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  1. Have you looked at skater/surfer shops or clothes? Common ones here are Roxy, Tilly's, Volcom, and Zumies. We really like a lot of Roxy clothes when dd was that age, but I don't know what thier current selection is like.
  2. I probably do. I guess, I think about how much paying for 5 cars, kids activities and medical issues cost....and that is a lot! But, my kids were in expensive sports, we had easily $5,000 in medical bills a year, and live in a HCOL area, so everything is expensive here. We bought the kids cars outright, but they were nice cars but under $5,000 each (so no payment). My older son and daughter were in private school for parts of thier education. It took 2 full incomes to pay our bills and to be able to save for our retirement. That all being said, I worked to provide these luxuries for my kids. It was absolutely worth it to me! We were some of the only parents I know in our income bracket doing this for thier kids. It was sometimes hard when I saw coworkers going on trips and living a grand life. But my chosen lifestyle was different. What I valued was different. Now that we are on the other side, I appreciate those sacrifices more and more. DS has invested wisely and at 27 has a better portfolio than most adults. DD22 has been married for 3 years, has enough in savings already to put a down payment on a house when her husband leaves the Air Force. My kids don't live grander lives than I do, but they will absolutely have more choices. My parents kept food on the table, a warm home and a roof over our heads. At the end of thier hard lives, they lived meagerly on SS and barely made ends meet. I see my xh and I as as the generation making the sacrifices, so our kids get educations and build wealth, which will set up every future generation that comes after us. But, I will have done this and had a retirement to fall back on.
  3. I found this The law allows the IRS to waive the penalty if: You didn't make a required payment because of a casualty event, disaster, or other unusual circumstance and it would be inequitable to impose the penalty, or You retired (after reaching age 62) or became disabled during the tax year or in the preceding tax year for which you should have made estimated payments, and the underpayment was due to reasonable cause and not willful neglect. Since the Unemployment lump sum payment from 15 months prior, is what will potentially tip me over the edge into paying, I would hope I could write a letter and get it waived. If not, even if I owe $3000 that would only be $60. So not too bad, considering.
  4. Dh was of the "18 and out" mentality. I am more of a 'we are a family and we grow and thrive as a family' mentality when it comes to my young adults. That being said, they do help cover their bills as they can and as thier incomes grow. Both of my older kids are natural savers, so helping them is easy, since they aren't squandering huge chunks of thier own paychecks. I did have an awkward time figuring out when to stop helping my older son. LOL My deal with the kids was that I would pay thier expenses (phone/living/car) and they would pay tuition and spending money in college. But what about when they go back for thier 4th degree HAHA. (To be fair he did take over his bills last year, but there was a moment that I was thinking 'oh no! What happens when I have a perpetual student!" LOL ) I understand being student poor, when you aren't the student.
  5. I would call your plan administrator and talk to them about your options. Look at the penalties and income taxes you have to pay on the money. If you have funds that are not rolled over into his current fund, look at those too, they may have different fees/penalties. Can you catch up payments if you want to? Check his current employer’s match and see if they match 100% of the 75% he puts in. Sometimes there are steps, but the paper work’s big font all says they match 75%. It isn’t always 100% match. Look at his pension’s beneficiary rules. If he passes before you, how much value does it have then? How is you money distributed? If the market tanks, how much of that growth can you lose? Is his 401k set for high risk? If you start pulling money out, I would consider how much risk you want to take with what is remaining. Consider how much support your kids really need from you. It sounds like you have some really high bills. Having my own (27 and 22 year old ) college students, I get that it is easy to just keep paying. But I don’t think you have to support adults for all of their college years, if that means you have no life yourselves. You also might look at consolidating some debt or refinancing the house to reduce your monthly debt instead of taking it out of retirement. It gets complicated but I have got some really good advice from my plans administration. I’m sure it depends on the person you talk to, but either talk to them or a financial advisor. When xh and I divorced this past year I needed to ramp up my retirement. Even tho we had plenty as a married couple, splitting that means it won’t go as far. I have a solid amount set aside but housing and living expenses are going up so fast I worry that it won’t carry me as far in the future.
  6. Ok. Well I guess I have more to think about. I really need to figure this out. Maybe I will talk to an accountant this year. Things are different from when I needed to do my own taxes before. There are a few things that I need to figure out as well. Like the QDRO (I don't think I need to pay taxes on it) and refinancing the house into my name. The house was in 2020, but the QDRO was in 2021. So many little details to make sure I don't miss this year and lots of catching up to do!
  7. Is that for taxes in general, or just UI?
  8. Homecoming can be as casual as an after-game dance, dressy shirt/tie and dress, semi-formal as sport coat/dress, but typically not formal. It isn't like prom, just a fun dance. The theme can make a difference as well. Sometimes people dress for the theme and less to the formality of the event. Others avoid the theme and just dress how they feel comfortable. One of dd's homecoming dances was a "glow" event and her group all dressed in white, 80's style workout clothes, ripped up (ala 80's style) and splattered with black light-paint. This was the football players/cheerleaders so not an outcast group. Another year it was a Grecian style theme with the guys in togas and the girls in flowy fabrics with Grecian style leaf hair pieces. Another year was a circus theme and her group just dressed in semi-formal jewel toned attire. To me, it seems to run in cycles. There are a couple of dressy years, and a couple more casual years thrown in for each 4 year high school cycle. Dressy years cost a lot of money and some teens can't afford those events, so it is nice to see some more casual fun years thrown in.
  9. Thank you that is exactly what I need!!! I didn't know any of that. That was an interesting tid bit. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I originally had the UI set to withhold taxes, but changed it when they started talking about not collecting taxes on it. I didn't want to have to deal with a refund from the IRS and the subsequent phone calls if I didn't get it. LOL I was also concerned that if they messed up my account and paid me money I didn't deserve, it would mess up my taxes. I would rather pre-pay taxes than call the IRS. 🤣 It is now set to Not withhold taxes and I will just set the money aside myself. I am still waiting to hear if they filed my UI claim correctly, or if they will take the money back. I'm afraid to spend it 😞 My claim is complicated and has to be hand walked through the system. One thing UI has done this year to get money in people's pockets, is that they are sending out UI money, as soon as someone applies and then they verify everything after the fact. This is why the fraud is so ramped this year. My claim has be jammed up for over a year, but it just cleared another hoop and they issued payment. WOO HOO! But, I also got a letter saying I still need to do somethings first to verify eligibility. UGHHH! So the money may not actually stick around 😞 The letter I got asks a question I don't know how to answer, so I have to take time off work again to call them. 😖 The story: I was working reduced hours at one job and on FMLA due to loss of childcare from my other job. The form I need to fill out asks "when did you start your job" and "when did you leave your job". There are only date fields, no other options. I don't know which job to use and since I didn't actually leave either one, I am not sure what date to put. I am not 100% sure which job they used to qualify me for UI, so if I only choose one, it needs to match. Guessing what they wanted, is what go me jammed up for a year, so I don't want to do that again. HAHA
  11. Yep! I all looks good for the HOH. That definitely helps. I also realized that since I already contribute to my retirement, a portion of my money is already going into my retirement prior to taxes, so that may be enough to drop me below the next tax bracket line. I understand the brackets are marginal, but I if I am going to give away 20% of my dollars, I would rather toss it into retirement instead! I need to sit down with a calculator today and look at the numbers. XH and I opted out of the advance child tax credit, so the full $3000 will come out at tax time. That makes things a bit easier to calculate. Thanks again!!! 🙂
  12. Looking at these numbers, I realize with the unemployment backpay and two jobs, I am going to be close on a big tax bracket jump! I'm glad I asked this question, so I can get rid of some $$$ before the end of the year! Good problem to have, but I really need to get some decisions made on bumping up my retirement! Since the UI wasn't expected ( I thought I was going to get denied) I think Ill just toss in as a catch up. Since divorcing, my retirement was essentially cut in half, so it wouldn't be a bad idea anyways. You have been so kind to answer my questions! Thank you!
  13. I am the guardian of a minor who has SSI and child support from her bio-dad. (She is my great-neice and a the ward of The State of Oregon). I have been looking at the difference in filing head of household vs. single. I can see some minor differences between the two, but not sure if I qualify or not. I hope the questions on the tax software will sort that issue out for me. The child is with me 90% of the time and only visits her other parents. I should be able to take the child tax credit for her. 🙂 (We always have been able to legally)
  14. Perfect! That will get me a really good number! Thank you! I live in Washington, which doesn't have a state tax. Am I correct in assuming I only need to pay Federal Income Tax on that amount from Unemployment?
  15. That all makes sense. You are correct, I said the last sentence wrong. I will correct it. It should have read "a back payment from unemployment". Unfortunately, it was from 2020 but just paid now, so as far as I am understanding, I will have to pay taxes on it. I am hopeful that they will make a portion of Unemployment Ins. tax exempt for 2021 like they did for 2020, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. LOL
  16. Xh and I divorced in early 2021. This year I will file for taxes for the first time on my own since I was 21. I will have my earnings, dd's SSI and my back payment from unemployment insurance 2020 (but paid in 2021) to list. Anyway to forecast what I will owe? I have no idea how much in taxes I am going to end up paying. I have my payroll from my full time job set at '1' for dependent and 0 on my part time job. I don't think the SSI is taxable. The unemployment I figure I will set aside 15% for taxes. (does that seem like enough?) I own my house and aside from retirements, that is it for investments. All of our tax software is on my x's computer, so until it is time to buy my own software this winter, I can't use that to forecast. Any ideas on how I can do this before it is too late to make any payroll changes for 2021? I have money in savings, so it won't wipe me out to pay some at the end of the year, but I don't want a large unexpected bill either. Since I still have 25% of the year left, I could make some big changes if I need to, but don't want to if I don't have to LOL
  17. You may try to call your local unemployment office to see if they can help you. I had two jobs and couldn't work at one of them due to dd's school closure. At first everything going around said I wasn't eligible, but later things were revised. I just got paid today, on a claim I started in June 2020. It took forever for them to sort it all out. It is really hard to get a live person at our UI office, and if you can get through to the 'on-hold' section of the phone tree, the wait is often an hour to talk to someone. That being said, even with the time off from work to make these calls during business hours, I definitely felt the amount of back payments I received was worth it.
  18. I would take the obvious, laptop/documents/meds. I would take favorite clothes because while money would replace them, that would require some serious effort to find styles/brands/fits that would fill a season on short notice. Beyond that, while I have a few keepsakes, I really don't have sentimental attachment to things. I don't want to test that LOL , but honestly, there isn't much I would long for if it were gone. I have my fathers birth certificate that is in Norwegian (he was born in '25 so it is almost 100 years old) but if I didn't have it, my life wouldn't be any different. Same with a rocking chair, I would probably lug it out of a burning house, but again....what would change without it. Even pictures. I don't hang photos on the walls because they make me sad. I don't look at old photos more than once every 5 years or so. If they were gone, my children still would have birthday memories and grandparents that loved them. The kids baby things, really, they just live in the attic, so who would notice if they were gone?
  19. I suppose there are less. I am guessing there are fewer boxes if they came out of the same warehouse. If they come in separate boxes, I wouldn't know if they came out of the same warehouse or not. Quite honestly, I really don't pay attention. Lately I have had multiple items that get delivered a week or more late. I assume it is Covid related and really not a big deal to me. I try to order time sensitive gifts weeks in advance, so I don't have to worry about when they arrive.
  20. I would do the 5 day PCR test and probably a regular quick test again at day 7. Even with a mask, you were exposed for several hours. I wouldn't want to take a chance on getting everyone else sick, over a few days of inconvenience for me. When my son was quarantined, we let him have work release (haha) every night after we went to bed. He could use the kitchen and be around the house from about 9pm to 5am. He made sure to wash anything he touched with Clorox wipes just to reduce exposure for the rest of us. We have a full house filtration system so the entire house air gets replaced several times per hour, and I get up at 6am. He stayed in the master bedroom so he had a private bath and a large window. He also had a separate HEPA filter in that room that he ran constantly. No one else in our house got sick. He did a full 11 day quarantine.
  21. Soft art work. Canvas paintings and dimensional artwork can help. Avoid art that is behind glass. A rug in an appropriate area or scattered at key locations. We had this problem at the cabin. So we put a runner on hall on the way to the kitchen to buffer the sound going away from the kitchen. Curtains definitely help. Even light shears over sliding doors can work a tiny bit.
  22. They are trying the CPAP most likely to just see if that solves the issue on its own. If you don't find a benefit from the CPAP they will likely order an at home sleep study or an in-hospital one. In our area, it depends on the insurance if they cover a hospital test or not. I guess they are crazy expensive compared to the at home ones. My daughters have had a few in-hospital ones. My xh had an at home one, and it worked fine to diagnose his apnea.
  23. The sweet and spicy pickles and onions from TJs were really yummy on my sandwich I just ate 🙂 Maybe because it is 1am and I am super hungry, or maybe because they are actually really yummy! I'm not sure, and I don't care. Right now, my mouth is happy!
  24. I was coming by to check in on you both. I have had some very, very long nights in ERs, it is so miserable. I am sorry you are having to wait so long, and that your mama is hurt. I hope they can get you both feeling better and on your way home for some sweet dreams soon. ((((hugs for you)))) and ( ( ( super soft air hugs for her) ) )
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