve the problem BUT it has to be her actions that are set in motion not yours. Goodluck, Tap
  10. I have to write out my schedule so I can see where I can cut back and what to prioritize. I will list my day in an appointment book but make each row (that usually intended for different days of the week) for one family member. I list all appointments, sports, and activities in the person's column, and then I transfer my part of that activity to my column, including time to dress baby and drive. I can then better prioritize what has to get done, and see where I can overlap obligations to save me time later. For example Today is fairly simple but somedays my schedule is broken into 15minute segments and is full from top to bottom. I like to add in dinner prep usually too so I can make sure I am not over-scheduled to feed the kids. DS13 takes 2 classes on Wednesday so those are listed in his column. DD9 had to go to the doctor to get a strep test DD15mths had to go to the doctor too. DD9 and DS13 have Piano at 5pm DD9 and DS 13 have Awanas and youth group from 6-8:30 All of these activities are listed on thier schedules. Then I transfer it all to my schedule and add in drive time so my schedule looks like this 8:00-Drive DS to school 8:30 call doctor 9:00 drive dd9 and dd15mth to doctor-grocery shop after appointment 10:00 11:00 11:30 drive to pu ds from school 12:00 Lunch-baby nap! time 12:30 baby nap! art project 1:00 baby nap! Call Lawyer 2:00 BREAK TIME FOR MOMMY! 3:00 baby wakes up. 4:00 Eat early dinner for church 4:30 drive to church !!Remember PIANO books!! Hubby and I to dinner. 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 Drive to pu kids 9:00 This helps me tremedously because I can see at a glance what my day will look like. I can add notes like "return library books" or "call....". Then I don't have to try to remember during the day to do these chores I just go down my list and I know they are taken care of. No more forgetting! I can also see my hectic times and then I know if I get an unexpected phone call; or the kids ask to start a project, right before my time is over-scheduled, that I either don't take the call or I don't waste time on activities that will cause a time crunch. It makes me really look at my driving time so I can combine trips like adding the grocery trip into the doctors visit time frame. Then I know that I have to decided on dinner before I leave the house. This make dinner hour much nicer! Lunch is smoother because I now know if it is going to be on the run an in the car or if we have time for homemade pizza. I also schedule in times for baby's nap and my own down time. This makes sure that those are a priority also. By seeing my day at a glance I can also make sure I hit the ground running on crazy days, and that I can enjoy stolen quiet moments when I can.
  11. I am not home, so I don't have my loggin info to the websites, but you may try the online sections of your library websites to see if they have something similar. I would also check you local PS school websites. There are some that have parent links sections that have downloadable materials. There may also be a formal website for the specific tests you are considering. They may have free downloads.
  12. I am not home very much and when I am, it is usually not at a reasonable hour. Between work, classes, sports, carpools, errands and fun, I am only home a few, unpredictable, random hours of the day. Very few people even call our landline, it is mainly just the kids friends. The kids are the only reason we have a landline. Most of the people I talk too are on a similar schedule, so if they can catch me instead of my voice mail, we take whatever chance we can to take care of business. Most of my calls are not long conversations, but rather, scheduling of events, meetings and outings.
  13. I love to go and look forward to going each year. One of my best suggestions for fairs is this: Before I go, I take a cheap spiral note book and cut out descriptions from catalogs or make notes about what I want to look at. I leave room on the pages for notes that I can add while at the convention. I then use this like a shopping list and take notes along the way. I make notes on what I like and don't like...even on items I buy. It really helps when I get home and read posts by other people talking about what they like about a new program. It can be hard months later to remember the details of what I have seen at a curric. fair. I can then refer back to my notes and remind myself about why I didn't buy something or why I chose to buy something else. I love it now that I have four years worth of notes, that as I am looking for products for my 2nd child, I can remember more personal details about programs. I also add in new items at the fair that I may want to check out later. This is how we ended up using Journey Into Africa. I love this program now but didn't really want to spend the money at the fair on a product that I thought I wouldn't like as well as my first choice. The booth I saw it at didn't have all the pieces and I wasn't really in the market for it when I saw it that day. Well, the first choice came and went so I went back to my notebook, saw JintoA and researched it more. There is no way I would have remembered it later if it wasn't for my notebook.
  14. We spend about $1000 on ds13. A few of his programs add up fast. Between just Omnibus, and TT we are down about $500. Then add swim team $2000 for practice only and another $2000 for meets. Dd9's curriculum runs about $500-600. Her sports run me about $700-1000 a year. Art Museum, zoo, OMSI= $300. $1600 for curriculum $5000 for sports that would be almost free if they were through the PS system $ 300 for field trips. $6900! BUT...if they were in private school still, I would have paid $17,000 this year, so I think this is a bargain!
  15. They have Tequila Tuesdays with homemade margaritas and Mexican food. Gotta love that one!:D
  16. My insurance covers them so they are actually less expensive that good quality cosmetic counter products. Face wash: Plexion at night( and Neutrogena liquid for my eyes and shower) Exfoliant: Differin gel nightly when my skin is feeling rough, twice/thrice weekly other wise Acne: Benzaclin for spot treatment Moisturizer: Neutrogena for combo skin or Jason products.
  17. We have a queen size bed but it is a 20 inch thick mattress! I have to buy specialty queen size sheets for the fitted, but buy king for everything else.
  18. If I forget my reusables, I often just request no bag. When I have less than 10 or so items and no reusable bag with me, I just ask them to not use a bag. I keep a cardboard box in my trunk and I just put the items in that when I get to the car. The extra trip or two to the car to bring in groceries isn't a big deal and I don't have to walk bags back to the car. The paper bags from TJs last a very, very long time. I forget every once in a while or I buy more groceries than I have bags for, so I get a new one or two. I keep them until they start to break down. Then they get recycled (usually full of shredded paper) or reused at the house before getting thrown out.
  19. http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=mb&cat=33026&tid=217586
  20. There is a lot of similarity between CS Lewis' work in The Narnia series that overlaps with LOST. I am running out the door so I can't outline it right now but I will check in later.
  21. We take very good care of our furniture so these prices are based on low wear and tear. Real wood/high quality 30% off of regular retail-1-3 years old 40% 4-6 years old 50% 6-10 years old 60% 10-15 Laminate, metal or lower quality 50% off of regular retail - 1-3 years old 60% 4-6 years 70% 6-10 years 80% 10-15
  22. I have a great dark purple sweater that got lavender fuzz balls on it from the lining of my jacket. I need to defuzz it. I tried a lint roller but it didn't help at all. I figure I need to buy a sweater shaver but don't know what to look for in a good one. Do you have any suggestions or another way to defuzz it? :confused:
  23. I have been burned by buying used curriculum online, so I don't do that much anymore. It was an Ebay auction and she blatantly lied about the condition of the books. She had a fantastic score before I ordered so I was pretty shocked at what I received. There have been a few other iffy times and I just don't want to waste my time anymore. We are fortunate enough to have a homeschool store about 30 minutes from our house that also sells used items. I will buy used there, only because I can see it first. I won't buy used unless it will save me more than 25% (or at least $5on a small item) though. And even then, it has to be in like new condition. I am way too picky! I resell my items and if I buy used and then use it myself, it definitely affects the condition of the book. I end up selling it for less money and that is why I have a limit on how much I have to save to justify buying used. We use some expensive curriculum that requires a lot of literature. So, I buy the books for that online new and use a pricing search engine like Campusi.com or addall.com. They save me a lot on of money on literature. I am careful to never pay shipping. I can usually save 30-40% on most books and then I resell for 50%. The few dollars I loose is worth not having to worry about the library or the condition when I get it used.
  24. We have a homeschool room full of Ikea and while I haven't had a lot of trouble with the quality, I have had about 3 things I had to return because they came damaged. The boxes weren't damaged on the inside but the wood was broken on the inside of the package. We have also had pieces that were missing drill holes. You could redrill them yourself if you have exactly the right tools, but if not your out of luck. If you get a damaged piece what would you do? IKEA would ship you one I am sure, but their shipping is extremely expensive! Loft beds are so common now, I would definitely wait and purchase once you are there. Check out Craigslist now for the area and just get and idea of what prices are like. Just as a side note. The IKEA lofts are very high! If you get there and find a house that has lower ceilings, the IKEA beds may not work. Especially in an older house, where the bedrooms upstairs are sometimes a few inches shorter than the rest of the house. Best of luck on your move, Tap
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