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  1. Where does WWE fit in? That looks interesting, and I think DS might like it (from what I see in the sample)... But is that just writing, or other stuff mixed in? Would it be an overlap of something we're already planning to use? I'm no good at classifying, obviously. :) I like researching them too, but it's taking up all my free time, and I'm still lost!
  2. I'll check out these new suggestions too, thank you. I'm glad there are many options but sometimes it seems there are too many, especially for indecisive ones such as myself. :tongue_smilie:
  3. I would love some more suggestions, please and thank you! :)
  4. My 3yo & 4yo DS will be doing Preschool/Jr. Kindy this year.. So far I'm thinking/I've got: Get Ready for the Code series Wordly Wise 3000 K Saxon math K Child's Play Science & Magic School Bus/Sid the Science Kid lots of crafts Kumon Cut/Colour/Fold/Sticker SOME of Letter of the Week Curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler Tumble class at least 1 morning/week (starts up in the fall, 3x/week) French, Canadian Geo, read alouds & music/composers with 6yo DS
  5. I will look into these, thank you. I do have some history readers and biographies lined up at the library. I wasn't sure if I should keep those for the second half of our year when we'll switch Geo to History or read them early on regardless.
  6. I'm really not sure what I'd like. He works well independently and I suppose that would be helpful as this is the first year that I'll have to divide my attention. AAS is the one with the letter tiles, right? I'm not sure how we'd like that. Can it be used without that? I liked the thought of Wordly Wise just because I'm horrible at coming up with my own lists of vocab, but I can probably find that online. I hadn't thought of that. He's fairly good at either remembering how words are spelled or at least guessing correctly. He reads chapter books himself (we're still working on more comprehension) and can read most everything he sees, rarely he gives them the wrong sort of vowel sound, though, so I think he may need to review the "silent e" but he can definitely read multi-syllable words. His handwriting is pretty good. Better than my husbands, lol. We've still got most of HWT 1 left over that I was going to add in this year. I think I will tie in our vocab words to our science and history as well.
  7. Edit: Ok, I'm looking at WWE, AAS & AAR. Do these overlap at all? Is it overkill? What about with the Shurley English that we've already got? I would love to get the AAR Pre-1 for DS4, too. I've been trying to plan our second year and realized I don't have much in terms of language arts for DS. He's 6, doing grade 1-2 work, and he's been reading very well since 4, but is self-taught. I've recently got Wordly Wise 3000 K for younger DS and was thinking of getting it for DS too. I've got the Shurley English 1 TM, but I'm not sure what else I need to cover everything (phonics, grammar, spelling, vocab, etc.) in language arts. Any suggestions? What I've got for him so far: Geography - (focus on Canada, then World) replaced by History Odyssey when we're done French Science - Start Up Science (Singapore), then R.E.A.L. Math - finish Saxon 1, Saxon 2/Singapore/JUMP (not sure) Arts - composer study, Music for Little Mozarts Am I missing anything else?
  8. My kids, the oldest of which is 6, really enjoy watching Charlie Chaplin on Netflix. Good for showing the start of the film era compared to now. They also like Bonanza. I'm excited to show them musicals. Something with Howard Keel, maybe.
  9. Hi, I'm new here. We're in eastern Ontario - near Ottawa & Montreal, and at the NY border. :) Meg
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