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  1. What in the world does this mean? And why is it in the article??? It reminds me of being in school and having to work on the 'what is wrong with this paragraph' type assignments in ELA.
  2. Maybe get more technical and think of it from a scientific view. It is digested food. Nothing more.
  3. What about things cooked into puff pastry and then fried/baked. They can stay warm for a while with hot bricks and a cooler. samosa is a common one, but you can fill it with anything from thick curry to lentils to ground beef with veggies, pizza etc
  4. For someone who is into nutrition....a sprouting jar and seeds Prettier version of a jar Person who likes cooking....Sourdough starter and a pretty jar
  5. My x-h used to singe everything he grilled. If you didn't want something a bit overdone, you didn't want him to grill it! One night he made the best grilled chicken. It had great flavor, cooked to perfection and was sooo moist. Absolutely perfect! I asked him what he did differently, and he sheepishly said "I ran out of propane".
  6. I see the highlighted section, a lot in pharmacy. I am 50ish. My x-husband has been in middle management for most of his career. I an not in management, but often have the ear of management because I understand thier job better than most people do....mostly because of my x-husband, and the conversations we used to have about his job. One thing, that I hear often from my management friends is that it can be so hard to get older employees to change the way they do things. Yes (!!!!) absolutely, the older employee may have vast wisdom and truly know the best way to do the job. But the manager, doesn't answer to the employee. They answer to thier bosses, and if the boss wants something done differently, sometimes the middle-manager gets stuck in a bad spot going between the two. The upper-boss could be completely wrong, but they will win in the end, which makes life hard for both the employee and the middle-boss. We lost a great employee last year to retirement. I just replaced her. She was very, very good at her job, but also held onto some tasks that were outdated, and redundant. She had handwritten logs, that were also kept on the computer system. Her log was easier to look things up, but considering that it was only used a couple times a year. The 30 minutes a day she took to write in the log, wasn't worth the 15 minutes extra (over the course of a entire year), it took to use the computer. When she retired, they completely changed how her job was done. It is now done so much faster and just as accurate, but it relies on the computer, which she was adverse to using unless absolutely necessary. I once asked if I could throw a paper dictionary away and she got offended, because she still used it to look up words when she couldn't spell them. She used a computer every single day, all day, but refused to use it for a dictionary. I don't know if she knew how to use Google. She also didn't use a cell phone (not even a flip phone). She was only in her early 60s, but refused to use much tech. I have also seen this many, many times. The upper management wants to make major changes so instead of telling the employees that (and facing huge push back/or corporate secret leaks) they start by making several small changes at a time. But taken out of context, these changes do not make sense!!! The people who have an easy-going personality, just make the changes and let the chips fall as the may. The older people who can see the problems with the changes, get frustrated and push back/gripe/etc. The uppers don't want to say too much, because they don't want to give away thier 'great-new-idea' to the competition. So they keep making changes that seem random and wrong to the older employees. The employee gets disgruntled and things the boss is an idiot. The employer sees the employee as non-progressive, not a team player, and maybe even hostile. Newer employees who are more go-with-the-flow personality wise, get promotions and kudos. This usually aggravates the senior employee more, because they see the easy-going personality of the younger worker as easier to work with. The younger person is also more likely to see the newer vision as a good thing.
  7. Like someone up above mentioned, on prescriptions, the abbreviations are in Latin so not everyone knows what the doctor is saying without training. With training, it is clear. “2gttsOUbid” looks like gibberish but is quite common and means “2 drops into both eyes twice daily” doctors also use lots of symbols and shorthand. otherwise, part of the problem is this: in a field that individual letters and numbers matter, much of the English language looks similar 2:z 1:l:I (one:ell:eye), O:0 (oh:zero) g:9:q a cursive n looks like a print m. n:m:w:v:u can easily be mixed up Etc but we can make assumptions based on experience because we know common mixups. In pharmacy, we take a lot if cues from the prescription itself. The type of doctor, if we know they are older or younger (older docs use more abbreviations than younger ones due to training), how the dr usually writes prescriptions ( we sometimes learn specific doctor’s habits) etc. In my experience, until the recent trend of scribes over the past 5 to 10 years, doctors took their own notes by hand and did so quickly. Their transcriptionists got good at reading the quickly sprawled notes so the doctor didn’t put a lot of effort into cleaning things up.
  8. adding to the above: Pocky sticks if you can get them cheaply. The little packs of cheese crackers I am Anti-little plastic toys. Toooo many years in therapy (trinket prizes after every session) mean hundreds of bits of plastic in the landfills. Instead of prizes, maybe consider having them work in a team to 'earn' tokens towards a cause. I am thinking something like "if you we all all your points together and we have #100 points, then we can donate $20 to World Vision for a rabbit! Or if you get #150 points we can donate a chicken #200 points and we can donate a duck! I would either pay myself or see if you can get some 'sponsors' for each #100 points the kids get. If you think the would like this idea, maybe each time they get a point they can run a put a check mark on a box to mark where they are on the progress chart.
  9. I agree about spending a day cleaning and organizing the new house. Get things measured ahead of time if you can, ordered (not all showers or window are standard sized) and delivered to the new house from Amazon or what ever company you prefer on the day you move in. You don't need all the bathrooms or curtains up and going the first day, but if you can, it makes everything so much easier to install in an empty house. Do a grocery pickup and start to figure out where things will go. Use sticky notes to label cupboards/drawers so everyone can help, without driving you bonkers asking where everything goes. A day of planning, can make a big difference. I don't actually like to move much the first day unless I absolutely have to. Take some time to get things situated, so you can make the move in less chaotic. Figure out bed placement, dressers etc. Draw it on a paper and stick it to the door to that room. Moving day is so exhausting for person directing everyone. Pre-planning really helps with this. I stayed at the new house, and boxes were delivered to me and I told people where to put them. I don't like to clean the old house as I go. I would rather clean it all at once when it is empty. It is so much faster and easier. When we moved from a house that was smaller to twice the size, we did two things. One room was closed off and nothing went in it. Seriously. I didn't want stuff spread out everywhere. We moved from a house with a tiny living room, to a bonus room, living room, family room and dining room. We used one room as a staging room for boxes that really didn't have a home yet or just didn't need to be dealt with right away. Boxes of important documents, holiday decorations, winter gear etc. One of the rooms downstairs became the play room and it gave the kids a place to hang out that was close to everyone else, but not right on top of me while I was unpacking boxes. We moved in one day, so it all needed to go somewhere....quick. Moving over a few days, helps to break up the chaos but also makes it drag on forever. LOL I lived in 10 homes in 10 years with my family and moved 4 times in 6 moths with dh as an adult. Moving smoothly is a fine art, but can be done with some planning. NUMBER ONE THING>>>>>>>>CHANGE THE LOCKS and GARAGE CODE!!!!!!! Do not move in a single thing before you do this!! I had a friend who got robbed the first week she moved into a new house. The locks were changed, but they forgot to change the garage code and reprogram the remotes. They think the thief had a garage door opener because there was no evidence of a break in.
  10. Washing towels with laundry does cause fuzz balls to form on the clothes. They extra friction also wears fabric out sooner. Some people don't really care about fuzz balls. It does make laundry easier, but clothes look worn out faster too. That being said, colored towels look pretty, but I still like the convince of white towels for the kids. It also makes it less hassle with acne products that invariably bleach out colored towels. If you are going to go with colored towels, I would look for ones that say say they are resistant to benzoyl-peroxide. Here is a quick article about it. I have some in my downstairs bathroom and it does help them retain thier color longer! Just a side note, it isn't always your own kids who are using acne meds, but company that comes for the weekend, or kids staying for sleep overs.
  11. I am not the OP but that was a great bit of knowledge shared there!
  12. I don't know about the study you are looking for. My own parents split, dated other people, and got back together many times. As an adult, I only remember a few fights, as they were good about hiding it from me. What I do remember was the lack of affection that occurred later in thier marriage. It almost seemed like it was thier own version of an open marriage. There was 17 years between my parents ages. One thing that I remember being a huge problem....when my dad retired, my mom still had 17 years of working. They should have split for good at that time. It was always a mess after that. My own marriage was very affection-lacking and I have wondered if I settled because that is what I saw modeled. My own marriage failed permanently when we were about 23 years in, we divorced at year 27. Dh traveled for work and spent 3/4 weekend on his own pursuits and hanging with friends. His priorities were work, his friends, extended family, the rest of us. At one point he thought I had an affair but he never told me. I absolutely did not, and it is a joke that I would have even had time for that since I was so busy raising the kids alone. He treated me like crap for a few years instead of asking me about his suspicions. Those years were harmful to my kids because none of us understood why he was acting the way he was. DD22 was trying to talk me into leaving him and getting my own place when she was in high school. I can't imagine that was good for her. She knew I was staying because I didn't want to give up his financial support. She kept telling me she didn't care about things that two incomes bought (clothes, sr year activities etc) but she had no idea how hard it would have got to make it on just my income. To me, he was barely home, and when he was, he treated me poorly, so it was easy to ignore his absence. He was treating her poorly as an extension of his attitude toward me. She went from being his favorite, to him skipping entire seasons/years of watching her sports. She and I are super close, and I didn't realize it at the time, but I think she felt a lot of the same pain and confusion I did. I thought he was just being an absent dad with her, but he was actually purposefully punishing her. When I figured that out, it broke my heart, that he could be that cold. He and I divorced last year. Having only one child at home to work through the split household, makes it easier financially but I think my older kids definitely paid a different price. DD22 is now 3 years into her own marriage. She understand more now. One thing I really, truly admire about her. She started reading books on marriage within the 1st 6 months. She and her husband both come from broken marriages. They are actively trying to change that pattern! DS27 had a hard time due to his religious beliefs about marriage (he is a pastor). He went to counseling, not about his suffering through an unhappy marriage as a teenager, but due to the impending legal divorce. He may understand the 'why' but he doesn't agree with it. He is at peace with it now. DD14 had a harder time with the logistics of divorce because she is the only one who has to deal with a split household. She doesn't care about the marriage, partially due to her autism. She doesn't understand relationships, so she didn't see the hurt and pain.
  13. So, I have decided to move my favorites to the back and the others to the front. I will give everything a last chance to claim its position in the rotation. Part of the problem is living in a 4 season state. Just today, I was wearing a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and then I wore a vest when I went to the store. Then I switched the vest for a coat when I took the dog out for a walk. Then old clothes to work in the yard. Back into the regular clothes to do household chores/cook dinner. Now I am changing into sweats for the night, so I can avoid turning on the heater. When I look at things, sometimes I realize that forgot I had them. Or...like a nicer sweater, I don't want to put it on for weekend errands, but hate to just toss it. I would wear it if I was meeting a friend for lunch or a casual dinner (something I am doing more over zoom right now and not dressing up for). They are post-covid clothes LOL I do have a jacket problem, but I do wear at least one daily because I work in these jackets (the pharmacy is too cold for me). I probably have 20 fleece in 3 different weights/styles that I wear to work in different seasons. I have 5 vests that coordinate with various fleece that I layer over the jackets if I want to be warmer walking to the car, but don't want to cram a full coat in my locker. 3 ski coats in different lengths for different activities (dd22 wears 1 when she is here too). 3 Northface shells. 1 light weight down jacket. 1 plain black dress coat. 2 cotton jackets. 4 t-shirt material jackets. Oy! Those are just the ones I can think of without looking. I really do like jackets. 🤣 I think that if I took my jackets out of my closet, I would remove 75% of the contents HAHAHAHAH I cleared clothes off of 20 hangers today. I started with over 100. It is a good start!!
  14. I haven't followed his story aside from tidbits in the news. I think that it is possible that someone in the Vanlife world is likely harboring or aiding him. It would be easy for him to move about the country unseen in a camper style van. Some people who live off the grid, do so to evade authorities. IF he has money or resources, there are people willing to give passage with no questions asked. I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT saying that Vanlife people are fugitives, but people who prefer to live off the grid, don't always do it for ecological reasons.
  15. I think I need to do the same. I have donated to a woman's shelter before. Guess it is time to make a drop off again! I may look into the Jailstojobs or similar program in our area. I have a whole tote of office clothes (most still have tags on them). I was going to change careers a few years ago and had an opportunity I was going to take. I bought a two week worth of clothes and then didn't take the job after all. LOL Some I have already donated but the rest is pretty blouses and sweaters. Things I truly love, but I know I will never wear. I held onto them because I knew I was going to take a new job, and assumed that I was going to wear them at my new job. Instead, I went to a place that is even more casual than my first job. LOL They sit in the tote unless I am going out for a nice dinner (maybe 3-4x per year) and then pick something to wear from the tote.
  16. LOL. Yeah, my problem is jackets. HAHA I have 8-10 Northface fleece. Basically, the same jacket, in different colors. I used to wear all of them, but the fleece is starting to get a bit worn looking. I ordered a sweater shaver to clean them up, but then realized, I should probably just get rid of some of them. LOL. They are harder to get rid of than any other item for sure!
  17. I just started clearing out my closet. I used to have a system for clearing my closet, but when I changed closets a few years ago, I realized that system isn't working any longer. I just counted and I wear less than 1/4 of my wardrobe on a regular or semi-regular basis. Time to purge, but man, it is hard! So, I am wondering, how much of your wardrobe do you wear? Feel free to exclude clothes that have a specific purpose like formals, painting clothes, sports gear etc. Unless your whole world revolves around those and they are a bulk of your wardrobe for a reason. I changed jobs and went from wearing a medium to a large. So I am seeing that much of my wardrobe isn't really of much use right now. I decided to do a purge. It is really hard because many of these items are very nice brands and the clothes look almost new! (that is what happens when you don't wear them LOL). I still like them but don't wear them, so they don't have much use anymore. I gave a few to my older daughter, like a pair of Frye boots that I have maybe worn 5 times. But she wears a small/medium in clothes and I wear a medium/large so not many fit her. I was only able to fill a kitchen garbage bag with clothes that I can be certain I won't wear again (usually due to mis-shaped shrinkage, itchy etc). The other 3/4 of my closet will be much harder to part with! I am hoping to get rid of 1/4 today and then keep whittling it down from there. I think I will likely stop at purging 1/2. Just because some of them, maybe useful if I change jobs again sometime. What helps you purge when you don't want to?
  18. Only if my curtains are closed and everyone else is gone. I have two windows downstairs without curtains, and one is about 40 feet from the main road, so I would be unlikely to streak down there.
  19. To the question: other I would message the person and make arrangements to pick it up, especially if I wanted to still use it....or let them drop it off if I trusted them to do so. If the item can be renewed online, I would probably do so, to give the person returning it a bit of a grace period to do so. The real live situation: I think you were kind to drop it off and she can just go pick it up from the library instead. She should have been apologetic and thankful, but some people don't feel/express these feelings as easily as others.
  20. Can you imagine the guests? It may be something the homeowner is fine with but what if they have anyone over who needs to use the restroom? Absolutely bazaar. I am guessing that he new owner took the real-estate company up on thier offer to build a wall and door for them.
  21. I have used a ramp and a bucket, but not sure if you can do that without raising suspicion.
  22. No update yet this morning. I hope they catch him today and that he didn't already leave the country. The country that he is from will work to catch him also, but it would be easier for everyone if he was caught on American soil.
  23. It isn't my story to tell and I know some people on here know me IRL so I can't say too much. It would be easy for people to connect me with this friend so I will only say that my friend's pre-teen daughter was almost kidnapped today. He was within arms distance of her. They know who the perp is so it isn't quite the same as a stranger abduction. The police in two states, two countries and the FBI are looking for him. (It was not a family member or friend.) This was absolutely a nefarious kidnapping attempt. Please pray for the family. They are a large family, so they are balancing keeping the teens in the loop (so they can keep an eye out) and protecting the littles. The kids were all split up tonight at unknown (to the perp) safe houses, so the parents know they are safe and out of danger. It wouldn't make sense that this person would return, but he is not sane, so they don't know what he will try and when. Please pray for her and her family's safety and peace tonight.. The capture of this horrible person (plus anyone helping him), and the wisdom of the authorities. Tonight wasn't the beginning of this terrible story, but it was a horrific and preventable climax (somebody seriously dropped the ball in protecting her) and the beginning of a long period leading to his capture and trial. UPDATE: They found out he has a flight out of the country sometime today 10/11. Please pray today that he tries to board that fight and that Homeland Security can grab him at the airport.
  24. My mom (who raised 5 of her siblings and then 5 of her own kids) says that kids become annoying teenagers so you are ready for them to move out when it is time. HAHA Otherwise, we wouldn't ever want them to leave home.
  25. Maybe see if you have another flavor cat food. There have been bad foods over the years. Maybe she is reacting to something not tasting right. Otherwise, she has declared herself a mermaid and singing a siren song for the lighthouse?
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