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  1. Rough idea... Geography: BYL 0 + extras. This will be a group subject with both Level 0 and Level 7 used (depending on the kid) History: SOTW 3 Early Modern (group subject) Science: Mr. Q (group subject) + Mystery Science Math: MM 2 Language Arts: Canadian Handwriting B First Language Lessons 2 Writing With Ease 2 All About Spelling 2 French: L'Art de Dire? I'm also considering something to reinforce outdoor safety. A unit study, maybe? The bears are out now and she keeps thinking her first reaction should be to run.
  2. Rough idea... This is DS #2 who, in the past, has tried his bare minimum at school. As a result he's more or less on the same level for most things as DS #3 who will be in Grade 4. Geography: group subject, mix of BYL 7 and 0. I know 0 is below his level, but he's not ready for 7 as-is. History: SOTW 3 Early Modern (group subject) Science: Mr. Q (group subject) + Mystery Science Math: MM 4-5, wherever he ends up after this year Language Arts: Fix It (currently doing book 1) will finish this if not completed and then try Editor in Chief Sequential Spelling Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4-5 Canadian Handwriting (whichever book he's at) Writing & Rhetoric (whichever book he's at) French: Some mix of Getting Started with French, CAP's French for Children A, and DuoLingo. We're so behind on this.
  3. He's my first 7th grader, and this is a rough idea, but... BYL 7 (group subject, sort of. We're also doing BYL 0 since they're both world geography so the others will do a mix of them) History: SOTW 3 Early Modern (group subject) + extras Science: Mr. Q (group subject) + extras + Mystery Science if he wants to tag along Math: MM 7 Language Arts: Fix It (currently book 2), if he isn't finished by the end of this school year, he'll finish that and then we might try Editor in Chief for a break Sequential Spelling (currently book 3, will just continue) Vocabulary from Classical Roots (whichever book he's at) Figuratively Speaking Canadian Handwriting (I can't remember which book he's on) Writing & Rhetoric (whichever book he's at - we're behind on this) French: Some mix of Getting Started with French, CAP's French for Children A, and DuoLingo. We're so behind on this. I'm still trying to figure out fine arts, typing, logic... I'd like to add in some Canadian history (and geography) because it's been a while and we've never finished it, and it's still a few years before he'll do it again. I'm working on a reading list because I think I may sub out some from BYL 7. This is our first year with funding, so I can pretty much go nuts with curriculum so we'll see what I end up with.
  4. This is awesome, and insanely handy to know. We're moving North of 60 this/next year and will probably be schooling with limited space. I can save 4 binders worth of printing! Thanks!
  5. I have a couple times, but I don't remember how exactly. DH has known, though, which is even weirder, just by a feeling.
  6. I've been cross-referencing my reading wishlist with our library catalogue, inter-library loans, and BookOutlet. Amazon is my last resort. BookOutlet is great for getting books on the cheap. They have a huge selection and I've bought a good chunk of our school books there. Aside from school books and 'must haves,' I try not to buy many books at all. We don't have room, and we're moving, but our bookshelves are otherwise taken up by movies and board/video games. Maybe in the next house we'll have space for a nice library area. Also, I'm on Goodreads here
  7. Isn't Instagram a mobile app only? I have to take out my SD card or connect the DSLR to the computer to pull pictures off of it. I can't send them right from there to anywhere, unfortunately. :/
  8. I'm excited to join along this year! I'm aiming for 52, but I probably won't get there. I'll be happy just to spend more time reading. I've loaded up a 'to-read' list on Goodreads in preparation, and I've been reading the Week 52 thread for some recommendations. Today I was able to start Celtic Lightning: How the Scots and the Irish Created a Canadian Nation which sounded interesting when I found it newly acquired at our local library. I'm hoping that reading during nap time will be enough to finish the book this week.
  9. I got one of the kids at bedtime, gathered for a story. I took it on my DSLR though so I can't post it to Instagram. :/
  10. I'd like to do this. I've been having a hard time remembering to take regular photos of the kids. Bad, I know. Our lives are fairly monotonous, so we'll see. Sometime late next year we'll be moving across the country, so that will be exciting to see. Our road trip, as well as the photos from our first foray into town/hiking trails/the new house, etc.
  11. Amazon Canada lists it as 'temporarily out of stock,' so I guess they haven't received theirs yet.
  12. I asked on their Facebook post but haven't received a response. Does anyone know if this is Parisian French? It looks great, and I'd love to use it, but Parisian French is weird compared to local French.
  13. I had a trial for this once before, and while it was good, it didn't work for me at the time. I was able to get the lifetime membership yesterday, and it's working a lot better for me now. I created each of the kids their own student profiles, and then a separate profile for Group Subjects. I found that combining all the kids into one profile, along with the group stuff, was just way too much on my screen. I didn't want to have to scroll. It works so well this way and I think I will definitely continue using it.
  14. We're still schooling here. We took a break in November when our baby was born, and again in June so we could spend time with Hubby before he moved. Now it's too hot, though, so we usually hide in the basement doing school. We're on the Canadian side of the NY border, so I can't imagine living any more south. My kids can't deal with the heat. We're moving to the Yukon, so there a summer break would make sense, but if we were to stay here, I'd switch it to autumn.
  15. Great suggestions! For those of you that read aloud, for example, Fifty Famous Stories, are your children expected to summarize or draw a picture of what was read? Do you discuss? Sadly, my kids don't enjoy anything read aloud as much as I'd like, so I'm trying to figure out how this should work.
  16. My oldest taught himself to read when he was 2. It was completely unexpected. He did those store-bought workbooks for the heck of it. He just liked learning, and I loved that. Kindergarten here is broken up into Jr. K and Sr. K, both of which are optional. Hubby says I bugged him for about 2 years to homeschool. I do remember arguing that since K isn't necessary, there'd be no harm done if it doesn't work, and we could send him for grade 1. I kept reading about how the school system was going downhill, and I wasn't terribly fond of anything about my own public school time. They sucked the joy of learning out of me, and I had bouts of anxiety. One of my grade 4 teachers threw a classmate over some desks in anger. Um. No repercussions whatsoever. So we gave it a shot. Or, rather, I gave it a shot. Hubby wanted nothing to do with it. He said if I wanted to try homeschooling then it was up to me to do it all. He's not so unwilling now. I don't know if Hubby realized it was a good idea or just gave in. By the time DS1 was 6, and ready for grade 1, DS2 was ready for Jr. K, and we just kept adding in kids as they were ready. They've never been sent to school. Thinking back to school when I was young, and seeing the same school now, my kids would never survive with the rules they've put in place. They're energetic, loud, have a hard time listening, are very emotional. DS1 could spend all day on a single 2-sided page of math (that he understands) if I'm not constantly reminding him to concentrate on his work. He gets upset if he doesn't get to finish it, but takes a long time doing so. And lastly, they're rough. They push and shove in play. I'm not fond of it, but at least here they aren't being suspended for physical contact with another kid.
  17. Yay! I love library sales. I frequent the library store all year, and they have great prices, but their "fill a bag for $2" sale really can't be beat! It's coming up in a few weeks and I expect to spend a good amount of time perusing.
  18. I shouldn't have complained about having 5 consecutive weeks of illness in the house. Our middle child woke up with measles because I complained.

    1. PollyOR


      Sorry to hear that. Get well!

  19. We are currently on week 5 of a household cold/flu/ear infection school break. This has gotten old.

  20. I'm working on a prehistory/evolution study for next year. We'll be covering Earth and space science as well. We gave up on SOTW middle ages last year when the boys just weren't retaining it, so we're doing Canadian history and geography this year, and after our prehistory year we'll start back at ancients.
  21. We won a full set of these, and while my kids haven't had much opportunity to really dig into them yet, DS8 loves them. I've looked over them myself and love that each topic is a good introduction and in-depth enough to satisfy but offer good branching off points.They also each come with a poster which the kids insist I hang up immediately. I look forward to getting the Mythology and Superstars of History books.
  22. The BBC has a series called Victorian Farm. It follows a historian and 2 archaeologists as they try to live as they would have in the time period. The historian does housework, cooking, cleaning, crafts, etc. The archaeologists do the farm work, raising livestock, agriculture, and the like. They went on to also make an Edwardian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, and Wartime Farm. The historian was also part of a mini-series called Victorian Pharmacy.
  23. Ah, yes, now I remember how wonderful DS' temper is when it comes to school work. sigh.

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      Mine too. he's the one throwing tantrums about how much he forgot over the summer, not me! ((((((((((meggeh)))))))))

  24. I had planned to start today. I still have organizing to do, though. The schoolroom is a mess. I was thinking of pushing it back until next Monday. I'm also due mid-November, and I havent had a newborn in a while, nor during school, so I'm a bit anxious as to how it will work out. I'm also not used to hubby being on night shift so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to make use of my schoolroom since he sleeps right beside it and my kids are loudspeakers. Sigh. We're doing as much as we can upstairs, without having had our library visit.
  25. I'm so not mentally prepared for starting our new year tomorrow.

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      Hope you have a great day!!

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      Hope you have a great day!!

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